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JoomDOC is a document management component for Joomla! CMS. JoomDOC allows creating downloadable documents, associating them with different types of files (e.g. PDFs, text documents, spreasheets, zip archives, ...), licenses (optionally) and categorizing them into a hierarchical category structure. Each document or category can be assigned a specific usee or user group access level. Authorized users can upload, edit and manage documents.

* Unlimited Category Tree
* New! AJAX based tree browsing
* Tags and metadata
* Download Counter and Logs
* Integrated Joomla Document Search
* Joomla Plugin for Easy WYSIWYG Editor Integration
* SEO Improvement - Nicer URLs with full ARTIO JoomSEF support
* JoomFish and 3rd Party Components Integration
* Commercial version available with versioning, document fulltext search and online WebDAV editing

Completely new JoomDOC 3 is now available for Joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5.

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Reviews: 2
JoomDOC is the only documents handling component capable of WebDAV. Other than that, it offers basic functions and also reveals its poor programming and lack of documentation and support. If documents handling is a core functionality of your website (along online editing) my strong advice would be using joomDOC just for webdav and use other components for the handling part. We bought two enterprise licenses and struggled to have webdav working. On the top of that, there're lots of incompatibility between joomdoc and other joomla components. Ver. 4 of the joomdoc has been recently revised after found not working with joomla v.3.3.0 and v.2.5.20. In conclusion, we managed to have joomdoc ent working but the amount of work required for the task was discouraging us as the product, at its current maturity level, is not reliable at all.
Reviews: 5
In my opinion, overall it is good enough. Quite easy to install, quite easy to manage from the back end. Really good navigation module. Simple translation file.
The amount of clicks which needs to be done, to actually add document to directory could be less. Also, would be great to make it a bit more user friendly for admins. Took me a while to understand how it works. And possibility to have Captcha check or time countdown before downloading would be a good future development.
But as I said, overall, really good.
Reviews: 3
Migrated from J1.5 / Joomdoc 2 to J2.5 / Joomdoc 4.
While the migration was buggy, and I had to go and fix manually in the mysql tables - overall once the migration completed it works okay.
Version 4.0 is much better than previous 3.x
Reviews: 2
This extension is not ready. I did not buy this to become a QA staff. The service is poor. I wasted 3 days testing it and I have lost my money because they do not want to return it.
Reviews: 1
The component looks nice in first view, but is complicated to handle with a two step procedere. First upload the file and second make a document of it. I noticed this after buying the credits-free version and asked for refund and deleting it. On this I got no answer due to several very friendly requests.
Reviews: 2
i just buy this component, and the install of the last version 3.4.1 (joomdoc entreprise) is full of bug and one very important that give the acess to all your documents even if you use Joomla ACL.

So very expensive 149 euro...
Reviews: 6
I bought this extension (Joomdoc 3) to use as a document manager for my users.

It's so full of bugs I'm not even sure where to start...

It's maybe ok if your not doing anything "fancy" like file versioning, changing document root, or hit refresh documents (soon or a later you'll be unable to hit refresh anyways) etc.

There are better free alternatives.

On the positive side:
Nice document icons

Negative side:
Too many to list

It should be redone from scratch.
Reviews: 7
I really wanted to like this extension. It's the only free document management component that fully integrates with the Joomla ACL that I could find. It looks pretty good too, but it's just too quirky and obscure for users. The concept of adding a document to a file for metadata and permissions is seriously confusing. The work "document" means different things depending on where you are too.

And it's buggy. Creating a document on a file in the front end adds a record to the database, but it doesn't show up after saving. It knows there is one there because if you try to add another one it fails, but you can't see it in the back end either so it has to be deleted from the database. Every time you perform an operation on a file, it returns to the root folder instead of staying on the page you are working on. It took me ages to work out that you need "Access Administration Interface" permissions to edit metadata on the front end.

Back to the drawing board.
Reviews: 1
I have tried this with Joomla 1.7. It seems to be the best according to my needs but I have some bugs :
- Can't have many modules with last files (configuration is the same for all)
- Link to component doesn't work. File no found...

Hope these bugs will be soon corrected because it's a great component
Reviews: 33
This is one of those programs I wish I could live without, but can't. There aren't any good alternatives (for free) that offer a content editor plugin for inserting PDFs how I want mixed with unlimited category capabilities.

But it's not always very intuitive and sometimes is a little clunky. The website for it is a mess... don't except any help from the Support Forum; I had an issue for a week that was not allowing JoomDoc to work on my site (turns out I had to disable the Mootools upgrade) -- and not once did I get a reply on the forum, so it's pretty useless. Also, not sure why they say JoomDoc 3 is 1.5.x compatible when I couldn't get it to work on any of my 1.5.x sites... hm, strange.

Despite this, I still plan on using JoomDoc on my future sites. Clients seem to like it, and like I said before, it's the only extension I've found that matches all my site's requirements.

So, I guess we're stuck with each other, JoomDoc...
Reviews: 1
I was happy to pay for the Pro version of component, having been impressed by the functionality of a previous version that I tested. I was thrilled that I would have the added functionality of version control amongst others.

Problem is, despite assurances that this works in 1.5 (I have other components that still need 1.5) it simply doesn't work. I can't upload docs from the front end - with only a text editor available. Everything seems to be uploaded by the administrator, which kind of defeats the object.

I have the same problem as the previous responder who found the CP limiting - so I can confirm it is nothing to do with how much you pay.

I have asked for a refund, as this component clearly doesn't do what I was led to believe. This has been ignored.

Support has been minimal - I have failed to get any adequate responses for my questions and when responses can take a week or more, this is highly frustrating.
Reviews: 9
After solving bugs (see support forum) it works with 1.7, but maintainer was signet it as working with it too early...
Reviews: 12
Not working on joomla 1.7.
various bugs.
Reviews: 1
Simply don´t run in Joomla 1_7.
See below the several comments.
Owner's reply

for Joomla 1.7, you need version 3.1.1. From the title of your review, you seem to be testing with 3.0.1 - but that was released before Joomla 1.7, so it is posible that one does not work with it.

Reviews: 3
Installed the component and I can see the control panel but only with the documents and upgrade icons - all other featurs are missing (unless this has gone almost completely commercial - the only other icon is "Upgrade").
No place to assign user permissions to files.
Forces the documents folder to be in public_html - totally exposed - ignores my setting to go to another folder.
Owner's reply

I guess you should not judge the component just by number of icons. :-) Have you ever heared about that there is a beauty in simplicity.
The new JoomDOC has almost all functions as the old had, plus it has some extra ones. However it is all available from a single interface.
The root for documents storage can be of course changed outside Joomla root. (the one in Joomla root created by default is protected by .htaccess file)

Reviews: 1
This is a interesting component. If it works it will be very nice. However, I had to fix two bugs in the file "admin/models/documents.php" at lines 126 and 135 to make it stop complaining about jos_groups table and do not exist. The expected values should be jos_usergroups and access.title. Could not create folders or even change setting for the root path for documents.

Sorry for making this review sound like a bug report :(
Reviews: 2
Tested default settings, searched in forum on Google but always got Error Uploading. - Directory problem, found no information to fix it.
Reviews: 4
Nice And Easy Install. Love It...! Easy To Use !
Reviews: 10
I've worked with Joomla for over two years but unfortunately, I have never posted a review on any extension. I felt I had to do this because even some extensions that are not as useful as this go for a fee. This extension is very effective and easy to use. I first used 'wdownload' but it was messing up in firefox so another search led me to this one. It's awesome. Thanks to the developers and more power to their elbows.
Reviews: 3
Flexible yet simple - just great for such a beginner like me.
I hope all the issues around the license are solved by now.
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