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A component that is easy to install and use, yet has an unparalleled depth of features for a powerful file repository. The latest version adds the ability to play audio/video files as well as to download them. There are related modules and plugins to complement the main component. Remository supports the secure hosting of local or remote files for download by site visitors. Files can be uploaded by users, and locally hosted files can be stored in either the database or the file system. Thumbnails can be uploaded along with files, or automatically generated with uploads of image files. Displays can be customized, and Remository includes a very flexible access control system so that upload, download and editing can be managed in almost unlimited ways. The size of the file repository can be small or large. Customized versions and professional support are available by arrangement.

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Reviews: 2
Version 3.40 is great for small-time document management but I just can't get bulk upload or add whole structure from server to work no matter what. I have had to do extensive editing of the php files to disable images and other style features in order to make it look presentable and to make it integrate into my site.

I've tried to upgrade to 3.42 but it gives you one or two changes to get the download right (which is impossible with internet explorer most of the time) and then you're out of luck. "Sorry" and you have no download option despite the fact that you haven't downloaded anything.

I have 500+ folders with 1-6 folders in each plus 1-20+ files in each of those and without bulk upload/add whole structure from server there's no way I can use this extension despit all the work I've put into modifying the way it looks. The fact that it's pre-packaged [with my web host?] gives me the impression that it's much closer to perfect which it's defintely not.
Owner's reply

You should try version 3.44. There has been extensive testing of the two bulk upload features which have been merged into a single, more flexible facility.

There's an FAQ at explaining how to configure IE to avoid download problems. The feature of limiting the number of times the same file could be downloaded was introduced by popular request, and I like to demonstrate the features of the product in my own use of it. When people reporting the issue with IE to me, as well as writing the FAQ, I also changed the configuration to increase the number of download attempts permitted. And it's only a limit for one day, after all!

Version 3.44 also has new options to configure the display without program changes, but it is inevitable that some people will want more variation than can be reasonably handled through parameters. There is also a FAQ on how to hack Remository, and I usually give information to anyone who asks how to achieve any particular change (subject to time).

Reviews: 3
If you're not looking for anything too sophisticated, this component will be ideal. It installs cleanly and works smoothly. Be aware, however, that there is no documentation with the package. The Remository home site has some useful FAQs that you should look at if you're having problems and there are some basic guidelines on setting things up.

The package as it came wasn't quite what I wanted but, after hunting through the code, I was able to customise it to more or less what I'm after. The code itself has some useful comments in it but finding the files you need to amend is not so easy if you're not an experienced user. I also found that no one seems to have cracked the complexities of the user permissions. There are several queries posted on the Forum but not so many answers.

But the bottom line is that this is a useful component if you want a simple, straightforward download facility. If you want more than that, then be prepared to pay for it!
Reviews: 6
using this exstention is a breeze, i have tried othe download exstetions and was so frustrated. In a few click i had this working beautifully, i am kicking myself for not trying this first, but i am glad i am using this now. Before you try any others, use this one? Just upload your files and there is an easy way to enter the information and click and link and you are off. I am very satisfied and releived.
Reviews: 1
In my opinion he/she needs to improve the aspects a lot:
A good administration for the creation of fields
An easy field to add screenshots
To improve the system of comments and voting
Also a compatibility with the compoente Opensef
Reviews: 6
I have been running Remository on a busy site (currently serving 320 files with over 15,000 downloads) for the past 6 months and have not had any problems.
Reviews: 2
This is the best I found so far but there are some issues with this component.

First one needs to figure this out without any docs. Then there is the fact that it points to a different location and will not allow you to download (receive 404 message)

I like its easy layout and icons.

I'm still fixing some problems it now and when I get this going then I may give a better rating.
Owner's reply

I don't understand what is meant by saying that Remository points to a different location and will not allow you to download. Remository supports files that are hosted either locally or remotely, and if it refused downloads, nobody would ever be able to use it, since the only way to obtain a copy is by downloading it from a Remository repository! If people report reproducible problems, then I fix them!

Reviews: 1
i tried out another buggy Download tool first (docman).
Now I Tried ReMOSitory and this is really wunderful.
Very easy to handle, less bugs and a perfect look !
Look an Funcions much better than every other Download Tool.
Only the SEF for Artio is not working, but im sure this is coming.
Good Work ! Go on !
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best joomla component! I use it on my website and its running very well!
Reviews: 1
This is a very useful and functional tool. I use it as well as Docman on several sites. Easy enough to set up and configure. Sure more features could be added but this works just fine as it is.

Thanks for making this available.
Reviews: 1
This software is fresh, up to date, and works great! I tried using DOCman and just hated it. This has an easy to use backend and offers everything I'd want for downloading and uploading things for my site. Nice stuff.
Reviews: 1
great component, simple using dan user friendly interface.
thank to team work, we are waiting the next version.
Reviews: 1
Works great. Easy to setup and maintain. Only think I require more is the ability to give front-end users the rights to create sub-folders. Everything else is great.
Reviews: 4
Apparently one needs to use other user group software than Community Builder to even start to get the groups feature going. It doesn't recongnize CB at all which isn't good and it doesn't support a logged in user even when that user is the admin.

Documentation is non-existant and the forums, while not dead, don't answer much. FAQ's are pointless.

Please write up user documentation on how to configure and use this and build in Community Builder support. Without the first this is an exercise in futility and until the second I see no use for it at all.
Reviews: 2
Basically the two main players for this type of component are Remository and DocMan. Neither is perfect, but I found Remository to generally have a better combination of ease-of-use, features and versatility. I did end up customizing it somewhat.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good component but still has a little room for improvement.
The "groups" should be implemented within the component itself rather than have to download and install mambothemegroups.
The updating of existing files is a little confusing to some users but most are ok with the approach used.
The ability to auto approve and publish based on a specific user (mambotheme) group is lacking.
Finaly, needs to have a cpanel type landing page for the backend component.
Reviews: 2
I don't know what made you submit such a report! It's superficial and untrue. The stable version of Remository is working perfectly well, any problems are surely dependent on specific circumstances. And for an Open Source project the forum is serviced acceptably well. If you require shorter response times you could always opt for "problem fix" on the Remository homepage. But I doubt you are willing to spend any money on support. You seem more like the type "I want my fix now and I want it free of charge!" That's the attitude that will eventually be the death of Open Source development.
Reviews: 1
A few installation problems and I'm stuck without a working module. The homepage's forums are dead with lots of unanswered questions. Looking for another solution for file sharing...
Reviews: 2
Remository is a great component for distributing files through your Joomla! installation. There are several modules available listing files as newest, popular etc.
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