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Joomla 3.2 Compatiblity Release - Fixes issue with displaying options under Joomla 3.2. Fixes a few minor bugs. This release works with Joomla 2.5.7+, 3.1.x and 3.2.

The 'Attachments' extension for Joomla! allows files to be uploaded and attached to articles and other types of content. URLs can also be attached. 'Attachments' includes the ability to attach files and edit attachments from the front end as well as from the administrative back end. There are options to control who can see the attachments and who can upload them, along with many other options to increase its flexibility and usefulness.

INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE: Use the Joomla installer with the single installation zip file. The component and all plugins are installed in a single step. Attachments uses the Joomla "upgrade" capability and can be installed over previous versions of Attachments.

There are two versions of Attachments:

* Version 3.1 for Joomla 2.5.7+ or 3.x
-- The 3.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 1.5
-- See demo video:

* Version 2.x for Joomla 1.5
-- The 2.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 2.5 and later
-- See demo video:

If you would like to subscribe to an email list for announcements about the Attachments extension, please visit:

Releases 3.1+ and 2.2+ give you several ways to add, edit, and delete your attachments on the front end, back end, and in article editors on the front and back ends (including during article creation). There are many options to control who can see attachments. When you add or edit attachments, page updates are done quickly without full page reloads.

If you plan to use this extension for sensitive files, use the 'Secure' mode. This provides secure storage of attachment files and prevents access by anyone without logging in.

Attachments 3.1 includes many new features:
--- Supports both Joomla 2.5.7+ and 3.x!
--- Improved permissions handling for backend users with limited permissions.
--- New option to display attachments to the public that require logging in to download.
--- URL attachments are now handled in a secure way (download count works for both).
--- Now supports Joomfish (with additional plugin).
--- Refactored to allow template overrides of all CSS files and images.
--- More robust file downloading.
--- Many fixes and improvements.

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Reviews: 5
It works great for me, just what I needed, added to my favorite extensions list.
Reviews: 1
Tnx for a great job. If you want attachments to content, it's great solution!
Reviews: 12
I downloaded 'Attachments for content items' because I needed a simple way to provide a download without the need for a bulky document repository - this extension does just that. It's easy to install and simple to use.

However, I found I was having a problem with the article selection so I contacted Jonathan and in less than an hour he identified the problem (a clash with mootools upgrade plugin) and sent me a modified file, which solved the problem.

Now that's what I call support - better than many provide for commercial products.

Well done Jonathan and thanks again.

Reviews: 7
This is a great component and works perfect. I had an issue that was caused by another component I had installed. The developer; Jonathan replied to my issue within hours of my posting and resolved the issue. The component "Attachments is a GREAT component and works perfect straight out of the box. The support was second to none. I have had paid components that didn't offer the superior support I received for this free component! Thank you again Jonathan
Reviews: 7
I used the previous 1.x version for a file and documentation repository. And i will upgrade it as soon as possible.

Why did i choose Attachments? Because it is usable and intuitive for the average user. I needed a simple way to share and update files and related documents in FRONTEND. I think i have tried almost any possible download component out there... finally i came back to Attachments. Only DOCmans simple upload steps come close to this.

The ability to use the Joomla articles for categorization and descriptions is real fun. (in v2 also for categories and sections)

The frontend upload and edit is as easy as it can be.

Thank you very much for this great piece of software.
Reviews: 1
Excellent! Easy instalation and configuration. Works as advertised. This is the extension that we need for our project.
Reviews: 12
To keep it simple: one of the best comps in JED!

Great job:
Easy install
Easy management
Nice options
Easy customising: Different CSS classes (even for the little picture that dispays the attachement)

You can notice this comp has been made with a lot of love! Hence I'm going to see if you made any other comps ... Sure wanna check them out to!

Keep up the good job J! (saw your name on the youtube help file)
Reviews: 3
After using Attachments for just over a year, I can say that it works well and does what it's supposed to. For me, that is providing end-user (front-end) access to attached documents - primarily pdf files.

Being fairly new to Joomla, I had some minor problems with the initial setup. When I contacted Jonathan, the author, he was very helpful and got me up a running. Since then, he has released a new version of the enhancement. During the testing, he was very responsive to suggestions and quick to resolve any problems. All in all, this is a very useful, workable enhancement.
Reviews: 2
This extension works perfectly fine. No worries, the installation is very simple. When I couldn't understand how to install the spanish translation I contacted the developer and he helped me with the process, that turned out to be very simple. Thanks Jonathan!
Reviews: 1
Just loaded to my site and it worked perfect. Just what I needed. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
Very well done extension, does what you expect it to. However, I miss the ability to browse for files on the server itself.
Reviews: 5
Simple, intuitive, clean, easy to manage from front and back end. At first glance, you'll probably think it's TOO simple, but when you access the back-end configuration and paramenters you'll be impressed by how simple, powerful and efficient this is. The file management (folders and naming structure) is unbeatable, and allows you to use other extensions to help manage your files. No other extension allows this, because they all use such morphodite file naming and storage routines.

I've been using this since 1.3.4. The version 1.x.x component didn't quite meet my needs, but the improvements since 2.x.x are dramatic. This is now one of my most used extensions, and I have very few complaints. The only feature I'd like to see added right now is some additional control over sort ordering. Even a simple approach like allowing an up/down arrow ordering like a Joomla article would be nice. The included sorting options are very nice and functional, but sometimes automated ordering just doesn't work.

That said, I couldn't live without this component. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
This extension worked fine until I installed CCK jSeblod. Unfortunately, these two extensions are in conflict - it is not possible to add attachments if CCK jSeblod is enabled.

This problem was discussed on the forums of both contradictory extensions without any satisfactory result.

Therefore, I had to uninstall Attachments due to this conflict and used another solution instead (not so pretty but working).
Reviews: 1
Want to say it was easy to install, and worked well - and Jonathan was very quick to respond to the one issue I had.
Reviews: 4
That is a must have for joomla!
But I am really frustrated because of the Lack of Front End DELETE OPTION.
Imagine, a simple author not autorized to access Backend! How could he delete what he attached if needed!
Owner's reply

Glad you like Attachments! Attachments does support deleting attachments from the frontend by users with appropriate permissions. If you log in as the article author or as an admin, you should see a little red X on the right end of each line of the attachment list. Click on the red X to delete the attachment. If you do not see the red X, there must be some problem and I encourage you to contact me directly. -Jonathan

Reviews: 6
- good thing is that it use button for adding files, but…
- Missing automatic correction of file names – removing spaces, eastern special characters… during attaching file in article must be automatic (not going to back-end an fixing these things manually)
- This should be for regular people - users (not only for webmasters) – mean one click during article editing and everything is OK (filenames…)
- do not use tables (files are organized in table) – use divs!
- after installation and attached first file to article there is no chance to see if you added something to article or not – should be displayed automatically in article (not only after “apply” or “save” buttons)
- it will be nice to have possibility to move attachments across the article
- missing freedom in styling of attached articles
- missing possibility to remove (edit, change…) attached file in article – doing this from article (not only in back-end in comoponent)
Owner's reply

It would have been nice to hear some of this issues in the Attachments forums or feature requests on joomlacode before posting them here!
I disagree that using tables for a list of attachments is wrong! All tables are not evil. Using tables to do page layout is bad, but I am using tables appropriately in Attachments to construct a tabular list of attachments. In any case, the lists of attachments are constructed using a view so template overrides can be used to convert to some other layout, if you wish and are willing to write the PHP. The help page also describes how to change the styling using CSS.
Finally, if you are interested in testing a new version that addresses some of the other issues you mentioned, you can send me email: jmcameron a-t jmcameron d-o-t net

Reviews: 1
Just installed and found it to operate exactly as stated.
Easy to understand and links look good in content.
Reviews: 1
Very very good!
Only lacks form Edit/delete attachments in backend capability.

See at:
Owner's reply

You can certainly edit and delete attachments in the back end (on the Attachments component page). The issue here is not being able to do it while editing an article. I intend to add that capability soon. -Jonathan

Reviews: 5
There is an elegance in the user experience of this extension, and a lot of hidden beauty in the back end as well. I love the way that the installation tells you what has just happened, instead of just a one line ack of 'module installed'. Even the upgrades are verbose and leave me unworried.

Fantaastic; keep up the good work.
Reviews: 6
This does exactly what I needed. I wanted to replace phoca download with something that my users could use with less hassle.

This works great for this. Easy to use and manage.

I ran into a problem and emailed the developer. He quickly jumped in and found the problem (an error on my part) and got things fixed. Fastest support I have seen so far.
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