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A component that is easy to install and use, yet has an unparalleled depth of features for a powerful file repository. The latest version adds the ability to play audio/video files as well as to download them. There are related modules and plugins to complement the main component. Remository supports the secure hosting of local or remote files for download by site visitors. Files can be uploaded by users, and locally hosted files can be stored in either the database or the file system. Thumbnails can be uploaded along with files, or automatically generated with uploads of image files. Displays can be customized, and Remository includes a very flexible access control system so that upload, download and editing can be managed in almost unlimited ways. The size of the file repository can be small or large. Customized versions and professional support are available by arrangement.

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Reviews: 117
I was going to rate this 5 stars but then when I uploaded a track for the game I played there was a huge advertising window popup which has totally put me off using it. I would prefer for a Commercial version and donate to have that aspect removed.

Can this be done? Or is there a box saying click here for no rubbish pop ups? Its an eye sore.

Great Component apart from the POP UPS.
Reviews: 1
Absolute junk. I have used it for some time, but am removing it completely. The developers seem to feel that their Open Source standards for the Remository project are more important than making a functional component. Please, lets respect tradition instead of trying to enforce our own standards. Name the component com_*, get a readable support forum, put upgrade instructions on the site, if many J1.5 implementations are having trouble unpackaging .tgz files, for god sakes upload a ZIP rather than tell users to research "weaknesses in the Joomla installer by following the menu link to the PHP-Ace "Blog""!
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you think that way, many people find Remository highly functional. Does it matter what the package's file name is, so long as it is plainly Remository? Most people seem to be able to read the forum. Upgrade instructions are included in the FAQs on the Remository site. Releasing Remository as zip has been tried, but the Joomla installer is unpredictable, and neither zip nor tar.gz installations work consistently for everyone - some have problems with one, some with the other. Telling people about fixes for Joomla bugs is done in order to be helpful - they don't affect only Remository.

Reviews: 7
Apart from its look or CSS; Remository has everything that is needed for a download site. With a small hack in the language file I changed the name of a tab 'File Homepage' to 'Demo' and i changed "click to visit site" to "click for a demo". Job finished. Small thing but made my site better which deals with Joomla extensions. easily viewers can have a look at Demo now. Great Job but Kindly come out with some sexy theme.
Reviews: 4
This component will add a very large advert on some of it's pages, this is a feature I do not like at all.
Owner's reply

Pity this reviewer didn't trouble with any research before criticizing an application that gives excellent service to many users. During a download (and nowhere else) Remository is capable of displaying a message, and by default it displays advertising which makes a small contribution to the Remository project. Remository is one of very few major applications that is so far still completely free in all respects.

It is not difficult to find out that the download message is admin configurable through the standard Remository admin interface, and anyone who thinks advertisements are not appropriate can change them to something else or nothing at all. Although I would ask people who do that to make some contribution to the project.

Reviews: 3
Remository is the component which has the best code structure. However visuality is pretty poor and some little details missed. In addition , a new version has not come yet, that is really annoying for users of this component.
Owner's reply

The Remository HTML uses semantic markup, and a Remository CSS file. You can easily customize it, as has been done by many users. I don't doubt some things are missing, but Remository offers a huge range of functionality. It has also been consistently developed over many years and Remository 3.53 was released earlier this month. If progress is not fast enough for you perhaps you could make some contribution to the project.

Reviews: 4
This component is excellent,has many features,looks and works great.Thank you!
Reviews: 13
This document manager really works well. Yes, we had to make a number of adjustments to integrate it with our sites purpose. I like the ability to create groups and assign them to directories. Other document managers require you to assign the files and don't give you the ability with the directories.

I would like to see more plugin features for the extension, but overall a very nice option for those looking to manage large amounts of documents. We are looking at the "quick download" plugin now.
Reviews: 7
I am a joomla beginner and have been struggling with many, MANY components and modules over the last year - but this thing is truly one of the best.

Although it was a little confusing at first, I sent Martin an email and within 30 minutes he got back to me. I stopped by the forum and searched for a couple of answers and had the whole thing up and running within a couple of hours.

It installed super-duper easy, looks great and was a cinch to get the permissions to work exactly as described and exactly as needed.

This was truly a joy to find and employ - excellent work!
Reviews: 4
In the past, Remository filled a gap as the only native Joomla 1.5 file repository with variable frontend view/download/upload permission rules. However, it has always had serious shortcomings and the current releases up to now in 2009 have not kept pace with alternative extensions. I would never recommend using Remository now in any circumstances.

Major Flaws:

*Does not do a clean install/uninstall, nor can it install or update all its extensions in a single package.

*Does not use the Joomla menu manager system properly and has no menu views to create. Appears to have major itemID issues which cause pain with common menu systems, core SEF and other SEF systems.

*Non-MVC and default views are extremely poor HTML/CSS.

*Backend interface is extremely cumbersome and poorly designed, making it difficult to manage a big repository with moderately complex permission rules.

*By default files are stored in the database as BLOBs. This is a unique feature, but for various reasons it should not be the default.

*Default icon set is unattractive old Mambo icons.
Owner's reply

I would dispute much of this, and note that the author declined to reply to my email request for more and better details of his claims. A lot of this is opinion and ignores the fact that very many people find Remository a highly functional and valuable application. If the author has specific problems, I can only wonder why they have not troubled to raise them, since Remository has a busy forum as well as a robust ticket system for support.

Reviews: 1
I used this component on an older Mambo site and liked it. Recently setting up a new Joomla site, I tried some other components for download management. Nothing worked as well as Remository. So I downloaded the new Remository and found it to be better still. Nice work. I can't comment on the support, only because everything has worked easily enough that I haven't needed to contact him.
Reviews: 1
Excellent component, close to all you'll need! After trying to configure Docman and others to have the functionality and permission restrictions I needed, I was happy to find Remository. After submitting a question on the support site, I was answered promptly and with confidence - which is a rarity. Thanks Remository!
Reviews: 1
Actually I tried a lot of download components , but none of them have all these features together

Here are some of its features :
1- organize files into categories (containers)
2- Make special user groups
From joomla groups or selective users
3- set auto approve roles per category
4- set who can Download , Upload , Edit
5- auto link to data already on server
6- save files to file system OR DataBase
7- set allowed extensions
8- set extensions To play with plugins (audio - video) in light box or other way
9- set maximum uploads for users
and maximum upload space
10- set maximum downloads for users

And the Best feature :
You can edit the component to look as you want through editing php files trailing with (HTML)
which are optimized to be edited by users who has No experience with php .. Just 5 minutes of reading you can change the whole look of Remository

Finally the support is great
Thanks Martin
Reviews: 2
I have been using this component for years and the updates always make it better. Keep up the great work Martin.
Reviews: 2
Great! SEO-ready and easy to use. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This does exactly what we needed. I only want to allow registered users to download. It works perfectly. After logging out I tried links to files and different pages under Remository and every time it asked to log in.
I was able to take out the "user upload" option (don't want that) and the "search files" option (don't need that). The only thing i want now is to take out now is the RSS option, but need to look at documentation on how to do that. Hopefully that is a quick change.
thanks for making a great product.
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic component - I really find it easy to install / use - every credit to the developer and every credit to the fact that this is still an open source piece of software.

Had a slight issue with config file not saving properly but the developer responded within the same day and the issue was sorted within an hour, with an email communication trail all the way.

Thanks to the developer again for swift efforts - greatly appreciated.

And thanks for keeping Remository FREE!!
Reviews: 2
What I love most about it is that unlike other extensions, it lets you chose files which are in different directory and subdirectory while with others, you need to have all the files in one directory.
Reviews: 13
I am very shocked that Joomla does not ahve a good donwload component, there is something wrong with everyone. This one works the best for me - but..again I say but. I need to upload alot of files to transfer from DOCMAN. The ADD FILES ALREADY ON SERVER does not adds nothing or only adds the folders and not the PDFs
Owner's reply

Thank you for the grudging praise. But the central comment here is simply wrong. I have just used "Add Files Already on Server" to add all the .jpg files from the Joomla /images directory structure. The results are visible in "Selected Images" folder at The operation ran flawlessly, using the current release of Remository, and took a few seconds. There is an extensive FAQ on this topic at I hope you will consider revising your review.

Reviews: 1
I love this component. This is what I need. I've been using it for 3 months. I have not have any proplems with it. I emailed the developer several times just to ask something I did not understand, and every time Martin answered. He explained everything in details!!!

Thank You!
Reviews: 12
I have used many of the Joomla download extensions throughout the years and have found this download component to be the easiest to install, configure and manage. This remains true for download systems that contain hundreds and even thousands of files with extensive category structures. While each of the other top download components (DocMan & JDownloads) have their features and benefits, switching from such download components as DocMan has saved a lot time performing administration tasks. Perhaps best of all, though, is the feature that allows for an embedded audio and video player in the file page, which also saves the hassle of having to integrate an audio and/or video component or plugin to enable website visitors to easily play the media. Thanks!
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