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Accordion FAQ ModulePlugin

Supports 25+ preconfigured display themes.

Accordion FAQ is available in either module or plugin form. It allows you to easily add a Frequently Asked Questions section to any article. The FAQ is made up of content that exists in the article and can contain anything (images, lists, tables, etc.) that can be placed in an article.

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Corrected faq header links to not redirect to the home page.

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Reviews: 18
It works as you need, and has a lots of styles, the best drop down module or plugin ever!
Reviews: 2
The documentation is straightforward and the configuration generator is fantastic. I've managed to get it working in 5 minutes and I'm not a website developer, just an ordinary guy. Good job!
Reviews: 5
I use this extension on my new site and it's works great, very easy to install and load it in an article. keep it up the good work.
Reviews: 4
Excellent extension, if you will just follow the directions!

I have used this many times. The only problem I have had is when other poorly coded extensions conflicted or when I had messed something up. If the directions that people seldom read, does not produce great results, then you have other issues that are causing the problem.

Love the extension. Blessings to the developer!
Reviews: 3
I don't like to leave reviews that are not positive but I found it impossible to load FAQ into my articles using either the module or the plugin.
I have visited the support forum and found nothing there to help me. It seems to me that users of this extension must be skilled in CSS and HTML. I give this extension a ‘Fair’ review because I apparently do not have the necessary skills or knowledge to install it. That said, I have been building web sites for 13 years and have never had a problem loading modules into an article. What bugged me most of all was the shear amount of time I spent trying to get the module loaded into my article without any success at all. As another reviewer has said, there are easier FAQ extensions than this one.
Owner's reply

Your review has prompted me to produce a video tutorial on how to include the AccordionFAQ module in an article. I know it is too late for you but others will hopefully benefit.

Thank you for your comments.

Reviews: 3
I'm a developer with several extensions here on the JED. I am very hard to please, but this product is absolutely superb. The documentation could be improved, but as I said, I am very hard to please. Well done and many, many thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 4
I have a Joomla 3 site. I tried the module first but somehow couldn't make it work. I tried the plugin and it's working fine. The main advantage is that it's so easy to change an article to FAQ format. Thanks for developing such a great extension. Five stars.
Reviews: 1
Can some please post the html code for this, documentation sit eis down.

It was working fine accidentally I deleted the html code
Reviews: 3
worked nicely for me. Easy to config. everything is fine but need to fix the jquery include issue on joomla 3.0 . Thanks
Owner's reply

I am not aware of a jquery include issue with the current Joomla 3.0 version. If you know of a problem please consider going to our forum and providing more details. Thanks.

Reviews: 3
after trying out several FAQ extensions I settled on this one when we started out with our Joomla 1.5 site. I am so glad they updated the extension for 2.5 and will be using it for my new site as well. Thank you for making exactly what we needed.
Reviews: 2
This is one of those extensions where there is absolutely nothing I would change if given a magic wand. It does exactly what it should and it works exactly how you would hope it would work. It takes just a few second to have a perfectly formatted FAQ on the site and it looks really great.
Reviews: 3
This extension is simple and works exactly how you think it should. It displays professionally and couldn't be any easier to set up.
Reviews: 2
both plug in and module are very nice and effective. i tried many tabs and sliders module in my RTL site but this extension worked for me. only problem is that syntax is not straightforward but it has many options that offset this issue
Reviews: 14
I thought finding a decent FAQ extension would be a huge trial-and-error process -- but I tried this one first, and it's terrific, and so easy, a blindfolded chimp could use it!
Reviews: 4
sorry but i couldn't understand how i use it. There are more easy versions of FAQ system.
Owner's reply

I am disappointed that you found accordionfaq hard to use. I thought that the documentation provided was fairly good. Obviously I was wrong. I will try to improve the docs as best I can. Please feel free to visit our forum and tell us what problems you encountered. Thank you for your comments.

Reviews: 1
Extension is very easy to use and customize. It also comes with may styles straight out of the box. Documentation is informative and provides examples. I had an issue and contacted the developer via his forum the issue was promptly responded to, troubleshooted and resolved.
Reviews: 2
I've used this module occasionally for about a year and recently had a site that needed multiple FAQ's on one page. I turned to Accordion FAQ again and had trouble getting the module to work as I liked. However, a post in the forum was picked up very quick by the author and he helped me get the plugin of this tool working exactly as I needed.

Overall, this is a great tool to use for stylish FAq's. It's easy to customize, looks great and the support is excellent!
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a simple faq extension, since I needed no categories or other cool features that other extensions might have. It should be easy to use, reasonably flexible, and easy to edit by the client.
Accordion FAQ was just right for the task.

Initially I had a problem that turned out to be due to me not reading the manual properly. Fixed it with a hint I found in the extension forum, and a very quick response from the author.

Not really a FAQ-specific extension, but a general pourpose accordion that could be used for many other things as well.
Reviews: 13
AccordionFAQ is saving me loads of time with lists and subdocs. I have two FAQs in one article and multipe FAQs on one website. (I need to find out the limit.) I was able to customize the artwork with the CSS. One small issue with an extra layer of formatting behind the text but I designed around that. Just beware of using semi-transparent images in the header. Even so, this is a very good extension and worth the time to try out.
Reviews: 2
Select this plugin from line with the same function in Joomla 2.5. This one has very smooth slider effect and great support from author. When one page with accordion FAQ did not worked I write e-mail to Ken. I get helped advise next day! Thank you, Ken!
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