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Akeeba Release System (ARS) is a file repository / download system quite different than its competition. It is primarily focused on software dissemination, but can also be used as a generic download component. Its main differences to its competition are speed, stability, perfect URLs without a SEF component, generation of update streams, ease of use, Chameleon skinning and time saving features implemented along the board. We use it for our own downloads section. In fact, before its first public beta it had already served over a million downloads.

In a nutshell:

- Performance -
ARS is designed to handle massive amounts of data. Tested with hundreds of download items and hundreds of thousands of log records, it groks through this vast amount of data in a heartbeat. Intelligent caching makes it blazing fast.

- Bootstrap -
ARS seamlessly integrates with the Boostrap styling upon which Joomla! 3 is standardised. It includes its own copy of Bootstrap, used only on Joomla! 2.5.

- Control Freak -
Control who can download what. ARS integrates with Akeeba Subscriptions, PayPlans and Joomla! View Access Levels to fine-tune who can view and download anything.

- Perfect Logs -
ARS will log who downloaded what and when, or even who tried but failed. IP addresses, HTTP referrers and country statistics are all logged and can be used to filter the log display. The Control Panel offers a bird's eye view of how well your downloads are doing.

- Attention to detail -
Minute details make the big difference. From copied items defaulting to being unpublished and files you've already used being hidden from file selection drop-downs and from automatically naming and describing your files to zero-click file publishing, ARS has got you covered.

- Updates galore -
ARS can automatically create update streams in multiple formats. INI format which can easily be used from any software. Joomla! XML format for extremely easy updates of the extensions you create.

- Amazon S3 Support -
Store your downloads on Amazon S3. Integrated S3 file browser and ability to upload directly to S3!

Experience the future in download components. Install and use Akeeba Release System. It's completely free of charge.

Note: The software is free of charge, its support is not. You need a valid subscription to request support. However, its documentation, the troubleshooting wizard and searching the public tickets is free.

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Reviews: 1
The extension does what is supposed to do. However, there are problems with Amazon Web Services Module which does not permit downloads using Android devices. Desktop devices work perfectly. Also, customer support is lacking. I have spent too much time arguing with customer support to fix simple design issues—no filter capability, visible portion of fields not wide enough, etc.
Reviews: 16
I've still got a lot to learn about the special things this extension can do but for the simple parts I use its amazing.

Only reason not 5 stars is I can't look at a individual item and see its graphical behavior like I can for the entire repo.
Reviews: 12
It like the fact that you don't have to create update xml file.
Reviews: 3
I use ARS to offer my own extension for download. The best thing about ARS is that it automatically creates proper update XML "files" so users can update my extensions using the Joomla one-click updater. Previously I had to manually create those files by copy-pasting a lot of stuff.
Now I just copy an existing item within ARS and change the version number, link it to the new file and done.

The only thing which could be improved is the editor button to select an ARS item which doesn't work well as soon as you apply filters.
Reviews: 18
The best and most complete component in the JED; its free; the basic setup is easy; and it integrates nice with your design.
Reviews: 2
I'm currently using ARS along with Akeeba subscription and both are amazing and work together without a hitch. Great work and thanks for the excellent extensions!
Reviews: 6
Excellent free component for file repository. We use it for the download of our extensions. Thanks Nicholas
Reviews: 2
Thanks Nicolas for this great free extension. The extension has a lot of options and the documentation is really great. So for a starting developer a great tool to maintain your downloads.
Reviews: 15
I'm using all Akeeba extensions and Akeeba is an excellent company who build great, well thought out and reliable extensions.
I'm using Akeeba Release System for almost a year now and it's really a MAGNIFICENT download system!
Nicholas always searches for ways to automate cumbersome activities. A great example of that is bleeding edge, which automatically detects your uploaded downloads and changelog. Just FTP your download and refresh the front-end and you're done!
Amazon S3 and Akeeba Live Update support are also topnotch.

Support is as always very fast, friendly and of high quality. If you encounter an issue (which was rare during +/- a year of intensive use), it'll be solved within minutes.

Thank you very much Nicholas and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 5
Component would not add items for download as it could not recognize the categories.... Also items sometimes loaded and sometimes didn't. Inconsistent and therefore unusable. Even downgraded to test releases but same thing. Rather than continue to probe this product just moving on to something else that is more user friendly.
Owner's reply

I suppose that you configured something wrong. A similar case last week ended up being the user using backslashes instead of forward slashes. I'm quite sure you did a similar misconfiguration.

As a matter of fact, if there were bugs so severe as what you allege how can you explain that ARS is what I'm using on since July 2010 to serve over 8 million (8,000,000) downloads to all of my extensions?

Reviews: 3
Being new to Joomla and web development I was quick to start backing up my site using akeeba backup - it proved a lot easier to restore my site after playing to hard with settings than to rebuild it. It was quick and easy to install, use , update etc. A fantastic application.

Akeeba Release has followed in that trend and i have got it up and running in under 5 minutes. My downloads are working and I can track them :-) the only short coming is that they are of zero size. Pretty sure its something I'm doing but cannot find any free support / forums and at +E50 for subscription support its going to have to wait.

Great app - would score it Excellent if there was better community support but i guess you cant have your cake and eat it!

Thanks Nicolas
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. I saw your contact email and replied to it earlier today. Most likely you have a permissions issue which prevents ARS from reading the contents of your files. Setting the files' permissions to 0644 should overcome this issue elegantly and securely. If you can't resolve it yourself please reply to my email so that I can help you out.

Reviews: 3
To be honest I've been using jDownloads for a while, but when browsing for any updates I saw that Akeeba had released a downloads extension, I knew it would be first rate.

And I wasn't disappointing, ARS contains the same attention to detail as all Nicholas's products (e.g. Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Akeeba Subscriptions etc) and I can see this becoming as popular (if not more so) as some of the other established download utilities.

Top job ND :) thanks, Lee
Reviews: 2
ARS is awesome software. Easy to use, easy to understand. When something is not self-explanatory, you just should have in mind who written the software - then you know there is, as usual, a splendid documentation available. Akeeba Release System is feature-rich, but not overloaded with crap. It's just made for practical use. I don't miss something! Code is clean and mostly self-explanatory, too. Theming ARS, is just fun. In sum, use it as download component, you will not regret it! Thanks for this great product!
Reviews: 3
This product is excellent and easy to use, one of the best extension you must have install in your web ;)
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, no fuss to setup and working. The only con I can find is the sorting of the releases. Still a great componet.
Reviews: 17
This is an extension perfectly suited to manage your own extensions (or any similar software product).
It is well coded and well documented and makes it easy to customize or extend it with add-ons.
Reviews: 7
Great support. I mean, excellent.
I had a complicated issue, and I received an effective answer in less than 15 minutes, hardly the time to read my request.

Besides having great support, the product is really nice to work with. Manages all my extensions updates from one place.
Reviews: 2
This component is perfect for distributing digital goods. If you distribute Joomla! extensions then this software is perfect for you. Easy to use and configure. And it's free!

You can use the update feature to easliy integrate in your components so users can update from the back-end easily. You can give the update option only to subscribers with download id or username / password combination. So it's perfect for distributing commercial Joomla! extensions and other commercial digital goods. But also perfect for free things.
Reviews: 10
Read the reviews and decided to go with this. Spent several hours trying to get this to work but in the end it broke my database and made the everything on the site rearrange. Documentation is just a dictionary, not instructions on how to get this to work.

In the end, I will go elsewhere to get what I need.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, but there are some inaccuracies I'd like to address.

> it broke my database
It can't. It only reads and writes to its own database tables, clearly prefixed with _ars_. Maybe you changed or installed something else in the meantime?

> made the everything on the site rearrange
I'm not sure what "the everything" (sic) is, but I'll suppose it refers to either the menu items or the modules. Again, ARS does not interact with those site elements, so rearranging them would be downright impossible. I'm now convinced that you, someone else or something else modified something on your site.

> Documentation is just a dictionary, not instructions on how to get this to work.
I know the documentation is lengthy. It is lengthy because it is detailed. If you actually read it, you'll see that it does have instructions on using the component. For example, the single most important chapter in the entire documentation is titled "Understanding the structure of a repository" and has three practical examples: software distribution (exactly what ARS was built to do), community site and a personal site (blog). If, after reading that page, you still don't get how the software works, please use PhocaDownload or DOCman instead. BTW, I do mention these two components in this exact documentation chapter as alternatives.

Finally, let me reiterate that if you believe that you've found a bug or want to share your feedback about the component, the proper avenue is using the Contact link on our site.

Reviews: 1
It works perfectly with joomla 1.7 and has many options for publishing menu items.
I have tried many components but these one really help me to save a lot of time
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