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JoomD is a Content Builder, Directory solution and Content Construction Kit for Joomla. Use it to build contents using its Type and Custom Fields Manager viz. News portal with loads of videos and Textual contents, Directory Listings with Newsletters for each category, Business Directory with multiple categories and forms, full-featured Articles Listing website. The list goes on. You can build, virtually, any type of Content with JoomD.

*** This is Alpha Version - So please be lenient while writing reviews. ***
*** Bugs, if any encountered, should be reported to the developers. ***
*** Please note that we shall provide support on a voluntary basis while JoomD is in Alpha stage. ***
*** Dedicated support shall be available once JoomD reaches Beta stage. ***
*** Dedicated support is, however, provided for Commercial JoomD plugins. ***

JoomD Component - Features:

* Type Manager
Create various types of contents in a single Joomla installation viz. Blogs, Hospital listings, Cars listings, Schools listings, Recipes listings, Journals listings with Images and Downloadable files, Article Listings, and anything else you could think of, with each content type having its own set of items, fields and categories.

* Category Manager
Manage categories and sub-categories for each directory type.

* Custom Fields Manager
Add, Edit and Delete custom fields. Various types to choose from for a custom field: Image, PDF, Doc, Excel, Zip, Drop Down, Radio button, WYSIWIG Editor, Textfield, Textarea, URL, Email

* Multi-language capability in JoomD
Create contents in multiple languages and display them in the frontend.

* Installable fields
Fields are installable, making JoomD more flexible than ever with unlimited option for unlimited type of fields.

* Access Control for User groups
Set access controls like View, Add, Edit, Delete etc for each Directory type for different user groups.


* Latest Entries Module
* Google Map Module
* Tag Cloud Module
* Search Module
* My Entries Module
* My Saved Items Module
* Category Module
* Newsletter Subscription Module
* Items Slideshow Module
* Items Scroller Module

* Rate and Review plugin
Manages all aspects of Ratings and Reviews for each Directory Type and Categories.

* Newsletter plugin
Create newsletters for each directory type and categories. Manage subscribers for each directory. Allow subscriber to subscribe to multiple newsletters using the Newsletter module.

* Import Export app ***(Experimental Mode)***
Import / Export your categories, fields, entries to and from JoomD using simple CSV files.

* Subscription and Package Manager ***(Experimental Mode)***
Create packages, define no. of entries one can submit, set time period and voila! Users can now subscribe to packages and make payment through Paypal.

* Loads of configuration settings make it more and more flexible.

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Reviews: 1
Like so many other JoomFanatics I was frantically looking for the right com, mod and plg's for one of my applications in 2.5


It covers the most unthinkable options, without even touching the Joomla Core. This component (and the other stuff inside it) will save you SO many time, that my wife even talks to me again :-)
In one word: FANTASTIC.
Deserves a huge donation and in fact beats a lot of "paid" stuff in the same Category.
Reviews: 1
I love this extension! I used to work with Wordpress a lot and then switched to Joomla, so the format was a little new for me. I was surprised at how easy it was to setup and use JoomD. The configuration page is so simple to use. The color-coded on off buttons are quick to read and easy confirm your settings. I'm using JoomD to create a customized directory. I chose this extension because I really like the simplicity of the pages and clean view. So far it's been great. I haven't had any performance issues. I would like to see a few more options, like templates for example, but the one it came with is a good choice. I would certainly recommend this extension to anyone creating a blog or directory of any kind.