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Phoca Download is a Joomla! component. It displays sections, categories and files which can be downloaded from the site. Downloaded files are listed in Statistics View (administration).


Joomla! 2.5 Demo:

Setting own style demo, Youtube videos in Phoca Download:

Joomla! 3 Demo:

Phoca Download 2 Requirements:
PHP - (5.2.4)see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - (5.0.4)see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.5

Phoca Download 3 Requirements
PHP - see Joomla! requirements
MySQL - see Joomla! requirements
Joomla! 3.x

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Reviews: 7
Phoca Download was the first downloading extension I evaluated. All of the extensions I tried worked, and they all had very different features that separate them. Phoca Download was by far the easiest to setup, no tweaking of template files to get a nice clean look that fit the page. I enjoyed the option of direct linking as we have a second domain that is specifically used as a file warehouse. It is also nice that you can either use an icon or a thumbnail with each file entry. I could go on, and on, but the bottom line is there are a lot of good features, and it is very versatile.

The only downside (and extremely minor at that) is creating Phoca Download menu items. The only option you have is listing by section, not category, or file. In all defense there is an article in Phoca forums that covers the reasons why, but I’ve found using external link type is an easy workaround. I can’t stress this is very minor hopefully the experts will figure it out.

Support is good. I had an issue with setting up the forums account and found 2 of my email services (AT&T Yahoo, and are blocking the emails from I ended using a Gmail account and Jan fixed the accounts on the forums board promptly.

There are also other plug-in and modules that add to the functionality.

Jan – This is an awesome product, great job!
Reviews: 2
I spent several days combing the Internet for a download manager extension for Joomla! After testing out several different possibilities, Phoca Download proved to be both the most reliable and contain the most features that I was looking for.
Reviews: 3
I'm very content with this Joomla!Extension.
The support of the developper is very good.
Reviews: 8
i searched a lot for finding a good extension for download. at the end i find the perfect tank's for phoca developer
Reviews: 13
Hi, first of all,its a nice component and I can say,it can bypass Docman in its looks. Still needs some more features;

1. Download button should be hidden for unregistered members and they should be opted to REGISTER.


Thats it. I would like to see these two options soon.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review:

1) there is such option
2) sorry, I don't understand, which menu item do you mean? Pleask try to specify it in forum:

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 1
I like this extension. But there are not two important items: search plugin and latest documents module. It's not possible to reduce detail and downlod buttons?
Owner's reply

Hi, yes there are (search plugin, latest documents) but not created by Phoca, see Phoca forum: for more information

Reviews: 1
This tool not only looks good, it also works very well. I was looking for a download manager tool that would not scare away site visitors and this component delivers on every level. Just needs sub-categories to make it better.
Reviews: 1
Overall a good component. There's just a detail that'd be improved: adding files. It would be much better to just have an upload form, once the file has been uploaded the user can add informations. Automatic preview for photos, automatic icons for the rest (pdf, mp3). That's what it is lacking.
Reviews: 1
I just downloaded Phoca Download today and I'm extremely happy with it's behaviour so far.

The control panel offered by this extension to manage and organize downloadable files is simply superb.

I recommend this for anyone who is looking for a decent download organizer.

Thanks to the development team of this plugin.
Reviews: 13
I love the phoca products and am starting to switch over to them. But for the download manager, the one thing that keeps me with Docman is the fact that you can multiple add files with another components. You can add multiple files with Phoca Gallery, why cant we get that for the Phoca Download. Otherwise...Id switch.

PS you can only link to Sections, not categories.
Owner's reply


"You can add multiple files with Phoca Gallery, why cant we get that for the Phoca Download"

- This is a time issue, as I wrote here many times :-(, I do all the extensions and all the user guides in my freetime and I give help and answer all the questions in forum and per e-mail in my freetime too. I am not able to produce all the features at once :-( ... Phoca Extensions need help (e.g. answering posts in the forum will be very appreciated).

"PS you can only link to Sections, not categories" ... this is the Itemid issue. See Phoca Forum ( ) and Phoca Documentation site ( ) to get answer about this issue. Creating menu links to other Phoca Download parts is very easy (e.g. to Categories, Files) but what is not easy, is to coordinate Itemids of these created menu links if users are using SEF in Joomla! because links rendered in every Joomla! component get no information about which Itemid they should use. So if there is a link in some component, the link has no information about the Itemid (and in fact it cannot get it from database too, becasue there can be more entries, etc, e.g.)

Reviews: 2
Phoca configuration is simple and the new version have interesting features like registration per download.

Reviews: 4
This is a really nice component. I can see why it's rated "Excellent" by most users, however the requirement of having to enter in the actual file name yourself seems like an unnecessary step. It would be nice if this could be dynamically added after the upload. Aside from that, very nice.
Owner's reply

Hi, you need not to enter the name yourself, if you upload some file to the Phoca Download folder, then just click on this file and it will be dynamically added into the input field: File Name

Reviews: 9
This download component was very easy to install. And the best part I was able to use it right away without any instructions or additional setup. Nice interface both on the end user side and the admin side. Easy to make your directory structure as you upload your files, all within one dialog box. Takes the least amount of steps to use on either side of you site compared to anything else I've used.
Reviews: 1
Beautiful, elegant, and simple frontend interface - users can access downloads in one or two clicks (other download components require an enormous amount of clicking by the user!). Simple administration, allows you to link to a file that you have already uploaded to the server. The Phoca team really knows what they are doing, this component is very much appreciated.
Reviews: 1
Had a problem installing it. The database tables weren't created. Found the solution to that on their forum within minutes and I was up and running. It works great!

In case anyone is interested... I have written a Xmap extension to get the Phoca Download Sections and Categories to show up in your Site Map.
Reviews: 5
Thanks for this awesome component!
It's very easy to install and works flawlessly.
Reviews: 1
great extension, thx...
Reviews: 2
beautiful component, very elegant, but there is one thing missing... the search module...
I use all phoca extensions and I'm very, very satisfied.
Great job!
Reviews: 3
This component is easy to install and gives your site a great download area. I had do some css editing to match my site template - about time that I learn that anyway.

Sent an email to the developer and got an answer in about three hours - great support!

There is one field for allowed file types and another one for prohibited file types - but they are not connected. So you may actually end up both allowing and denying the same file type if you are not careful.
Reviews: 1
Easy to get started with, easy to use. Don't need to read through tons of manuals.
Very nice job!
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