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Phoca Download is a Joomla! component. It displays sections, categories and files which can be downloaded from the site. Downloaded files are listed in Statistics View (administration).


Joomla! 2.5 Demo:

Setting own style demo, Youtube videos in Phoca Download:

Joomla! 3 Demo:

Phoca Download 2 Requirements:
PHP - (5.2.4)see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - (5.0.4)see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5

Phoca Download 3 Requirements
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 3.x

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Reviews: 2
Easy to install and set-up, makes managing files to download a breeze.

Reviews: 3
I have been a Fan of the Phoca line for some time now. I recently needed a Download Component and tried out a couple of the top rated ones for J1.5 before deciding on Phoca Download.
The component installed without a hitch. Setup and config was a breeze even without referring to the great Documentation. The included styles are a good start, and it took very little time for me to make the changes necessary to get it to look the way I wanted...
Reviews: 16
Sure, I can put files on my FTP and link to them with text links, but Phoca Download makes everything so much easier, not to mention prettier! Thanks for an easy to install, easy to configure and easy to deploy extension.
Reviews: 3
Great component, just what I needed. Easy install and easy to get it working.
And.. after I donated a certain (free) amount of money I got the extra module for File downloading and YES.. the owner (Jan Pavelka) is prepared to send you the code for removing the 'powered by..' code which normally is at the bottom of the results. Some web-owners dislike such stuff.
And NO I don't have any problem with donating for such a good extension (read: for all the hours codewriters like Jan spend in developing).
Reviews: 5
Extensions don't get much better than this. Phoca does exactly what it says. It's a snap to set up, with several display options and a real simple user upload interface. Well done, I'm a fan. :)
Reviews: 1
I thought I would let everyone who is thinking of this, or any other video share know. You will spend HOURS trying to figure out how to setup UPLOADING. Before you waste your time searching and trying every php.ini or htaccess feature. Call or contact your hosting to make sure it isnt limited. My personal experience with GODADDY is they will only allow 192mb upload!! Unless you are willing to fork out big bucks for a dedicated or virtual server?
Reviews: 5
this review could be for all phoca components: Easy installations and lots of options, incredible support in forum: leader Jan has over 13 900 posts ! Not only component but also plugin and module.
Reviews: 9
For me it's equivalent. Downloads = Phoca Downloads component. Everytime I need Downloads on new raised site, i'm installing Phoca Downloads. Can do everythings that, what I need, and doing it ellegantly. Additional modules are available. 5 stars, can't give other vote (maybe 6 if available).
Reviews: 1
It´s simple, it´s good...
It´s a litle tricky trying to play some files(mime) but it´s good enought, i just try to make it work with my requeriments..
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, with lots of parameters. Good documentation makes installation easy. Support is active and efficient. One of the few download extensions with front-end upload pssibility. Thanks for an excellent download extension.
Reviews: 5
Overall this is a good download extension.
I don't rate it excellent becuase of some issues with several templates of mine and the link back .
If there is a link free version I would pay for it but you don't have any other choice than to use the component with link.
Owner's reply


if you have problems with some templates and this component, the best way is adding link to Phoca Forum so I can see it and let you know what can be wrong there.

I have tested the component with many templates and get no problem there. As there are not used some special design techiques, there should be not problem with standard templates.

On Phoca site you can get information how to get the version without link.


Reviews: 10
Absolutely perfect...

After struggling with the commercial (!) version of Docman, free Phoca Download was a relief !
Reviews: 1
It's the best.
Reviews: 1
I gave it a good try and just could not get this extension to work, in sharp contrast to Docman 1.4 (which is also non-commerical). I found the documentation insufficiently clear and helpful.

-Joomla newbie
Owner's reply

Hi, if you are not able to get it working and got no required information in documentation, just ask in Phoca Forum:


Reviews: 17
This another great solution from Phoca.

The issue of not being able to move categories is an issue, but overall this exceeds my expectations.

It has a nice easy UI that has a nice logical work flow for the most part.There are plenty of helpful tips provided for the options available.

Out of the box styling is acceptable but will need some work from the developer if they want styling to match their site. I would rather make a few style changes, than write a component of this quality and complexity!

The main reason I have reviewed this component is in response to people complaining about the overlib issue in this product. Some of these people solved the issue and never bothered to share the fix! Not very community minded folk obviously.

If you have trouble with the overlib in this extensions try adding this to your main template .css file.

/* overlib */

.ol-foreground {
background-color: #454545;
.ol-background {
background-color: #ffcc2f;
.ol-textfont {}
.ol-captionfont {
color: #b47512;
font-weight: bold;
.ol-captionfont a {}

.ol-closefont {}

/* end overlib */

Obviously change the colours to suit your requirements.

Hope that helps. :o)

I dropped one star for the category issue, because that will cause problems for people.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review, but:

- this is not a problem of Phoca Download but of the template. The overlib is a part of Joomla! framework and should be styled by Joomla! template

- the solution you have pasted here is displayed on Phoca Download FAQ site and in Phoca forum there are listed links to this FAQ site, see: (2)

Thank you Jan

Reviews: 10
Excellent extension.
Reviews: 10
I won't be too strict on this extension. I did have a couple issues with it. Some of the issues are just my own personal preference and not necessarily a fault of the extension.

1.) I had to enter the CSS because the tooltip for the details background was transparent. I believe someone has mentioned this already in their review.

2.) The details were a tooltip. The initial tooltip is small. So when u have a 1-2 paragraph description it looks cramped. Sure, I could have edited the CSS to make it wider, however, I don't like the details as a tooltip. I like it right there with the download (as it's done with DocMan).

3.) Flash upload did not work. I would click browse but it would never go to anything to let me browse. I'm not sure if it's the Phoca software.

I say this because I'm using another component, JoomGallery and the flash upload feature does the same thing to me even though my Flash version I have installed is up-to-date.

4.) Would like to have the ability for a batch upload.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review.

1) This depends on template. The overlib is a part of Joomla! framework and it should be styled by template.

2) This should be styled by template. Anyway, you can display the information above or below the file or in file view. It needs not to be displayed only in overlib.

3) Will be solved when this will be solved in Joomla! (maybe in 1.6) so the upload is unified with Joomla!

4) For now you can upload via ftp, flash upload (flash plugin

Reviews: 1
I really like this component.
But I have one remark. It should make the following changes to pass XHTML validaty:
1. File views \ category \ tmpl \ default.php changes:
at line like request_url
should be request_url, "&", "&")
total: 1 change;
2. File views\file\tmpl\default.php changes:
at lines like request_url
the same change as above
total: 2 changes;
And thank you again for this good component!
Reviews: 5
With this component, I manage all my files in my websites.
It's simple yet powerful. It has a lot of options to customize its appearance and functionality.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
Must have extension for Joomla. Joomla should make this extension as a native feature. Still wondering why people bother using paid DOC*** while Phoca is more powerful and FREE.

Pros (againts DOC***):
1. Front-end upload
2. Many additional feature (tree, article download button, etc)

Cons (againts DOC***):
1. Not nested yet
2. Adding allowed MIMe/extension is tricky. I think Phoca should have configuration allowing all MIMe/ extension.

COns (againts Joomla Category Manager):
Cannot move category to anohter section. Very fatal if I want to move many categories.

Difficultness adding MIME and disability moving category to anohter section lower the score for the best. I would give Phoca 4 Star.

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