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Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for Joomla!. This is the extension that powers the Joomla Extensions Directory at

You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more.

The new version 3 now allows you to create multiple directories in a single Mosets Tree installation.

- Multi directory support.
- Category Association opens up a whole new way for you to organize your listings as it allows you to associate listings from one category with another.
- All Listings and Filters.
- User Profile.
- Module Assignment: Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed.
- and more! Read on what's new in version 3 and other key features of Mosets Tree in the following links.

Mosets Tree 3.5 for Joomla! 3 is now available.

Key Features of Mosets Tree.

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Reviews: 4
It is very glad that there is such component which to me has allowed to create some beautiful sites, I used it both for a site of a beauty contest and for a directory car. Very much to be pleasant to me css styles of Kunabalu template which I have gained.

But the most important thing is a technical support. I think for each extension there are problems, to paint my problems I will not begin, I know about them only and Lee (I think in the new version all to be eliminated), the main thing that all problems in due time dare.
Reviews: 1
I love it. Installation was a breeze. All I needed to do was to fine-tune the fields to suit my listing. And a few touch-ups here and there and wala done.

Great component.
Reviews: 1

I need to qualify my opinion by saying that I am a new and recent user of directory components, but here is my conclusion:

After some researching I came to the conclusion that Sobi2 was going to be the right choice for me, so I purchased a Joomla template that included a modified Sobi2 template. After installing and trialing it I soon became frustrated with how difficult it was to modify and that the code seemed break very easily with very small changes. Although I did get replies in the forum I didn't receive the solutions to simple problems.

I decided to switch Mosets and purchased the Kinabalu template. I instantly found that there are a great deal more configuration options within mosets and that it is easier modify than Sobi2. It feels like a more professional product to me.

I have posted a number forum questions in the last couple of days in the priority and community forums, and they have all been answered the dKnight the lead developer. I have more confidence that my issues will be resolved here than I did in the Sobi2 forum.

It may be that the Sobi2 product is more appropriate for some applications, but I wanted to post my findings as I came to the wrong conclusion when researching the opinions on the Internet.

I believe that there is no comparison between the two products - Mosets is way better in my opinion.
Reviews: 2
Has always been the best Joomla directory component and now I can highly recommend the support after their great support overnight.
Reviews: 1
WOW! What a totally amazing and intuitive Component! It literally took me less than 15 minutes to install it, learn the basics, and create a directory with 4 categories and 60+ sub-categories. Adding a new listing took less than a minute or so. This is going to be a breeze to use for me and my client. Well worth the $$$. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Mosets Tree is a very good component.
Quite easy to install, configure and use.

The support is excellent ! Thank you Mr Dknight !

To me the main development area would be to be able to custom/display the custom fields depending on the categories.
Indeed, it is sometimes an issue to have only one advanced search and one detailed listing, whatever the category might be.

However, Mosets Tree and its support well deserve a good rating!
Reviews: 4
This is useful for any site. I have this as a sort of thing that lists the articles i add.
Reviews: 23
All in all i must say that Mosets is a great piece of software, works great, looks nice, very good for use in one domain only,


for a piece of software that has been around the block i was really disappointed by the import and export options...

In my case i am trying to run two instances of mosets running on two subdomains with joomla websites, the problem started when i wanted to migrate the data to the second instance of mosets tree, i would have expected to have the option to read the data remotely... or at the very least, have good export and import data tools, however the export tool exports only the listing and does NOT export the categories, in the forum i read that you have to open the categories manually before importing listings - so i did... but since the category ids are different, when i import the data it all goes to the wrong categories, i read somewhere in their forums that the best way to do this is to go to phpmyadmin and export manually the relevant database section, this seems to me very odd - it might be the best way, but it's not easy, and not all that well documented, and i'm surprised why the developers didn't bother to do anything about this, since it's a recurring question throughout the forum to which i didn't see too many replies,

so all in all it's a great piece of software lacking bigtime in the most basic of database migration tools.
Reviews: 5
I think everyone pretty much covered stuff, but I'd just like to say that I've only been doing Joomla for about a month and this was very easy to set up, so if I can do it - anyone can.
Reviews: 1
The old saying you get what you pay for is certainly true in this instance. We were looking for a directory component that pretty much worked out of the box. We tried a few of the free offerings and although they had some very good functionality, to get them to work in the way we wanted meant getting your hands dirty in PHP and CSS - the end result is that it becomes a nightmare in change control tracking and would have proved difficult in upgrading to new versions.

With Mosets we had things up and running right away. In addition we purchased the new Kinabalu template which further improves the already good aesthetics.

The private forum support is excellent with detailed and easy to understand solutions given.

Like other directories this one does not come with a payment system built in. However there are third party solutions and we had this integrated in no time.

The only gripe we have is the way category selection is handled from the frontend but I understand from the developer that this is being re-worked along with some other nice features in the pipeline. It's not a big deal but can be a little confusing.

If you're looking for a professional edge to your directory and want something that looks great and works right away then this is your choice. There is a cost but frankly for us the time saved not having to hack the code is well worth it.
Reviews: 2
This extension is one of the best I have ever used. I steered clear of it in the past because it wasn't GPL and for several years I have been using "the other" directory extension.

Since the licensing for MT changed I bought it. OMG - it is so freaking awesome. I can't tell you how much I loathe using the other "popular" directory now. It is so nice to have all of the features integrated with the component without having to hack everything together. Plus - it is just so slick. The modules are very customizable and are integrated with filtering and rules to interact with the component. Every add-on module an and plugin is INCLUDED - you don't get screwed having to keep shelling out money (or getting stuck with a commercial license) every time you want to extend its functionality. ITS ALL INCLUDED and is designed, by the developer, to work together. I'm very happy.

There are two negatives. First, is that the template that comes with it default doesn't showcase the listings and capabilities of the extension well. There is a $50 template pack that solve this. So, it's not really fair to call this a negative. I couldn't be happier with my template investment and would highly recommend it.

The other is that there is no radius or distance search. There is some talk on the forums about adding this, but seriously, the distance search is its only true shortcoming.

One other thing is that there is a third-party payments system called PaymentsPlus associated with MT, but for me it was hard to find (it is in JED and I only recently stumbled upon it). PaymentsPlus recently went GPL as well and it extends a package purchasing system for listings that further distance MT from its competitors.

After spending many years on an alternative directory system, I am switching all of my sites to this.

To me, this is everything that on open source project should be. A GREAT product, at a fair price, with a GREAT third-party add-on.

Thanks guys.

Reviews: 1
I bought his component as it seemed like the only way to create a decent directory system, but to be honest Im disappointed. After alot of messing about, Ive got it to do what I need, but It doesn't look very pretty & changing the template doesn't seem to do anything at all!
Reviews: 1
Mosets tree is very easy to use component and to it's support i give 9/10!

Recommended by me!
Reviews: 16
What can i say, i have been using it for the past 2 months, i cant find a fault with the support and the product. I do think however it needs documentation, but i think this great component still deserves top marks, well done guys;-)
Reviews: 40
Mosets Tree I use more then 4 years. Last version is amazing. No need another component for SEO links. Use simple and best Joomla seo. Absolute html validation. No errors. Very fast. Database working with out problems with 20.000 announcements and 15.000 costumers. Support continue with good work. Forum always update, and help costumer. I can tell: One of the best component for Joomla, ever.
Reviews: 1
Mosets Tree has done what our previous programmer claimed was impossible to wrap his head around!

We recently created an entirely new website with and we are completely new to Joomla! Gary recommended that Mosets was THE directory to use for our needs.

He was right! We integrated Moxie Maps with Mosets seamlessly.

The only question that came up was based on UK English spellings for some of the items. "Favoured" for example instead of Favored for USA visitors.

My email request was returned professionally, with the answer I needed to make the changes in only a couple hours time. Excellent!
Reviews: 3
I'm managing one of my clients website in Quebec (Canada), and it uses Mosets Tree to share LSQ Didactic Objects for deaf people. My client ask me for a change that I wasn't able to do. So I ask to the Mosets Support to help me (during Holidays period). After a couple of Q & A a complete solution was issued. There support is really quick and efficient.It's really worth the money.
Reviews: 1
I am working with Joomla since creation of it and I do a lot of customizations on existing components and joomla in general. Mosets Tree is one of the most extensible components that I have ever worked with - and the code is great to work with.

The support is amazing. They helped me many times, when I was having odd problems.

If you have to create a unique, and powerful directory - this is the way to do it. I can't say enough good things about them. Just can say Mosets tree is proud of Joomla.
Thanks to Mosets tree developers and Supports.
Reviews: 1
I'm managing one of my clients website and it uses Mosets Tree. I can say that MT is really a great component and worth the money.

Another thing why I love MT is that there support is really quick and efficient. A day won't pass without hearing solutions to issues.

The maps and spy directory features are awesome! :) Keep it up!
Reviews: 4
Great component, exactly what I needed for my webproject. It's not free but it's worth the money.

As others wrote before the support is outstanding. I needed some modifications, they were provided fast and now everything fits perfect.
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