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Joomla 3.2 Compatiblity Release - Fixes issue with displaying options under Joomla 3.2. Fixes a few minor bugs. This release works with Joomla 2.5.7+, 3.1.x and 3.2.

The 'Attachments' extension for Joomla! allows files to be uploaded and attached to articles and other types of content. URLs can also be attached. 'Attachments' includes the ability to attach files and edit attachments from the front end as well as from the administrative back end. There are options to control who can see the attachments and who can upload them, along with many other options to increase its flexibility and usefulness.

INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE: Use the Joomla installer with the single installation zip file. The component and all plugins are installed in a single step. Attachments uses the Joomla "upgrade" capability and can be installed over previous versions of Attachments.

There are two versions of Attachments:

* Version 3.1 for Joomla 2.5.7+ or 3.x
-- The 3.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 1.5
-- See demo video:

* Version 2.x for Joomla 1.5
-- The 2.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 2.5 and later
-- See demo video:

If you would like to subscribe to an email list for announcements about the Attachments extension, please visit:

Releases 3.1+ and 2.2+ give you several ways to add, edit, and delete your attachments on the front end, back end, and in article editors on the front and back ends (including during article creation). There are many options to control who can see attachments. When you add or edit attachments, page updates are done quickly without full page reloads.

If you plan to use this extension for sensitive files, use the 'Secure' mode. This provides secure storage of attachment files and prevents access by anyone without logging in.

Attachments 3.1 includes many new features:
--- Supports both Joomla 2.5.7+ and 3.x!
--- Improved permissions handling for backend users with limited permissions.
--- New option to display attachments to the public that require logging in to download.
--- URL attachments are now handled in a secure way (download count works for both).
--- Now supports Joomfish (with additional plugin).
--- Refactored to allow template overrides of all CSS files and images.
--- More robust file downloading.
--- Many fixes and improvements.

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Reviews: 2
I love the simplicity of this extension. Does exactly what it needs to do.

However... I would like to have the option to show the table with the attachment only when a user has clicked the "Read more..."-button and is actually reading the whole expanded article.
Owner's reply

If you set the "Hide attachments for" option to 'all_but_article_views', it should do what you want. Check the help page for further info.

Reviews: 9
I could only rate the extension as excellent. Still, I would like to make a suggestion. Have you ever thought of adding the option to be able to preview the attached file like in the "Enbed" plugin?
Other than that, as I've already said, the extension is excellent.
Reviews: 3
Installed without any Problems at all! The enhancements in 2.0.2 are most wellcome.
Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
This is an excellent extension. Many Tanaka for this.

It has made it possible for people who would not normally have been able to attach pdf files etc. to content articles to do so with ease. There is a way of doing this without the extension, but it is so convoluted that none of my site contributors ever managed it and it meant I had to do it for them.

One suggestion. The term "attachments" is normally associated with emails and is not normally used on websites. Perhaps substituting the title "Downloads" would be clearer? Perhaps it could be made an option?
Reviews: 3
Hi Jonathan,

Great programming work of your attachments component. This component offers an easy to use interface for linking documents to your articles. I have been using it on my website to attach documents and brochures to product sheets.

I would like to see furher developments which would turn Cameron's solution into THE component for linking up documents.

1) Add privileges for guests, registered users: Some attached documents may appear in the attachment with a nice lock icon .-) but can only be downloaded when you are a registered user.

2) A possibility to extend the attachment plugin to other components such as JEvents, Eventlist. This means whenever you add the {attachments} it would be associated to the itemid of that component. Not sure how difficult that would be.

The first improvement is a MUST.

Again good work Jonathan. NEAT interface, GREAT Job!
Reviews: 1
This extension allows me to add student handouts to articles in pdf or doc form. It adds great functionality to our website
Reviews: 4
I am very impressed at all of the features that this extension offers. There were a couple of comments below about an inability to display attachments after the "Read More" button, and not liking the "Add Attachment" link appearing on all frontend articles when an author-level user is logged-in. I was able to address both of these issues by adding "frontpage" to the "Hide Attachments for" setting on the Parameters setup page.

I agree with others that this deserves being a core Joomla component.

Thanks for the great work.
Reviews: 10
Does everything you expect an attachment manager to do, does it very well and sets up in minutes.

Outstanding job.
Reviews: 4
very straightforward extension to accomplish adding attachments as contents in articles; easy install and setup
Reviews: 1
I installed this & then it stopped working... After a lot of troubleshooting & some great support from Jonathan (especially when you consider this is FREE software...) it transpired that it was a parameter I had accidentally changed. Changed this back - all OK - great functionality....
Reviews: 19
Great little extension. Incredible support, quick and efficient. Looking forward to more work from you.
Reviews: 1
it is great tool. but I do not like add "Add Attachments" link to every article in frond end. it is too much for my home page.

also, there is a error when display 4 ico, for edit,pdf,attachment .....
Reviews: 2
So easy to install - all plug-ins install automatically with the component installation - a one-step install! For me this was EXACTLY a solution I needed for my website - to be able to have articles with corresponding files that a user can download rather than redirecting a user away from an article to some other place to download a file. The back end is easy and straightforward. EXCELLENT all around! Jonathan is very responsive and very helpful - he had total patience with my basic-level skills and solved a problem I had with a Joomla setting that was getting in the way of this extension from working fully - but it was not a problem with his extension. Problem was fixed and I am up and running! I look forward to other works from Jonathan!
Reviews: 1
I needed a way to easily attach files for download so that my client could do it themselves. Great for that. And I like that you can customize the filename so it will display 'download' or whatever you want instead of a cumbersome filename.

The only drawback is that you can't put a downloadable file in a module. That's what I really needed, and can't do it with Attachments.
Reviews: 2
This has to be the most beautiful Piece of work!

The only thing I would recommend is allowing the same file to be placed in more than 1 article so the HITS are tracked site-wide, but either way, it's perfect! 1 Main download page would be nice too. Then this would replace all download managers. Amazing work!
Reviews: 1
This component is exactly as I want. But I don't want to place before "readmore" link the attachement. It brakes two columns layout of the home page. I used custom placement with {attachments} but it is still there before "readmore". I think this is surmountable issue.
Reviews: 2
This is superb component. I had looked at docman and edocs in the past. This meets my purpose very well in terms of attaching documents to articles. The front end access is very helpful as well. Great job folks!
Reviews: 3
Wow, this is so easy a child can use it! I struggled with Phoca a bit but I simply installed, enabled and then set the parameters (settings) and that was that! thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is excellent tool for attachment, but it is not valuable for front end. Kindly if author of this plugin could make its security level i.e
i mean
Author ,Publisher, Administrator, Super Administrator all categories for joomla backend and front end panel....
Else tool is complete package, Regards
Owner's reply

Thank you for the suggestion. One of my goals for getting Attachments working with Joomla! 1.6 is to use the new ACL features which should override the current limited access control options. -Jonathan

Reviews: 8
Attachments is just what has been missing in Joomla. Does exactly what it says and works well.
Thanks for the extension.
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