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Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for Joomla!. This is the extension that powers the Joomla Extensions Directory at

You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more.

The new version 3 now allows you to create multiple directories in a single Mosets Tree installation.

- Multi directory support.
- Category Association opens up a whole new way for you to organize your listings as it allows you to associate listings from one category with another.
- All Listings and Filters.
- User Profile.
- Module Assignment: Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed.
- and more! Read on what's new in version 3 and other key features of Mosets Tree in the following links.

Mosets Tree 3.5 for Joomla! 3 is now available.

Key Features of Mosets Tree.

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Reviews: 1
I do a lot of customizations on existing components and joomla in general. Our sites are well known for pushing the envelope of what can be done. Mosets Tree is one of the most extensible components that I have ever worked with - and the code is great to work with.

The support is amazing. They went into my system multiple times, when I was having odd problems, and even though I had customized the code -- they STILL helped me get through all the problems that had occurred. AND they didn't get upset when I said I loved them :).

If you have to create a unique, and powerful directory - this is the way to do it. I can't say enough good things about them.
Reviews: 9
It would be an excellent extension if it had an alpha index for the Greek language which I use. So, I guess it should have an option to adapt the index like, say, in AlphaIndex.
Reviews: 1
We were able to transform our old clunky review site into a living breathing site with the help of Mosets Tree.

It was easy to install, our questions have all been answered quickly and thoroughly and upgrades have been a cinch.

Our users are pleased with how easy it is to leave a review and our staff have commented on how easy it was to learn.

I can't say thank you enough for such a great tool!
Reviews: 3
Although buy what it promises, this extension does not use the MVC framework in Joomla and adds a huge amount of javascript to your site without any need. That's because instead of using the Mootools that uses your template, they use JQuery.
Reviews: 1
This is a wonderful component. My directory of sites from Taos, NM started ten years ago as static site, the was migrated to Links Department Pro, made by a guy in Russia. That was migrated to eSyndicate with a guy from Kyrgistan. Now with the help of Lee at Mosets the new version of the site data rocks. Ease of use high. Very Excellent. Add in MoxieMaps for directories of physical places and, assuming you have the content to support it, someone viewing your site has a better experience than most other directories, particularly the phone company's. Don't hesitate to buy the Pro version. Lee even wrote a transmigration script for me. The script is available to you too if you have an eSyndicate site.
Reviews: 2
I have been using Mosets Tree for over a year. It is just the best investment for our non-profit organization. When I was asked to re-vamp our directory. Last overhauled was 4 or 5 years ago and the amount organization paid to do the work was $5,000.

All I did was to buy this program for $119 and I got a lot of praises for doing an excellent job. Mosets Tree program really made me look good.

Last, with some css tweaking I did and faced a few issues. I contacted them for some assistance, they helped me immediately. If I need to purchase another license, I will do it without any hesitate.
Reviews: 3
I dont normally write a review and in fact this is my first after many years of using Joomla.

I purchased Mosets Tree back when it was version 2.0.6 and Joomla 1.015 (roughly 2 years ago) and it was everything we needed for the Directory we created. Since then Mosets continues to get better and better with every version. Now we are at Mosets 2.1.2 and Joomla 1.5.14 and its just awesome. The community is very supportive of each other and the team at Mosets do a fantastic job supporting the product. Mosets tree is easy to use out of the box and can be customised as far as your skills will let you modify it. Its just a brilliant product with fantastic support. I highly recommend Mosets to customers looking for a good solid product. Mosets Tree is not just a Directory and can be utilised in many different ways to suit the users needs (Let your imagination do the thinking). But don't take my word for it. Try it out yourself and if you need further convincing look no further than Mosets which is driving this category list of all Joomla plugins which you are now perusing.

5 Star rating from me. Thanks to the mosets team for a great product and continued support.
Reviews: 1
I passed almost one year thinking in a way to publish my site
With Mosets Tree I saved another year and lots of money. It´s simply SUPERB...

Thank´s to the people of Mosets Tree
Reviews: 1
Hey Everyone,

I just need to give a shout out to Lee and his team for this product. I purchased the product based upon what I saw, but they have taken customer service to a whole other level. I had some troubles getting some things working (my fault), and they were very quick to help and show me what was wrong. I also asked if he would be willing to give me a little write-up on their table relationships so I could write a custom piece of software that would integrate with theirs and they were more than willing to help.

I have definitely received my money's worth and appreciate all the hard work they do.


Reviews: 1
Just what I needed and very flexible. Support is absolutely superb, cannot fault at all. Can highly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
This component is great. It allows you to customize for your application and has an excellent support forum. One of the few components that you can do mass import and the import works great. I highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 1
Mosets is an excellent component with wonderful support. Dknight has always been prompt and thorough when answering my questions. If you need to organize a ton of information, Mosets is the way to go!

Also, considering you get support and downloads for a year; I'd say Mosets is more than worth the price.
Reviews: 5
This is a very good extension if you want to build a directory. The license is changed so you don't need to buy this for every site you own. I have bought and extended license for one site to get support.

Extension works very well and is easialy installed. I had some troubles with last updates but after I submitted my question at the locked forum (payed subscribers) I got a fast and good response. Several times. Excellent.

I even had a small problem with a subcribtion field that was corrected by the developer. When I asked him what he did, because I have a sistersite (not payed) with same problem he gave me the solution. Now I'm happy and -very important- my client is happy.

I will be supporting this extension by paying the yearly fee to get support. Because it's worth it and the support is really fast, accurate and friendly.

That I do not rate it as excellent is that it misses some features I would like, but they are very specific for the sites I run for my client. I think I have to work with a developer to fulfill these needs in the far future.
Reviews: 1
I had this componenet installed on my old Joomla 1.0 site and migrated it over to 1.5. When I imported the categories and listings, I'm sure I screwed something up but I proceeded to re-populate the new site with new listings which started to give me errors in the way they were listed.

Long story short --the developer and support guy Lee has done an excellent job at responding to my (now 4) requests for support and fixing my excess tables from the back end -- how he's doing it I don't know but I'm really impressed.

Thank you so much guys!
Reviews: 6
This is the first time I am writing a review for a component although I have used many commercial and free ones.

Modifying and using Mosests tree was fun, not a trouble at all.

Since they have been developing it for a very long time, there are nearly everyting in the component you might expect.

They are intensely testing the new version before they release it. There is an incredible support behind. No matter how many questions you ask, you see that they are answered within a day.

Thanks for this wonderful component and making my dream site come true.
Reviews: 2
The Component is practically useless for any serious website activity, if you want to use it professionally. However, if you have a hobby site, you may not worry as it will do the job without worrying about any liability. A professional use requires that others could insert a link as well as modify it without a lot of problems and confusion. I cannot confirm this.

1) They just promise that it will be done, but never implemented.

2) The categories structuring and loading did not function properly i.e. is messy and complicated for a member who may want to pay.

3) Import from gossamer Links did not function properly. The custom fields from gossamer did not get imported.

4) The template provided is difficult to customise. To make anathor template and assure that it will work with the system of moset has proved for me to be a nightmare. The provided template gives an impression that it will work. But not if you want to customise it a bit.

5) I could not get it worked with a few other extensions as described here by other users.

I am very disappointed with the software.
Reviews: 1
Completely happy with this plugin. No problems, easy to use and looks great.
Reviews: 1
This is good...if every time a user login the rating is enabled...i want a user can rating weekly once only
Reviews: 1
Works Great, and the support is A1, very friendly and quick support when need it
Reviews: 3
This extension is absolutely great for the purpose. All that is missing is the possibility to define different types, each with their own defined custom fields and templates, and this extension would be a must have extension for any Joomla site.

And the support is absolutely amazing, any request is replied in a few hours or less.
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