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Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for Joomla!. This is the extension that powers the Joomla Extensions Directory at

You can use Mosets Tree run a complex Yahoo! style directory directly inside your Joomla! website. Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data that requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more.

The new version 3 now allows you to create multiple directories in a single Mosets Tree installation.

- Multi directory support.
- Category Association opens up a whole new way for you to organize your listings as it allows you to associate listings from one category with another.
- All Listings and Filters.
- User Profile.
- Module Assignment: Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. Each Mosets Tree modules now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed.
- and more! Read on what's new in version 3 and other key features of Mosets Tree in the following links.

Mosets Tree 3.5 for Joomla! 3 is now available.

Key Features of Mosets Tree.

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Reviews: 1
This component ROCKS! I had a few issues with migrating to J1.5 and Mosets support responded quickly with a resolution. This is a very flexible plugin with lots of uses.
Reviews: 3
I migrated a directory of xoops (weblinks) toward mosets tree in 5 minutes really easy to use and fast I am satisfied
Reviews: 6
I'll be honest, I thought this component was overpriced when I looked at it initially, however it reflects the level of functionality and flexibility that you get with it.

I've just completed a site for a trade association that wanted to have a directory of its members. Mosets tree gave me the flexibility to tweak it to their exact requirements, almost completely without having to hack code.

Furthermore, the support I had was excellent. I had the nightmare of exporting data from a legacy Access database, but the built in importing facility made life quite easy. When I did hit problems the Moset support team got answers to me usually within 24 hours.

(I also have another site that's been running with Mosets Hot Property for a few years without problems).

Cannot recommend this highly enough.
Reviews: 3
It's powerful and flexible component!
Recommend if you want to build a directory site.
Reviews: 2
Mostree is the best directory extension for joomla!.
Setup is easy. Only thing is if you have to manage hundreds categories and listings backend interface become some heavy to load.
Reviews: 1
As a systems analyst/technical support representative for nearly twenty years, I applaud the immediate and successful response I had with some minor issues after updating to the latest and greatest Mosets Tree.
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension for creating a resource library section. Very easy to install and extensible. I had to do some minor (customer-requested) template changes which require some hacking and reading on the Mosets forums, but the code is very clean and the change was very easy to do. Will be using it on my future projects.
Reviews: 4
I recently finished a site for a client that is centered around a directory for parents in the Boulder, CO area. Mosets is the star of the site and provides the main functionality for the users.

I highly recommend Mosets Tree. The code is well written, and Lee, the creator, gives excellent, timely support in his forums (he even has private, one-on-one forums.)

Great software. Easy to install and configure. Great support.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use and configure.
Fully featured.
Great support - ironed out any customisation issues quickly.
Worth every penny - saved me a lot of development time.
Reviews: 1
The latest version brings all the features I was missing before and more... it looks much nicer now.
Very well done!
Reviews: 15
For over a year I have used many solutions and SOBI2 is and was my favourtie. It is great, it is free and it works.


I finally gave in and obtained a copy of Mostes and I must advise ALL to make the move!

a) The SEO, it is perfect, it works, every module installed just absolutely works with Joomla standard SEF. IT WORKS! Meta Tags, Keywords, ALL WORKS

b) field customisation, alghough a clone feature would be great, solutions available and IT WORKS, IT EASY to configure custom fields and it WORKS!!!

c) Intallation very easy, configuration, very easy, SPEED, it uses less tabes so very very fast.

d) Support is fantastic, they have a PRIORITY SUPPORT forum room, where I must say, SUPPORT was fantastic, even mods to a module was done for my needs.


Cloning Feature or ability to assign different fieds to different categories.

Thank you for an awesome component with excellent modules and working SEO out the box. GOOD WORK MOSETS TREE!!! Look forward to all future versions
Reviews: 1
We have used Mosets Tree for over 2 years now and have just upgraded from version 1.5 to the latest version 2.09.

Like most publishers we are reluctant to upgrade anything as we all know the risks invloved... but was pleasantly surprised by the new features of version 2.09 - lots of features built in so they have done their homework.

Had a few issues which were addressed by the developers so happy in that regard.

Some people complain about prices of components but lets face it - if you have a commercial site $100 isn't much for a core part of your website...

One ideal feature is the ability to assign a listing to multiple categories, in our case we have wedding suppliers in various categories (ie Photographers, Venues, Cakes etc) and we then able to assiign them to their local region category - perfect for a directory.

There doesn't seem to be a manual but if you can work Joomla you should be able to master Mosets Tree - if not the developers answers questions promptly.

Someone else made the point - of course if uses it on this site then it must be good...
Reviews: 10
I've been using Mosets Tree for a couple years now and it's been great. Easy to use and configure to your liking too.

Support is top notch and I have always gotten assistance FAST with any issues I've ever had.
Reviews: 1
I had a problem making a search customized and "dknight" was my knight in shining armor. Love the software, love the individual support I was very grateful for - I would suggest this to all my friends.
Reviews: 1
good but expensive
Reviews: 1
Everything work very good but multilangue translation with joomfish is not must hack the code.
Reviews: 2
I use the component before in J1.0.x and it was fun to work with it! Now a few years later I'm using this component for 2 other sites and I must tell the component works fine with J1.5 . Also the support from Lee is very good ! ( next day response ). This is so important and that is why I rate it excellent ;)
Reviews: 4
MT is probably one of the best Joomla components I have come across and believe me when I say I've tried *a lot* of them during my "development" stage...!

It is an extremely flexible component that can be easily tailored to do what you want it to, so don't think that you have to stick rigidly to a basic directory-style setup if you don't want to. The default m2 template is easy to customise, but if like me, you want to integrate MT into your site which uses a different, non-MT template, you'll find it fits in really nicely without any fuss.

One of my favourite features (and it's a very simple one) is the ability to add a single listing across multiple categories. This is great from a cross-selling perspective, if that's what you want, and it also makes your directory extremely logical for users.

Support is absolutely excellent. I've read comments from some other members who have suggested that this is not the case, but I can honestly say that every time I have asked for support, I have received it on the same day.

If you're caught in two minds about whether or not your should pay for MT when there are plenty of other free directory components out there then I would say it is worth every penny and you will agree with me when you have got it up and running. It is flexible, extremely stable and comes with top-notch support, so really, what more could you ask for?
Reviews: 3
Firstly, JED itself is powered by Mosets Tree. That should give you AT LEAST, a reason to try this component!

Let's be honest, a product is worthless without a good support. Mosets offer the best support by far (I have tons of other commercial components and SOME of them are plain useless!). Quick and precise solution, their support are among the best I've seen.

You might see some complains regarding support but it isn't Mosets fault at all. Some of them require dedicated custom job hack which shouldn't be blame on their support. Impressively, they do advise and sometimes lend some of their precious time to help those who need (usually top requests) say some extra functionality on this awesome component.

Mosets tree is mainly directory listings comp., but with your creativity, it could be something totally better than just directory.

Review is just for the first impression; try it yourself. I promise you'll thank yourself for later on.
Reviews: 3
This component is pretty good, quite flexible and stable with only a few bugs I've noticed considering how large an application it is. There are some grating limitations that mean I can't integrate it into my site exactly the way I want to but at the same time the core functionality is excellent. Forums are fairly useful to get answers to problems but support is fairly limited albeit probably above average for Joomla extensions. Hopefully the company will continue to develop this product. On the whole, well worth the money for a directory solution.
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