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Download Tracker is a component that manages tracking downloads of brochures, documentation, setup files etc (ex: pdf, doc, els, exe etc) from your web page.

Download tracker has options to request for Name and Email before downloading a file.

The download link can be emailed or will be soon after name and email is submitted.

Download tracker is easy and straightforward to use with options to see download details, edit configuration and css.

Logs info about the download request.
Administration control panel and more.


- Easy and straightforward configuration.
- Simple pre form filling and option to edit css.
- Email download link or display download link in your website.
- Report with name, email, download request date/time, downloaded date time, IP address and file name.

Please visit for steps to install and configure component.Support is included! Just post your queries @

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Reviews: 5
It does what it says but if you are in a multilingual environment this is not a component you want.

Multilingual Problems:

Even though there is language file support, the php files dont use the lang files correct so you are stuck in English unless you go and fix the code by yourself. (A LOT OF WORK)

The other thing is that the database files and the php files are not saved in UTF-8 codepage so your user cant even write in his language. (EVEN MORE WORK)

The third annoying thing is that it need php delimiter on. So if you dont have access to your php.ini means that you must alter the code of the problem pages from:


this is not just a lot of work...its.. its... aaaaahhh
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a Joomla 3x component for my website that requires visitors to provide pre-determined information (name and email) before downloading files. The component was a quick & easy install with minor configuration settings and it delivers.

The developer even made some code adjustments for me upon request$$... email notification and new tab/window feature.
Reviews: 2
Easy to deploy and modify.

Had some minor layout issues, however support team got back to me fast with a quick fix.

Very Nice
Reviews: 2
This extension does exactly what it says it does. I had a couple of issues, one with sh404SEF and another little issue and Satish fixed them both. I would recommend that he put together an FAQ on common issues but other than that, excellent product and excellent, timely support.
Reviews: 1
Good extension. Does an excellent job and is exactly what i need. Great support (Thanks Satish).
Reviews: 1
Nice plugin. Great support. Email response received minutes after asking a question. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
easy to install and setup, it does its job perfectly. Support also is fast and very effective, i will suggest this extension to anyone i know!
Reviews: 2
This extension is exactly what I was looking for. The support was top of their class and they even customized the extension exactly how I needed it!

Thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
The component is doing just the right job!

I did run into a few issues, but it turned out that they were mainly due to the overall site configuration (i.e. SEF urls conflicting with dTracker links).
Nonetheless, Satish helped out immediately!

Support was perfect, so many thanks again!
Reviews: 4
The product is easy to use and works well as advertised.

Reviews: 6
Simple but great. Worked out the box for me and my enquiries for additional form fields to support were answered in real time. Thats the sort of product and support I like. GREAT work keep it up.
Reviews: 1
The component worked very well and first time - and I'm a newbie.

But the support I received when I needed it was excellent - thanks Satish for a great component and also for your time and patience.

Even in 1.5 you can edit text by some very simple editing of the languages ini file - really good suport and help!
Reviews: 2
A good extension that does very well the job.
Service support is extremely fast and efficient.

Congratulations Satish!
Reviews: 1
First off they do not include the plugin - you have to search for it on the website rather than them including in the email you receive with the link to the component. I am using Joomla 2.5 - I installed both the plugin and the component. When editing the component options - I remove the additional form fields below (mobile. phone, comments, company, ect.) I then click close and save - however the options re-appear both on the front and back end. I also cannot remove the option of "required" for each from filed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the feedback, I am sorry you had to search for the plugin in the website. I accept your suggestion.

Regarding component fields, there are many clients who have downloaded and installed component and plugin works without issues. Your issue may be due to installation or other issues.

You should have communicated to support first before leaving such feedbacks.

Can you please create a support ticket in case issue still exists. I will be happy to help you out.

Reviews: 2
This is a simple but slick little component. Very easy to setup and the support is excellent. I recommend it if you need a simple way to track who is downloading your files.
Reviews: 3
The component is like the site where I got it. Very basic, but essentially it does what it should do. Register download requests and provide mail with a more or less safe download link.

I had two problems. The file I downloaded was not complete, the plugin part was missing. Also there is a small bug in the plugin.

Support works fine. I received the missing plugin within 24 hours.

I also did a translation into Dutch, which was not too difficult. It does not support language files in its current version.I think for the creator it's worth developing it a bit further. Altogether, I'm happy. It solved my problem.
Reviews: 1
As a Joomla noob, this product does exactly what I wanted and was extremely easy to get it installed and working. The support team is very prompt and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this product.
Reviews: 1
This extension helped me to get a contact information of client, before client is downloading a file. It is working perfectly. It was exactly what I needed. I've had some problems because of my site configuration not of this extension, but creator helped me to fix it out Thank you
Reviews: 1
Great plugin!
Exactly what we were looking for; it does what it said it would. Also, the support at Techsolsystem was above and beyond. An possible improvement would be having more destination folders to save download files.
Thanks again,
Reviews: 1
Very happy with this component and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Some features that I hope the developer would consider in future updates:

1-Ability to export the log file

2-Automatically register users who have downloaded files with a default password.

3-Allow the admin to modify the the prompts and email sent
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

Firstly, I am very happy that you liked download tracker component.

Secondly, I welcome your opinions and will definitely implement features in coming version.

Thanks Again.

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