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Extensive Download Manager for Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x.

The jD 2.5 series is for use on Joomla! 2.5, and the jD 3.2 series is for use on Joomla! 3.x so make sure you download the correct one for you.

Modules and plugins provided by the jDownloads team are included in and are automatically installed with the jDownloads component.

jDownloads supports many languages. English and German languages are included with the component and others are available on More will be included on the jDownloads web site.

Main Features
- What is a Download?:
Obviously it includes the file that is to be downloaded but in jDownloads there are many more optional features to show the user or potential customer. You may have a text description, multiple images, an MP3 or an MP4 preview complete with player. You can show size, author, price, rating, popularity, etc., etc. All of it configurable.
- Unlimited Category Tree:
The downloads can be organized by customised categories and subcategories. A folder is created for every category, usually the folder has the same name as the category, so you have exactly the same structure on your server as in your download area. There is an option to use a different folder name if desired.
- Access Rights for Categories:
You can set the 'download' rights for categories and downloads for every Joomla user group. So it is possible, for example, that all guests can view the category (and the files) but only registered users can download the files. And say users with Publisher or similar rights can create new Downloads including uploading the main download file, together with preview text, images, audio clips (MP3) and video clips (MP4).
- User Groups:
The latest versions of jDownloads, the jD2.5 and jD3.2 and beyond series, fully supports the Joomla Access Permissions and Access Levels for Categories and Downloads. This allows a wide variety of controlling user groups in who is able to see what, control download access and of course uploading of new Downloads.
- User Groups Settings:
jDownloads has the ability to set different download capability limits for each Joomla! User Group. Also for User Groups that have 'create download' permissions then each user group may have their individual selection of 'questions' asked by the creation/edit Downloads formthe upload form may be set. Furthermore jDownloads resolves the 'challenge' of users belonging to multiple groups with an 'importance' value.
- Frontend Edit functionality:
You can define in the configuration, that particular user groups can edit/update/delete their own downloads from the frontend. Additionally you can select jDownloads user groups who can edit Downloads in specific categories from the frontend.
... and many others.

See full feature list here:

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Reviews: 1
Hi! I have used the amazing component to my website and it works exactly what it says. Configuration is very easy and options are plenty which gives you enough control on who can download which files.
Reviews: 1
I really like the component and modules, it is really well designed and handles a lot of files wonderfully.

It has a small issue with handling a lot of categories and some features are still missing, but most users won't need that many features.

Also, Arno is always available on the forums when you need him.

Looking forward to jD 2.0 :D!
Reviews: 3
Does everything you'd like it to, makes adding new downloads/categories a breeze, very fast and prompt support on the forum.
Good job :)
Reviews: 2
strongly recommended for everyone
just upload your files to desired directory and everything is done!
even if you want to construct a new website, you will not loose any data. just by 2 clicks you can backup and restore downloads data and use it on any other joomla based website!
the guy/guys developed this extension really know what you want and provide more than your needs. this extension save a lot of my time
Reviews: 1
Your Component is good.
Thanks to make this free.
I have a question, its possible to send email message automatically when i upload a document to my group when document is insert?
continues the good work

Best regards,
Ivo Barbosa
Reviews: 4
This product is fantastic - and the support mind blowing thanks for all your help , we had some database issues and Arno logged in and fixed them for us.

The only suggestion I have is to have the ACL extend down to file level aswell as category.

Also trying to work out how to show the custom fields in the frontend upload panel

Thanks again
Reviews: 3
great effort if it's really done by one developer. but it could be improved. easy install, but not the easiest to use, biggest downfall is that you can't select multiple categories.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review, but i think you has not understand exactly the specially jDownloads system and structure.
jDownloads created for any category a directory with the same name. When you will assign a file for many categories, you must upload it separately for every category.
This is the only way to have a clean folder structure in the same way as your categories.
That jDownloads is not easy to use is only your opinion. See the other reviews about this.
But i work on a complete new release and hope this is also perfectly for you...

Reviews: 3
jDownloads is basically a one-man project and surpasses all other download components such as Docman by far. You can easily create categories, upload files, insert them in articles, displaying them in modules and much more.

The developer Arno is a very kind person and spends his valuable free time for excellent support over at the support forums, and everything is free. I wish other developers of free extensions would take a lesson from him.

I encourage everyone that likes this extension to donate. It's worth every penny even though it's free.

Thank you Arno :)
Reviews: 1
Suits my requirement perfectly, allows uploads and downloads for whoever you allow. Tons of options to play with though most can be left, depening on what you want.

You want a download manager? This is the one. Jdownload is non-commercial but i'd be happy to pay.

Great Plugin Guys :D
Reviews: 3
Well, its great! Arno, I have so much respect for you. I know you by your forum and I see how many time you spend at your forum, it never takes long to recieve an answer. You are the best. I am just an amateur who likes to make a webradio and run chatservers and the websites that are needed for that. The reason I use Joomle (cms) is that I don't have the knowledge to create a website on my own. So I found Joomla and later I found great extensions and I also found jDownloads. I used another one before but jDownloads is really great, quit easy to use and when you have a problem there is the forum that Arno runs so I am happy I found jDownloads and I hope you find it too soon. Enjoy it and Arno > Its Great!!
Reviews: 8
Its a very complete extension, works very well i dont give 5 stars because it does not integrate with k2 (which i needed for my site) so i had to unistall it, aside of that its a great extension, recommended.
Reviews: 1
After years and years this has become my favorite downloads manager extension.

Is not only about features, but also to stability. This is the only component I hadn't problems after a period with files and folders.

I wish the best to it's devs.
Reviews: 3
The extension is number 1 in this category and the support is also number 1.

In the support forum I wrote about tree questions/problems and 20 minutes later all problems were solved.
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a good way to include downloads but restrict access on some of them. As my site was the first website I ever built, I needed something I could understand too. jDownloads met my needs perfectly.

Loses one star because it failed a bit under the load of many documents, but I was testing the boundaries and it didn't affect the usability of the site.
Reviews: 3
Impressing extension.
Only needs to be multilanguage compatible to be perfect in 1.7 (Content Language tagging for Downloads and Categories, Duplicating possible)
Reviews: 1
I tried out this component on Joomla 1.7 It installed ok but I had a lil issue. I posted the issue on the forum and I got a reply within minutes from the component's developer. They solved the problem quickly and it works great. Highly recommend!!
Reviews: 2
It has been a while since I have had to setup a download component for a client. From what I could gather from the JED Jdownloads seemed to offer a number of nice features so I went with that (not to say I spent a ton of time researching components).

I will say I do not regret the decision. This component continues to impress as I discover new features.
- Automation feature (this is super cool just upload folders and files through FTP, click back into the component in the joomla backend and it puts everything on your site).
- Has the content plugin features
- Full ACL controls with 1.7

Granted like almost any other component you will need to do your own styling.
Reviews: 26
This component does everything that other components such as phocadownload does, but then doubles it. Looks much more professional and is so feature-rich you will wonder why you looked at anything else.

I wanted to charge for some downloads and this combined with the also excellent "PayPerDownload" extension met all my needs and more...
Reviews: 11
A great extension. The only impediment for me to use it on my live sites is that I'm currently using Docman, and there is no plugin that will import my records and put them in JDownloads.

I hope something like that is done as soon as possible.
Reviews: 2
I'm in the process of launching a new downloads section on a professional website using this extension and a number of supporting modules. I chose it over the others primarily because of features, size of dev community (number of supporting extensions), and positive reviews. The other contenders were Phoca download and DOCman, neither of which quite measured up in terms of features that I was interested in.

If you want features, this extension definitely blows the others out of the water. Most everything seems to work, and the complement of supporting modules and plugins will be enough to satisfy most people. The developer is very active on the forums, and I know he's put a ton of time into it, so kudos to him for that.

However, if it does NOT support a feature you need, or you want to customize something not offered in the backend config pages, you will tear your hair out trying to augment it. I suspect this is because it was originally built for J! 1.0 without any MVC thought. Without proper MVC structuring, there's no way to override -- you'll have to hack one of the 2800-line unorganized PHP files.

The template customization is a great feature and will probably save more inexperienced users lots of time, but for webmasters that are used to using MVC template overrides and keeping your styling in one place (as the Joomla team intends it), it's more harm than help. Templates are stored in the database tables, not files, which means lots of copying and pasting code back and forth into your text editor or IDE (and no version control). And some things are inexplicably hard-coded outside the realm of the template editor, which means you're almost definitely going to have to do some of the aforementioned component file hacking.

If you're not a technical person and are looking for a plug-and-play downloads manager, or are willing to wade through the developer's code to change things, this is probably the one for you. But if you plan on heavy customization, go with an extension that adheres better to good Joomla extension development practice.
Owner's reply

Hi Yorb,
thanks for your review.
A complete new version for Joomla 1.6/1.7 is in work and used MVC structure.

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