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OptDownload Component

The OptDownload component lets you have a form on your site that will allow users to enter their name and email address in order to download files. You can easily see your opt-in users in your OptDownload control panel in the Joomla backend

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Reviews: 1
Sorry for the negative review but I have written to Brad on three occasions asking a simple question why the component is not working as stated but no reply.
Reviews: 5
I just needed a nice extension that I could showcase some of what we offer. Nothing too splashy. Just a "register to get the file."
OptDownload does just that.
Simple fast and easy to set up. No jumping through hoops to deliver a file.
Reviews: 19
This is a good application and use it for Joomla 3.2 and use it for sensitive documents at a higher ACL level to download and great to see it stores email addresses even if they are registered users. I had expected the names of the downloads that subscribed users used as this would be useful to see which downloaded files is used the most. And if there are more than one download files that they can select but I couldn't see how it was possible to select more than one file to download. I couldn't find any documentation to see if it was possible - perhaps a little checkbox next to the download filenames. I wasn't sure if the downloaded files weren't easily hotlinked and have made prevention using special settings within joomla. Thank you again for providing this good application.
Reviews: 3
For a more personalized download app on your site.I will recommend this in order to take charge of what you want to download.
Reviews: 3
Excellent Component , Can Work easily , Fantastic support , Highly Recommended to every one
Reviews: 7
OptDownload is just what I needed for my website. Easy to install and use it. Keep on the great job.
Reviews: 1
Very nice and useful extension. Simple and focused. Requires some slight modifications to make it run on Windows (mixed url slashes).
Reviews: 5
Thanks for this extension Brad.This OptDownload is very usefull in my website.Keep up the good work
Reviews: 6
OptDownloader is suggested by many developer.For the simplicity and for reliability.