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Joomla 3.2 Compatiblity Release - Fixes issue with displaying options under Joomla 3.2. Fixes a few minor bugs. This release works with Joomla 2.5.7+, 3.1.x and 3.2.

The 'Attachments' extension for Joomla! allows files to be uploaded and attached to articles and other types of content. URLs can also be attached. 'Attachments' includes the ability to attach files and edit attachments from the front end as well as from the administrative back end. There are options to control who can see the attachments and who can upload them, along with many other options to increase its flexibility and usefulness.

INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE: Use the Joomla installer with the single installation zip file. The component and all plugins are installed in a single step. Attachments uses the Joomla "upgrade" capability and can be installed over previous versions of Attachments.

There are two versions of Attachments:

* Version 3.1 for Joomla 2.5.7+ or 3.x
-- The 3.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 1.5
-- See demo video:

* Version 2.x for Joomla 1.5
-- The 2.x versions will NOT work on Joomla 2.5 and later
-- See demo video:

If you would like to subscribe to an email list for announcements about the Attachments extension, please visit:

Releases 3.1+ and 2.2+ give you several ways to add, edit, and delete your attachments on the front end, back end, and in article editors on the front and back ends (including during article creation). There are many options to control who can see attachments. When you add or edit attachments, page updates are done quickly without full page reloads.

If you plan to use this extension for sensitive files, use the 'Secure' mode. This provides secure storage of attachment files and prevents access by anyone without logging in.

Attachments 3.1 includes many new features:
--- Supports both Joomla 2.5.7+ and 3.x!
--- Improved permissions handling for backend users with limited permissions.
--- New option to display attachments to the public that require logging in to download.
--- URL attachments are now handled in a secure way (download count works for both).
--- Now supports Joomfish (with additional plugin).
--- Refactored to allow template overrides of all CSS files and images.
--- More robust file downloading.
--- Many fixes and improvements.

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Reviews: 4
I had to try several plugins before I got lucky. This plugin should indeed be part of the core code. I works well and is simple enough to get going. The look is clean.

If you first use it, have a look at the settings, since attachment by initial default only show to logged in users, which may confuse you at first.

Great tool that is well focused on what it wants to do !
Thank you.
Reviews: 3
I really like this extention. It was simple to install and get running and it really improves the Joomla-installation. Should be part of the core installation - if you ask me!
Reviews: 7
Love this....but I wish you could add attachments to section and categories as well (within their description content areas).

Can the backend files be modified to make this work?
Owner's reply

Thanks! It turns out that adding attachments to sections and categories is quite involved. I've been working on this and other improvements and have a prototype working. It will be a while before it is ready for release. Please be patient!

Reviews: 1
Hi I was looking for this class of component, the use is very simple and is what I need for my site, just one question? How can I increase the maximun size file, because I think is just 2 Megas. I need upload files of 10Mb, someone can help me??
Owner's reply

There is a FAQ item in the Attachments FAQ forum at that will help you figure this out. Please see:

Reviews: 18
3 minutes to get easy to use downloads / attachments. Excellent job!
Reviews: 2
Too easy to install and add attachment in the backend. I like it! A++
Reviews: 1
No need to say how useful and how well implemented this extension is. I guess all the other reviewers before me did that. I just want to tell you all how supportive Jonathan is, even with Joomla dummies like me!
Reviews: 1
This is an essential add-on. This should be made part of the Joomla install package. I found this easy to install and use. The only drawback is that I like to customize everything and would like an easier way to get rid of Attachments: and the [ ] around the description on the front end.
Reviews: 1
Good extension in backend but in front end it seems to loose the link to return to the article and goes blank. Nevertheless is a good extension and i hope the owner will solve this bug.
Reviews: 1
This is a well written, carefully executed extension which does exactly what it says on the box! It has allowed me to develop my site in the way I want. Hurrah for Attachments!
Reviews: 2
I'm using Attachments for - I think - about a year now. It was from the beginning a very important extension to get my site up & running.

This latest version (1.3.4) has been around for quite some time now, and it is stable and feature rich. There always remain features left to be implemented, but this version is more than sufficient for me.
No user, author nor editor on my site has had any problem using it; and even though usage is simple and intuitive enough, there is also an extended help file and a good forum to get you going.

I can recommend this extension to everyone, and I'm very happy to use it. Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 9
It does the job without any complication and you can be up and running in minutes. I also got extremely quick and pleasant support from Jonathan. Thanks - this is what makes Joomla tick.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very good. Then only thing I miss is download statistics on the backend. Would be nice, and sometimes required, to see how many times an individual document has been downloaded. Apart from that, this is a very good extensions and a very easy and uncomplicated way to offer downloadable items on your site. Recommended if you do not need download statistics on the backend.
Owner's reply

If you select the "Secure Mode" the number of downloads are tracked and displayed in the administrator back end. There is also an option to display the download count on in the attachments lists on the front page.

Reviews: 1
This is a perfect addition for Joomla!

Simple and to the point. Setup and Administration is a snap and is essential for anyone needing to create more of a "Press Area" for their website without a complicated, and most times, annoying file repository system.

Great job guys!
Reviews: 3
Just what I needed. I've been using DocMan, which is a good solid component. But way more than I need. This component is just perfect for me: I can add PDF docs to articles just when needed, without having to complicate things by setting up a separate menu item for a document category (as I'd to do with DocMan)
Reviews: 3
The Attachments extension is a must have for those who want to provide file downloads with their articles but do not wish or need a full file download/management system. My users were sometimes confused by the DocMan functionality, either from the back-end or from the user prospective.

The Attachements extensions fits my need perfectly. I only wish it provided some simple stats like number of downloads etc and the ability to choose the placement of the download links (currently only supported at the END of the article). Other than that I'm very pleased.
Reviews: 1
Installed perfectly 1st time.
It should mention in the install instructions that you need to create a writable folder called 'attachments' somewhere for your documents to upload to and point to it in the component's configuration.
Other than that it's a 5 star component and plugin set.
Reviews: 1
I sourced many Joomla! attachment adding extensions, but i soon settled for this one, as it appeared closer to the Joomla admin interface than the rest.

I did not know what i was in for, except that i was confident it would go smoothly because of the rave reviews given by other users.

Upon trying it out, i encountered several errors, and so i decided to request for help in this extension's site forum.

I soon realised that the errors i had were unique and was the exception rather than the norm..

As such, i was not expecting a resolution of the errors, and was prepared to give up on this extension if it did not work in the end..

BUT, against all odds, the extension's creator jumped to the rescue. And, i can tell you, his support was not just limited to the forum he manages..

When we could not find sufficient resolution for the problem through forum correspondence, he went all the way to agree to correspond with me through email and IM!

But, as i was away for a week on official business, i did not get back to him. And yet, after that week passed, and i got back to him through email, he was still as paitient and agree-able as ever to come to my aid..

For a person to be so paitient as to wait an entire week for my response in order to help me, shows that this guy is truly something!

After letting him access my Joomla! and web server accounts for configuration, he successfully resolved my problem in less than 1 hour!

That, my fellow Joomla! users, is service for you! This is truly an exemplary example of what Joomla! extension providers should be like, with all the paitience and dedication provided..

So, looking at the support given, i'm sure you guys will begin to realise that this extension is no 2nd grade extension..

In fact, it is a MUST HAVE extension for all Joomla accounts, and, had the Joomla team not been tied up with Joomla! 1.5 development, i can safely say that this extension would have been a confirmed extension along with the basic Joomla! 1.5 package!

Lastly, i wish to say that, Jonathan, you ROCK!
Reviews: 1
I think this plug-in is almost perfect. It can add an attachment to a article without any problems. And it looks nice, too!. I think it is strange that it is not standard in Joomla !!
Only one thing could be better. That is the security or the "Hide Attachments For" parameter. I have attachments included on public and member pages. So I have to set the "Hide Attachments For" parameter to anyone, else an attachment is not visible on the public site. But with the search function in the public site anyone can find an attachment in the member area. The solution to this could be that an attachment has the same security as the article where is was put on.

But thank you for this plugin !!
Reviews: 1
Many thanks for this tool
i have uploaded a a PDF file using this tool but unable it to display on the page. i want this file to appear on my webpage like pdf file on right hand side and when somebody click on this then they can view it in pdf format
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