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A component that is easy to install and use, yet has an unparalleled depth of features for a powerful file repository. The latest version adds the ability to play audio/video files as well as to download them. There are related modules and plugins to complement the main component. Remository supports the secure hosting of local or remote files for download by site visitors. Files can be uploaded by users, and locally hosted files can be stored in either the database or the file system. Thumbnails can be uploaded along with files, or automatically generated with uploads of image files. Displays can be customized, and Remository includes a very flexible access control system so that upload, download and editing can be managed in almost unlimited ways. The size of the file repository can be small or large. Customized versions and professional support are available by arrangement.

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Reviews: 3
I have been struggling with Docman for years because it supported user groups, and Remository didn't in those old days. While migrating to Joomla 1.5, I checked on Remository again today, and what a delight! It's like night and day! Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I tried 3-4 extensions placed here. But I have to say that Remository is the best (in my opinion of course). It does everything what I need and the best way. Very good access control. And easy set-easy use.
Reviews: 3
After looking around the Extensions area for ages I eventually posted on the Forum that I was looking for a module that could handle individual client download areas. After being recommended Remository I downloaded it and gave it a try...and I'm glad I did! It does exactly what I need it to do and more. Thanks to Martin and the team for a great module. It handles private and public downloads with ease with some nice extras.
Reviews: 1
I'm very satisfied with this extension. It's simple to install, maintanin, and very intuitive. It's NATIVE, and well supported, and it's localized in several languages.
Reviews: 2
I've been using DOCman for several months, but decided to take a look at Remository for a new website. Wow, what a difference. All the same features, but much easier to manage. In addition, it is substantially faster than DOCman. Unless something new comes along, I will be sticking with Remository.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, configure and manage. Simpler to use than docman, but with the same usability and supports 1.5 natively.

I don't think people can fault the administrator's support commitments, this guy has provided a free and open source solution that anyone can add to, maintain and support themselves.
Reviews: 2
I guess this extension is the best download manager at the moment.
But please if you release your extensions in a compressed file don't add the .svn files with it, we don't want and need all that mess on our server, there is a function in SVN where you can export the files in a clean way for release, use it!
Owner's reply

Thanks, although your comments sound rather grudging! The .svn comment is somewhat nitpicking. I often do use export, but in any case the subversion files do not stay on the server, since they are not in the packaging XML.

Reviews: 2
This component is great. The support is more than you would expect from one man, he's really quick at responding and is honest with you which is great.

The backend could have a few extra features but when you have the developer answering your questions, well you can do just about anything.

I am just in the midst of customizing this a little more to suit my site, could be easier to do a few things but overall the install was straight forward (aka upload and install) and the backend functionality is fairly straightforward although it could use some alt-hover tags to explain here and there.
Reviews: 1
I use the tool more then one year and it works fine.
The support by martin is better then any commercial one! Reaction time less then one hour, lot of patience...
Perfectly great!
Reviews: 1
Others have said what I have to say. I tried DocMan and unfortunately couldn't even get it installed. I generally have no problems installing stuff on my Joomla sites.

This one went up in a matter of seconds and works beautifully. I had some issues with my Config file cuz my hosting setup can be weird, and Martin provided awesome personal support via his forum and also email.
Reviews: 1
Maybe it's up to my setup of Joomla! but some other components refused to work properly with 1.* and I pick this one. Installation is painfully and very easy. After a five minutes I got functional thing in my site that looks very professional but easy to use. Thanks man.
Reviews: 1
Well, Remository is an old and very mature component since old Mambo days and still is the most reliable downloads component. All recomendations!
Reviews: 1
We've used Remository almost exclusively without issues. It's been a great resource for our sites, and hasn't produced any errors.

Great component!
Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says it does. And, it runs on J! 1.5 Native Mode.
Reviews: 97
I have been using Remository component for a long time. This is the best downloading management component for Joomla! now. I recommend it to everayone.

The latest news is there is also a new native version for Joomla! 1.5 to run without legacy mode.
Reviews: 1
I only fell into the world of Joomla in the last 3 weeks I love it and this component. It is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a way for clients to upload items to my site to share with the other people in their User Group and for those people to be able to download items, and this does it perfectly. Was very easy to set up and figure out. If you have the patience and knowledge of CSS it was somewhat easy to tweak the look of the pages. Only thing right know I wish it had was the ability to send out a notifications to a User Group when new items were uploaded.
Reviews: 1
Like many other first-time Joomlers, I started with Docman. However, I had a lot of problems and glitches with it that no one in their forums would help me with.

ReMOS proved to be a simpler, but working (and isn't that the important part?) replacement, I especially like the ability to add as many custom images for files and folders as you want, and the dynamic creation of thumbnails for images.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to v3.43
Reviews: 1
This is really great extension. It has almost all features of DOCMan, and even more ....

But an important feature is missing (as is available on DOCMan) that one can upload file from another server (by putting url).
Reviews: 1
Thanks for all your hard work this is a great component
Reviews: 2
I'm still on 3.24 and I did have to do some extensive customisation of layout which is why i'm hesitant to upgrade, however the component has done it's job and once training was given to my user's of one of my clients that required such a solution for quality control of templates it works well.

The resetting of download count upon edit is a pain, although I don't know whether this has been changed.

The possibility for integrated groups would be very useful indeed, and even turn this product into something well worth paying for for larger businesses with multiple teams.

Another change I would like is the ability to customise which fields are to be shown from the admin panel, as this is one thing I had to manually customise (although it wasn't difficult!).

So thanks, this is a good component and does its job well, and it fits in well into a professional intranet.

Owner's reply

I hope you're not really running Remository 3.24. It has a security vulnerability, and should be upgraded to version 3.26 to avoid being hacked. There are plenty of bots trawling the web for vulnerable sites.

Best regards, Martin Brampton

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