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DOCman is a powerful document management solution for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x Manage documents across categories and subcategories, allow users to upload, download or edit documents. Store documents either locally or remotely and give access to individual users or user groups using the powerful permission system.

All from within an intuitive and simple to use administration interface. DOCman makes offering downloadable documents on your Joomla site a breeze!

Key Features

» Documents Listing. Easily create a list of downloadable documents for your site users using the build-in list and table layouts.

» Nested categories. Documents can be organized across infinite categories and subcategories.

» Easy Document Linking. Easily insert links to documents into articles using the DOClink editor plugin, you can even insert links to categories and menu items.

» Private documents. DOCman allows to share documents privately and securely with individual users using the build-in document ownership permissions.

» Joomla ACL support. DOCman makes full use of the Joomla permission system. You can set add, edit, delete, upload and download permissions for categories and documents.

» Access Level Inheritance. You do not need to set access permissions for each document and/or category. Access levels are inherited. This makes managing your access permissions a lot easier.

» Remote or Local Storage. Files can either be hosted locally or you can easily link to files stored on a remote server or external network drive.

» Drag & Drop Upload. You can upload multiple files at once or upload remote files from a URL. The file uploader has a built-in drag and drop area.

» Large file support. DOCman is capable of handling very large files (> 1GB). It can automatically resume interrupted downloads.

» Thumbnail Support. Generates thumbnails for every image, cache them and loading them all at once. Saves bandwidth and computing power.

» Internationalised. Full support for international filenames and folder names running on Joomla. Your files can now be named in your own language without any worries.

» Security. The built-in security measures avoid direct linking to files. Real paths to files are never displayed to users.

» Download Logging. Log downloads from logged in by time/date and track IP address, through our LOGman extension.

» Google Analytics. Keep track of document downloads and image views with our build-in support for Google Analytics.

» Document Submissions. Use DOCman to setup a file dropbox from the frontend of your site.

» Video streaming. DOCman has build in support for video and audio streaming.

» Document preview. DOCman leverages the PDF reading support in modern browsers and includes support for Google Document Viewer.

» Integrated Search. Documents can be searched by name and/or description. The search system integrates with Joomla standard search and smart search out of the box.

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Reviews: 2
I have used DOCman 1.5/1.6 for a while, and still do on several sites. It is a great component for delivering files to my clients. I recently upgraded one of my websites and decided to upgrade from DOCman 1.6 to 2.0. I was aware there is not an actual upgrade path but since I was adding all new files that was acceptable. Well something went wrong after I went live with my site. When I clicked on DOCman 2.0 to add new files, DOCman 1.6 came up. DOCman support was very professional, courteous and fast to go into my site and fix DOCman 2.0. I will continue to use and recommend JoomlaTools extensions and components. The subscription is worth the Money.
Reviews: 16
I have used the old version of DOCman (1.5/1.6) for some years.
When upgrading the site i looked for some alternatives as there were som minor things that annoyed me.
But i kept getting back to DOCman. I have used the 2.0 version on another site and it looks great !
Now i can't wait for the migration tool to finish so i can get the DOCman 1.6 upgraded to 2.0
Reviews: 1
Hello, i want to thank the team with there help to solve a place document failure from the front end. Seems to be a Java script failure icw Gcalandar. thanks for the support. PS Wen will there be a dutch translation availible for the latest version of docman?

Kind regard Bas.
Reviews: 19
use to be good. got a shock when i look at new beta versions. Anyway im not going to ask for any refunds,keep it as donations.
what i hate that its using external library and too many files installed silently. Namely koowa,nookue framework,its plugins, com_docman,com_files , Duh not for me. thanks
Reviews: 6
Makes sharing really easy and best part is the option to store it locally or on cloud.
Reviews: 6
DOCman does what it has to do.
It works stable why I decided for DOCman.
But there are free download extensions with a lot more features and ease of use.
Reviews: 2
DOCman is an example of a Joomla extension that excels at doing what it was made to do - document management. The new version is steadily adding more and more powerful features, and the support is outstanding. I have had questions directly answered in a very helpful manner and when I had an issue with my installation a fix was released in the next version the following week. I'm delighted with the extension and the support - that's what every Joomla extension should be like!
Reviews: 6
I've been using DocMan for years (since Joomla 1.0) and have found it to be one of my "must-have" tools. Supporting the continued development is well worth the modest annual subscription price. I've gotten 10 times that value back ins usefulness! Thanks, Johan and all at Joomlatools
Reviews: 6
I have used DOCman for a number of years, actually since the Joomla 1.0 days. I have pushed it into school sites that cater to 10's of teachers and hundreds of students, continually upgraded it on local and state government websites, all with the expectation this tool would deliver on robust and consistent delivery of files and usability. I have come back to use it time and again. You can count on this tool, and with the beautiful new design and UI in the RC releases currently available you will find it easy to implement in your own website. Thank you Joomlatools team for continuing the development over the years, I have high hopes for the next iteration :)
Reviews: 2
Docman is a well known Joomla extension and was recommended by a friend. The extension is good & robust coded based on a specific framework. This is a good point.

I had a mixed experience with migration from previous version, I had to finish the migration by myself.
Reviews: 41
Congratulations to the team on the release of Docman 2.0 RC1. It's looking better than ever and although there are a few bugs to work through yet, will be outstanding when stable and released :)
Reviews: 8
Recently migrated several thousand files (hundreds of folders) into the DocMan2 beta. A few glitches were found and reported. The DocMan team quickly worked code fixes into RC1 and deployed them on my site. Even though this isn't an "official release" for DocMan2, the software is solid, the support exceptional.
Its incredibly easy to use. The dev team is very responsive to user feedback, with several workflow improvements seen in the past weeks.

Strongly recommended.
Reviews: 7
Docman's improvements continues to make this extension a must have for any large document library. The new features allow users to create sub-folders for files. An initial bug of sorting of those files proved to be a challenge, but the developer quickly responded to my support requests and have found and fixed the bug. Will continue to use and support this fine product!
Reviews: 6
For many years I am using DocMan. I am happy with DocMan because I never had any problem with it. With the new version DOCman 2.0.0 RC 1 I had some issues but Johan from Joomlatools solved it in no time (DocMan had to be re-installed). That's what I call support. Great. DocMan is worth its money!!
Reviews: 1
Simply rent the effectiveness of the support and the time took by develloppeur to help me install the component.
A big thank you for this great extension and team support.
Reviews: 1
After email support to find out when Docman would be ready for J3.0 they emailed back to let me know there is a RC version available, although not the full release I am happy to use the RC 1 release for my up and coming site, We have used Docman for a few years now and it just keeps getting better and better. no issues uploading and getting started very simple to use and straightforward. So happy Docman is now J3 ready (RC status)
Reviews: 2
I just installed Docman with Extman on a joomla 3.1 installation, eventhough it's still in development. Everything seems to working just fine and it looks great! I had one little issue with the default joomla SEF, because de Docman links broke when i turned SEF on. I couldn't figure it out myself, so i posted a topic on their forum. Whitin a day they figured it out and fixed my problem! Turned out Extman wasn't properly installed because of file permission issues on my server.

Just one more thing to add if you ask me: a migration tool from earlier versions, would haved me two days of entering all documents again.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. A migration solution from DOCman 1.x is being worked on at the moment.

If you run an older version of DOCman and wish to migrate it's adviced to wait a little longer until the migration tool is available.

Reviews: 1
I have been searching for an extension like this for over a year, not really knowing what I needed! A friend told me about DOCman, he uses it on all his sites. Once I bought it and downloaded it, it went straight into my site-easy as pie. I had a little trouble with set up initially (due to my own inexperience, mostly) but the support from the DOCman website was fantastic. I found answers to some of my questions in the forum and asked one of my own. It was answered the very next day! One thing I find lacking in an open source environment is support for noobs like me (everyone already seems to know what they are doing already I guess). I VERY much appreciate the support and documentation of DOCman.
Reviews: 5
Docman is a feature rich document/file management system and I tend to love using it.
Minor fixes come out on a regular basis (fixing bugs). New upgrades or features on the other hand ofter take much longer than the initial estimate.

According to their own claims, this is due to quality control. It surprises me that they keep bumping into this error of estimation. At the end though, they appear to deliver a rock solid product.
Reviews: 3
Control beyond my expectations using Joomla's ACL capabilities. Accolades to the DOCman development team for providing an excellent extension for managing documents. And thank you for the excellent support! Great Product + Great support = Happy Customer.
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