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Easy Folder Listing Module

Easy Folder Listing v2.8.1

This is a simple-to-use module that is used to list the contents of a folder in either a table or a list. The folder listing can display the filename, with or without the extension, with or without the date modified and file size, as well as a icon representing the file type. It has the feature of allowing the user to specify whether the filename listed should be linked or not.

Main features:
> List files in a specified sub-folder of the Joomla root
> Show icons for file types
> List files in either a table or a unordered list
> Sorting in Acsending or Descening order, by filename, date modified or file size
> Option to show/hide size, date, or date and time of the files
> Option to link to the files or not
> Option to specify a list of file types that should not be listed
> Color scheme of the table rows and border can be customized
> Module Manager colors available through custom Color Picker

To use this module as content in an article, first ensure than the loadmodule plugin (Content - Load Module) is Enabled. Second, give an arbitrary Position to the Easy Folder Listing module, such as 'x_list', and configure the parameters. Thirdly, in the article, type '{loadposition x_list}'. Please ensure that the Menu Assignment is set to 'All' or to the specific article that it is to be displayed in. To control which types of users have access to this module, set the Access Level in the module.

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Reviews: 1
I would request that the default folder be changed (or at least allow to easily modify) from images. Looks like a lot of us use this for documents. While it works, using the image folder requires moving my documents to a folder that is not logically organized. I suggest default to the root /.

Otherwise, I found no other module that does what your module does as easily. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Reviews: 1
Module SIMPLY rocks. Does what it says. Offers you good control over the output. If only there would be more such modules on the world. Keep it short and simple!
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