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Extensive Download Manager for Joomla! 1.5/2.5/3.2 with special functions! Please see the feature list for more information:

jDownloads exists in different releases for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.2. So make sure, that you download the correctly version for your Joomla.

Many language files are always included. Many others exists in our download area or on

The previously announced complete new jDownloads 2.5/3.2 releases are published as beta in April 2014 with many new features.

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Reviews: 7
I've used a number of different download components but none to match this one!
Loving the features such as selecting multiple files and downloading them in a single zip file... awesome!

Great support as well. I had a few problems at first but Arno helped me sort it the same day.

Top notch!
Reviews: 1
i need external link on the front end and when published it should navigate to the link & show download browser.
Reviews: 2
This is a great add-on to my site. Its easy to configure and keeps track of downloads for my stats. For me it was important to have a dload manager that can handle any media content and this will do everything.

My only suggestions is

To have a setting so that public can see all the downloads but only members can download them. I want to water peoples appitite which will encourage them to register.

At the moment if i set the permissions only members can see these downloads.
Owner's reply

Hi tangit,
many thanks for your review. It is possible to set the access from the jD category to: Public view but only Registered User can download.

Reviews: 1

I do recommend these as really a powerful download manager joomla and we must not always look the download because they are often not the best software really excellent

Best regards
Mr. Timothy
Reviews: 1
I agree with dpages when he says -
//I've just spent the past month or so evaluating the download components available here, and jDownloads is the one I'm going to be using. For me, the ability to upload a mass of files via FTP and then work my way through them adding in detail is a must - it means half my work can be left overnight. Much easier than uploading files one at a time.//
I agree with some other user states -
//The product is VERY easy to use and understand. The flexibility should appeal to any developer.// True!
JDownloads is the best download component I have seen among all joomla downloads extensions. Dot.
I was looking for a component that would also allow registered users to upload files to the website and I find that feature too excellently integrated in JDownloads! Great!

* What I am missing is the ablity to file level permissions. For example I want my download area to be accessible to "Public", but when they try to download a file the registration form should appear (i.e. file level access permission is set to 'registered').
* A rating system also would be much appreciated.
* Currently it works Joomla 1.5 in legacy mode only. A version that works in Joomla 1.5 native mode would have been great.
Reviews: 3
This component is best in its type. easy to manage. Import thousands of files with 1 click :) good information and modules.
Reviews: 6
i downloaded JDownloads and was uploading filed on my site in 5 minutes, this is a very customizable and awesome program. It is a must if you will be providing users with downloadable files!
Reviews: 4
Very good component indeed, but unfortunately not useful for me. It would've been the perfect download component if it would have support for custom groups (created with JACL). This is a big lack from my point of view.

Maybe in the future...
Reviews: 3
I have been using the jDownloads extension for some time now and I must say that I'm am very impressed with it. I particluarly like the control one has over the formatting of the download pages. It's very configurable, flexible and really user friendly.

It's still not 100% perfect, there are still one or two admin glitches in it, however, it works ok at the all important front end.

In time I reckon this may become the most preferred downloads plugin.

Works fine with Joomla v1.5.9 as well.

Keep up the good work boyz!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for creating J Downloads. We installed it and started using it immediately on our eMagazine site. We believe that offering reprints of articles and the ability for teachers to download course material via JDownload will greatly improve our hit rate and overall exposure.

The product is VERY easy to use and understand. The flexibility should appeal to any developer.

THANKS again, and keep up the outstanding work!
Reviews: 1
I am really appreciative for the component.
I use it to share over 1000 course files to other students for FREE! 'pay it forward'

I am afraid to change to RC1.4 as I have had no trouble at all with RC1.4....but maybe eventually.


Reviews: 2
This is really a great extension.
I rate it better than Docman in all respects except for a few issues:

* No valid RSS for files
* No rating

Also im not able to enable Jcomments for this component.
THere is no clue on any site on how to do that.

Once again, a million thanks for this great extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. But JComments is full supported. You must only activate the support in the jDownloads configuration. See also the jDownloads area on my site. A RSS and a rating system is planned in the next time.

Reviews: 13
If I would develop a download component I would create JDownloads!! straightforward to use and everything you need...

just cool!
Reviews: 8
I have installed jDownloads 1.3 on one of my site and what can I say??? Very easy to install with no issues whatsoever, Very easy to use and very very Clean. I had a very small issue where I just couldn't FTP files onto the folders I created for jDownloads but the issue was not due to jDownloads but my permission, therefore, I contacted Arno, the developer and within minutes, I got a very nice reply with a very easy recommendation/steps to follow to resolve my issue. Well, Developer's recommendation worked. I highly recommend jDownloads. PS. I tried other Download Managers but did not work. I am sticking with jDownloads. Keep up the good work Arno.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a download extension for my website. A extension easy to install, manage and easy to edit the template.
Found = JDownloads.

I hope they will make a rating system!
Reviews: 1
There are a few issues...

If the remote download link has arguments, like it won't work, returning fatal error when displaying the file details.

And also, if I intentionally leave a few desc. fields blank, I will not want to see the labels alone. The lables should only be shown when the respective description is included while adding the file.

I haven't noticed any ability to deal with thumbnails and screenshots.

Well, looks good, but doesn't work for me...
Owner's reply

Hi sniper, please use the support forum on my site to post your problems, then other jD users can help you. Apart from that, many thousand users have nothing problems with jD and by the way, the coming version 1.4 supported screenshots with thumbnails (lightbox).

Reviews: 8
I've just spent the past month or so evaluating the download components available here, and jDownloads is the one I'm going to be using. For me, the ability to upload a mass of files via FTP and then work my way through them adding in detail is a must - it means half my work can be left overnight. Much easier than uploading files one at a time.

The front end/back end is well thought through. It's very customisable, and yet very straightforward to use. I've not hit any snags, or any issues that I couldn't work out myself, so I've not used the support site yet.

I'd repeat the request for RSS support, or some auto-generation of a newsletter so I can let my users know what's new, but apart from that this hits just about every nail squarely on the head.
Reviews: 2
I really really like this component, and it's functioning really well with my Joomla site.

I would also like to request a RSS function! That would make it perfect :)
Reviews: 5
I have more that 200 ebooks and jD does it with a breeze not only does it load fast but one can set list jD in any Page or the middle of content with{jdiw87w} it takes my membership site to the next level.To the developers thanks for all the work JD rocks fast and robust.A small request RSS?
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent component! It's very easy to use, highly configurable and - one of its best features - you can upload files using FTP and the component automatically adds the files to the right categories and publishes them!
One slight problem, tough: when hosting files with storage service Adrive, the component won't download the files, even when all the correct parameters are given. I'm currently waiting an answer from the developer about this, but I'm sure it's easy to fix.
Owner's reply

Hi Bruno,
first, many thanks for your positive review.
To your problem:
in the v1.3, a few things makes problems, also a few extern file types. In the next 1.4 release, i have changed a few things with extern files and hope so to fix the most problems. A first pre release are in the moment tested by the jdownloads testing team, so i hope it to publish in the next 2 weeks. I hope you can wait so long. Please use in the future my support forum - so i can you give a faster answer. ;)
Best Regards

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