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ODude DIR ComponentModule

ODude DIR is a directory based component for Joomla.
It has lots of potential that you can make any type of directory based sites as to your requirement.

Eg. sites you can develop with ODude DIR

Yellow Pages
Real Estate Listing
Member Directory
Photo Gallery
Product Showcase
Manual or Documentation

Above listed examples are ready to use with our new layout system which non of the other Joomla Component has used. It means each category can behave differently. For eg. one category as yellow pages and other as photo gallery .
Due to this innovative features you don't have to install multiple components.

You can create your own layout with your own custom fields. So that you can have complete new look and feel of the site.

You can control or change

Item/Product is displayed
Style of category listing with page navigation.
Search Behavior of each category
Own CSS and Javascripts
Multiple categories and sub categories
We work everyday on this product and multiple features is being added. Currently we have several modules ready to use.

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