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Extensive Download Manager for Joomla! 2.5.x and Joomla! 3.x.

The jD 2.5 series is for use on Joomla! 2.5, and the jD 3.2 series is for use on Joomla! 3.x so make sure you download the correct one for you.

Modules and plugins provided by the jDownloads team are included in and are automatically installed with the jDownloads component.

jDownloads supports many languages. English and German languages are included with the component and others are available on More will be included on the jDownloads web site.

Main Features
- What is a Download?:
Obviously it includes the file that is to be downloaded but in jDownloads there are many more optional features to show the user or potential customer. You may have a text description, multiple images, an MP3 or an MP4 preview complete with player. You can show size, author, price, rating, popularity, etc., etc. All of it configurable.
- Unlimited Category Tree:
The downloads can be organized by customised categories and subcategories. A folder is created for every category, usually the folder has the same name as the category, so you have exactly the same structure on your server as in your download area. There is an option to use a different folder name if desired.
- Access Rights for Categories:
You can set the 'download' rights for categories and downloads for every Joomla user group. So it is possible, for example, that all guests can view the category (and the files) but only registered users can download the files. And say users with Publisher or similar rights can create new Downloads including uploading the main download file, together with preview text, images, audio clips (MP3) and video clips (MP4).
- User Groups:
The latest versions of jDownloads, the jD2.5 and jD3.2 and beyond series, fully supports the Joomla Access Permissions and Access Levels for Categories and Downloads. This allows a wide variety of controlling user groups in who is able to see what, control download access and of course uploading of new Downloads.
- User Groups Settings:
jDownloads has the ability to set different download capability limits for each Joomla! User Group. Also for User Groups that have 'create download' permissions then each user group may have their individual selection of 'questions' asked by the creation/edit Downloads formthe upload form may be set. Furthermore jDownloads resolves the 'challenge' of users belonging to multiple groups with an 'importance' value.
- Frontend Edit functionality:
You can define in the configuration, that particular user groups can edit/update/delete their own downloads from the frontend. Additionally you can select jDownloads user groups who can edit Downloads in specific categories from the frontend.
... and many others.

See full feature list here:

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Reviews: 3
Thanks for the great component, it is working really wonderful.
I, like many others would like to have captcha enabled, well while in the support forum this was neglected, I found my own workaround and want to share it with the community here.

In my case I need a captcha for the upload section to stop bots driving traffic to my server.

Here is what I did:
ATTENTION advanced users only! Don't do it if you do not fully understand what is happening!!!

1. I found some 3th party plugin called OSOLCaptcha -> Install -> enable follow the instructions etc.
2. navigate to components/com_jdownloads/jdownloads.html.php
find line containing: " $form = 'triggerEvent('onShowOSOLCaptcha', array(false));
start line again " $form .='"
3. Go to your front-end page -> refresh -> Now you should see the captcha! WARNING IT IS NOT working yet.
4. Front-end page -> HTML Source Code -> Copy the captcha related HTML, it is wrapped within a div tag " ... "
5. Go back to jdownloads.html.php -> restore it like it was in original.
6. Again in jdownloads.html.php locate the " it to appear.
Remember that it has to be IN THIS form tag to work properly.
7. Enjoy!
By the time of this writing I am using jDownloads 1.7.5 and OSOLCaptcha 1.0.6!

This is a core hack and you must have this in mind when updating jDownloads.

I hope I've helped you all a little.
Reviews: 2
I just am kind of guy who never bothers to write reviews for any extension since am too busy with loads of joomla projects. But i just thought it was unfair for anyone here to LIE ABOUT THIS MAN's SUPPORT on his website. So i just registered today to let others know that his support is EXCELLENT!! He does followup and is very helpful....I love his extension and am using it on 10 website. and in the beginning I had problems too....and he has helped me as if I had paid up for his extension...

Excellent Job, Support......awaiting for the new release 1.8!!!!!!
Reviews: 2
Firstly I really wish to thank the developer for this great component.

Not only is this relative easy to use, taking into consideration my limited knowledge, I am sure many for you out there will have no problem using it

Lastly what impress me the most is the excellent support and the attentiveness in guiding me to resolve my issues.

Once again - THANK you
Reviews: 3
Used JDownloads an excellent Component; easy to install, simple to use and does exactly what it says on the box :)

Well Done. Thanks very much and God Bless.

The Alpha
Reviews: 1
I have jDownloads on my test site and will be deploying jDownloads to a large number of live sites within days to replace Remository. I have not found any issues with Remository but jDownloads suits the intended purpose better. I am yet to test the migration tool. Great work again!
Reviews: 1
It might not be his fault but this project is getting too big for one guy. Too many bugs and he doesn't respond to many customer queries and when he does it is usually the same thing..."I am too busy".
Owner's reply

Your review is not fair and not true:
For many thousand users works jDownloads without any problems!
To say, that i not reply the users queries is a lie!
I respond any post in my support forum as quickly as possible!

I think you has written this negative review, while you are frustrated, that I have your not coded (for free) your needed modifications.

When you need specially 'commercial' support, you must pay a 'commercial' extension! And also then you must pay for modifications!

Reviews: 2
Another famous product 'Made-in-Germany'.
Out of the box the component installs as a charm.
From that time on JDownloads does the work for you.
Just create your nested categories and JD creates the appropriate folder. Rename the category and JD renames the folder as well. If you want to upload files from a remote server, the best choice is to do it with the famous Extplorer and let JDownloads do the rest. It always has o look over your folders and if any file is changed JD changes the database entries. A lot of useful icons make your download section look modern.
For changing the layout you don't have to pay for subscriptions or templates. just copy the standard layout (which can't be deleted for safety reasons) and modify the arrangement of the placeholders as you want. That's it.
IMHO the best download component for Joomla! available. And don't forget to donate. We need this famous extensions for Joomla 1.6 too :-)
Thank you for such an outstanding JE and your support.
Reviews: 7
JDownloads is amazing. It is a dream for you to customize. The developer uses tags in the layout, so you can practically design it any way you want from the backend. There are SO many options and configuration settings so you can make it do almost anything. The developer is always present, answering questions and more than willing to listen to your requests. He added a feature I really needed to the next release. All I had to do was ask! How is that for customer service! A+++

Did I mention it is free! I can't believe it, but it is, so if you use and like this extension, please donate to the project because they deserve it.
Reviews: 7
I cannot tell you how tremendous this product is. And the support is even better! I tried several extensions before I settled on jdownloads and the support was the main reason. I'm still waiting on some of the others to answer questions I posted on their forum! Way to go....awesome, awesome extension!

Thanks for everything!

Reviews: 1
For me it is the best document component for joomla. GREAT WORK!!!!!!
Reviews: 3
The best download manager for me... It supports subfolders too!!! Much more flexible, clear and pretty than docman!
Reviews: 5
Used this component for the first time a month or so ago - easy to install, simple to use and does exactly what it says on the box :)

Reviews: 3
Great component, miss some options but is the best download extension better that phoca download.

Easy to configure and easy to use.It works smoothly and without problems.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
Tried almost all download components available for Joomla and ended up choosing jDownloads for the feature set.

Out of the box, the component, modules and plugins are most likely more than enough for most users. For my uses i actually require less options and the ability to customise the layout and design heavily.

I was able to do everything i wanted with ease except for a very specific need that most people will not have. So here i am, this is the first time i have written a review, and i was moved to sign up here and do so by the most excellent support that Arno provided me with.

Being a complex matter to communicate it took some time to figure out the problem and how to solve it, but Arno was there every step of the way, providing the type of support that other component purveyors do not.

The problem was solved and i would advise those in search of a download component to save yourselves some time and heartache, try jDownloads first.
Reviews: 2
Great component which fits my needs, and the small issue I did have with it was quickly fixed by the developer.
Reviews: 1
This is all a joomla website needs to have a download section.Easy to configure and easy to use.It works smoothly and without problems.
I'm so much grateful.
Reviews: 1
This extension does what it is supposed to do. Installation is easy, configuration as well. I like that a lot of things may be configured individually.
Rapid help is offered on the forum.

Minor suggestion: FAQ could be more extensive and some sort of documentation might be helpful.
Reviews: 11
this is very good extension, lots of features well layout this is best download manager at this time
thanx a lot dev.
Reviews: 2
Really a great component, installed and fully fonctional in a few minutes and very easy to use... is the best way to have help and information about this extension.

Many thanks for this work and a special one to Claude Lendrevie for his french translation package.
Reviews: 1
This is the best download extension I ever seen that provide a lot of options.
I had problems with other download managers like Docman or Rockdownload etc.
But finallay this is my favorite extension. Thank you for such a good component...
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