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Little DMS ComponentModulePlugin

Have you ever dreamed of a simple but powerful Document Management System fully integrated into JOOMLA ?

LITTLE DMS empowers Joomla! with a simple Document Management System.

We, at CODAMIGO, have developped for you the LITTLE DMS extension for JOOMLA.

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Reviews: 6
Simple, but it works
One of the very few free DMSs for Joomla.

1) It works
2) It is kind of a puzzle to work with it, but you need no technical skills
3) Download/support website seems strange (euphenistically speaking)
4) Thanks to the developper
5) A demo-site would help a lot
6) Does have a small downloading problem when you're using PHP 5.2 or less. Made adjustment in file download.php in line 31 (I'm not allowed to post this on
7) Trying to post this to support site of Little DMS, but is difficult.
Reviews: 1
This is a solid little extension which takes advantage of Joomla's category features to organize documents. The interface is simple and clean, and the extension does what it says.
Reviews: 13
I have downloaded the LittleDMS and it seems very easy to use, but the Documentation does not not explain in detail how to actually get the module into a Joomla 2.5 page.

This needs to be updated as it will make it much more usable if we can actually make it visible
Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for using the Little DMS.
The Little DMS module installation is similar to any other Joomla! module.
It's pretty well explained in the "Quick install" documentation:

For a more detailed explanation please check a Joomla module installation tutorial on the web.

To display the Little DMS module on your site go to: Module Manager->Little DMS
Be sure the position you've selected does exist in your template.
Check the Menu Assignment setting.

Best regard
the Codamigo Team

Reviews: 1
This was looking to be perfect for what I wanted... installed easily, simple to use... just at the last minute I had to find something else as it renames the files you upload! I need to be able to download with the original file names :(
Owner's reply

Thanks Andy for this review.
The 'keep-my-name' function will be added in the next release hopefuly.