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Digital Locker ComponentModulePlugin

*** 1.0.2 ***
Fixed the statistic bug
Do remember reset setting of products required subscription after update. (Important)

- Fixed minor bugs

Digital Locker(DLocker for short) is inspired by Amazon Locker, it's a free extension for people who would like to share their digital products such as PDF, E-book or software.

Should you use Dlocker ? Following questions will help you make a decision!

Would you like to provide downloadable product(s) in your website?

DLocker is a lightweight Joomla extension for digital product management, you can upload PDF, E-Book or Sofeware etc. Backend control panel is very easy to use.

Meanwhile, it also helps you keep different versions, you can easily switch version released to be downloaded.

If you just share free products, DLocker can handle it easily.

If you intend to sell item(s), DLocker also fit your requirement, but you have to purchase "(JS) Money System" first. ( More Details In Our Website)

Would you like to track users' activity to help your further development?

DLocker has been integrated with "Google Analytics" & "Mixpanel".

With them, admin can track several event such as preview images, which one is the most popular and which is not.

They are all free for the startup. To register an account, then copy the api key( or token) into Dlocker, DLocker will do the rest for you.

Would you like to make the free download more valuable?

Free is awesome, every one likes it! However, free does not mean "No Value".

Newsletter subscription is our first idea, it can helps admin to collect contacts for future use, such as new product promotion or latest version released.

Now we define it as a mission, and more mission function will be released later. Don't miss it!

If you are still not sure, have a try!

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