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Password 2 Download Module

Password 2 Download is a compact module for Joomla! 1.7 and 2.5 that provides password protection for your download links.

I've written this module as a part of one of projects that I am working on. The idea about it was to create simple environment to prevent downloading some specific contents by random website visitors. Another idea was to create it independent from Joomla! Registration Component.

So there it is.

Basic Features:

- Easy to install and implement
- Simple, still effective password protection
- Restrict download to registered users ( if needed )
- Prevent direct downloads
- Supports most mime types

And how does it work? Follow these instructions:

1. First download the module. ( Link to the Downloads section )
2. Install it.
3. Go to Module Manager and find Password 2 Download module
4. Setup password you want your links to be protected with
5. Setup up to 10 download links
6. Publish it
7. Test it

PHP > 5.2
JavaScript (jQuery)

NOTE: Download files are passed through php to hide real urls and prevent direct downloads. It means this solution is not fitted to handle large files!

Enjoy :)

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Reviews: 2
This is a very useful module and it's exactly what I was looking for but it has a major bug: It doesn't work when using the module multiple times in the same page/position.

It only works for the first instance of the module. This is actually a major bug for me since I need to have different sets of downloadable files in the same page. Also, it would be very nice if I could upload unlimited files for each instance but I can live with that.