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ODude DIR Component

Super powerful classified or directory system where you can make any type system you wished for.
Eg. Yellow Pages, Product Showcase, Jobs, Member Database. Sites like Quikr, Myntra or Craigslist.

Specially designed such a way that basic web developer with php knowledge is required for new type of classified system.

What's there which other classified system doesn't have ?

The answer to all above question is it's FREE and extremely powerful.

Each category have separate layout for every section including search.

No need extra or copy component. One category can act as yellow pages and other as product showcase.

Each category have separate banner, icon, html code pages (Adsense) page.

Responsive web layout for mobile. Same listing is viewed differently in Desktop PC & Mobile.

Focused on product rather than admin GUI.

Public/Private posting into the category.

Unlimited picture for each post.

Report Extension