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Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for Joomla!. This is the extension that powers the Joomla Extensions Directory at

You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more.

The new version 3 now allows you to create multiple directories in a single Mosets Tree installation.

- Multi directory support.
- Category Association opens up a whole new way for you to organize your listings as it allows you to associate listings from one category with another.
- All Listings and Filters.
- User Profile.
- Module Assignment: Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed.
- and more! Read on what's new in version 3 and other key features of Mosets Tree in the following links.

Mosets Tree 3.5 for Joomla! 3 is now available.

Key Features of Mosets Tree.

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Reviews: 6
This is a nice component if you only have one directory. If you have more than one, I feel it is lacking.

There is only one menu selection. So if you have more than one directory you can't show them separately without creating an external url. This extension is basically built for one directory with nested categories in that directory.

It comes with a few templates. They don't take the look of the website so you need to manually change them.

Other than those couple of things I think this is a very good component. The customer support I received was excellent.
Reviews: 3
I redesigned my website and this time I wanted something good for my business directory. I used this extension and after 2 months of development I still get the satisfaction I want. I believe that there are some features this extension could support. But this is the best choice at the moment.
Reviews: 2
I will tell you guys ,it will save u many many times!Yea ,this component with the best support!and full functions!A+++++!
Reviews: 10
I have been using this now for a couple of years and never found fault, easy to use and configure if you read the forum. One on One support makes this very easy to use.

I have this set up on joomla 1.5 and 1.7 sites.
As said in the comment below NO payment system built in but I use a 3rd party add on and it works fine.

Mosets need to add payment system and street view maps and It will be faultless.

10 out of 10

Thanks Mosets Tree for making my sites easy to build and use.
Reviews: 3
This is a very powerful component; easy to use and lightning fast, especially the from the front-end. It lacks a feature that to me is so obvious, I didnt even bother to check if it's available: the ability to have certain fields for certain categories. In other words: You can create only one set of fields for ALL your types of listings. "Computer" related businesses will see the same fields as "Beauty" related businesses. The only way around this is to hack source code - which becomes a mission in terms of new releases. You can always add a notice to your users in which you state: "please only fill out the fields pertainning to your business"- but that seems a but unprofessional...

If you're looking to start a business directory which lists one certain type of business - the Mosets is definitely the best choice!
Reviews: 1
For a commercial extension, it fell short of my expectations. Importing is not easy and still prone with errors. Also there is no recaptcha or other ways of preventing spam. Was inundated with spam so had to switch off the add button.
Reviews: 2
Great component! Have used it on another site where the company paid for me to work it all out. Would love to use it for my personal use though. Will be purchasing this in the next coming months.
Reviews: 1
I use mosets for my directory site of family services in Colorado. It has all the functions I wanted and the developer is fantastic at helping with any problems that come up, and quickly! Great support there. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
My journey with mosets tree began just over a year ago and it has been incredible. As I first jumped into joomla I was very overwhelmed, and downloaded mosets tree, as well as many other modules and components for my site. I can say, that within a year almost all of those components had been replaced except for mosets tree.

Mosets Tree is absolutely perfect for any directory style website. It is extremely easy to use and full of customizations that you can utilize to make each Version of Mosets truly unique. SEF compatibility, front end and back end flexibility, and its compact sleek design make it a must buy.

I must also mention than even one year after I purchased his product, the developer has been nothing but helpful in assisting me to perfect my own part of the web. A simple thanks could never do enough!
Reviews: 3
I used Mosets Tree for a business directory Website. It does a good job doing it's main mission; Business listing and directory. I had to spend quite some time to style and fit it to my website. I have seen Google maps and other field overlapping and breaking my layout. The forum support is reliable although slow.

2 major problem that I had with mosets tree are Payment and Language support. There is no payment solution coming with it. There are Payment addons available but non of them integrates completely with Mosets Tree. I created a bilingual website but most of Mosets tree including the name of directory are not translatable even by changing ini files.
Reviews: 4
I purchased Mosets Tree in November 2010 and the product has really lived up to my expectations but what really impresses me is the support I received from Lee.

Lee found the proverbial needle in the haystack with a problem I had and fixed it! He was in contact everyday until he ruled out all other possibilities and today my site is back to SEF URL's!

Thanks again Lee, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this extension again. :o)
Reviews: 12
I only discovered Mosets Tree after getting 3/4 of the way through hand-coding a similar application from scratch. Not only has this saved me about 6 months of solid work, it's about a million times better!

There is incredible attention to detail - and many of the features are very well thought out ... and genuinely *useful*.

I've been with Joomla since Mambo days and I have to say this is probably one of the best written add-ons I've ever used. With a complex component like this, there are always going to be questions (it's highly configurable) and I have to say the support has been amazing. Friendly, fast, and helpful (what more could you ask?). Reading that negative comment earlier, I can only presume Lee must have been on holiday (he certainly deserves one, LOL!).
Reviews: 1
I've had a great time developing my site with MT. Lee in customer support has answered all of my questions promptly and is a great person. I highly recommend this software!
Reviews: 1
I needed an Alpha Index with Swedish letters... In hours I had an answer from the developer which solved my case. Truly impressed by this service!
Reviews: 1
While the com itself is quite good, the version for joomla 1.6 has had a bug with image uploading through JS - I've now been requesting the support team to assist me with this for a week, and there's been no response.

They were quick to help with pre-sales questions, but post-sale support has been non-existent.

They have a "private support forum" but, as a paying member I can't seem to access this, and requests to get access there have also proved futile.

Decent app, but if you run into issues, beware.
Reviews: 1
I like this extension very much. it's useful for me. and they responded quickly, so now I can use it in Chinses correctly. :)
Reviews: 2
The only reason why I'm marking this down is because there is basically no server-side validation (at least with version 2.1.8 and below), which is a big no-no. It relies solely on JavaScript validation, which is bad. JavaScript is good for simple validation before sending to the server, but should NEVER be the only line of defense. This is coding 101 and there's no excuse for not doing it.
Reviews: 2
We had a problem that the listing entry got Internal Server Error. After submitting a trouble ticket to them, they identified it might have been caused by the mod_security module right away. Then, we worked with our hosting company and solve this problem. Excellent Support and good product, of course.
Reviews: 3
First we would like to thank Mr.Lee Cher Yeong for all the great insight and support he has given us. Second, This is a awesome extension.
Thank you,
Tigra Nightlife
Reviews: 1
I've gone through all of the trouble of hiring huge web companies, small local firms and even individual tech geeks to build my directory website.

With each one, they would charge an arm and a leg to get this done, it would take days to complete, algorithms weren't perfect, ect.

I finally got fed up with all this wasted time and money and decided to jump into web dev myself.

Shortly after I came across Joomla (which is it's own blessing in itself) but then I came across the Mosets team, Mosets Tree and Lee.

And I can say they are amazing programmers and the component they've developed is user friendly, extremely intuitive, highly configurable and very extensive.

They've also built a template called Kinabalu that has many additional module positions and template styles to suit many different types of directories.

The component comes with 10+ modules to display top listings or featured listings anywhere.

But the greatest part about Mosets Tree out of all of this is the Mosets Community and Support Forum. The activity in the public forum is constant. Which tells you how many satisfied customers they've had who continue to help "support" Mosets. No matter how good or stupid the question is their are plenty of people who help and respond to questions all day long that don't work for Mosets but still very knowledgeable.

But like none other is the Private Support. If you have customizations or modifications you want to do but don't know how to do them, Chances are Lee knows how to do it.

Lee is a legend in himself, and I think his drive comes out of knowing what a powerful component he is developing and he personally enjoys watching how we all extend Mosets Tree into our own vision of ours.

I've already racked up 44 posts through Private Support and Lee continues to solve EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM or QUESTION.

He also has an uncanny ability to make difficult thinks seem easy...

I am so happy with Mosets and MT, i would recommend this component to anyone.

However, there are some features still missing like combined maps, and dual directories on one site, zip code radius and geolocation, but I can tell that this component and it's team are not going anywhere and I will be looking forward to watch them grow this already amazing directory component.

Compare this to the rest and it definitely stands out own it's own.

(just in time communicating back and forth with Lee...not including the actual script!)
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