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Accordion FAQ ModulePlugin

Supports 25+ preconfigured display themes.

Accordion FAQ is available in either module or plugin form. It allows you to easily add a Frequently Asked Questions section to any article. The FAQ is made up of content that exists in the article and can contain anything (images, lists, tables, etc.) that can be placed in an article.

Latest revisions:

Corrected faq header links to not redirect to the home page.

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Reviews: 9
I reviewed/installed about 3 other accordion products, and finally found AccordionFaq. Binned all the others !

I use it both as a module and as a plugin. The online help is detailed and I found whatever I needed very quickly. I now use the extension to showcase youtube clips, articles and (obviously) some FAQ.

Editing the CSS is relatively easy, and I now have my own icons to indicate open and close status. The transition is smooth and very elegant.

Some quick technical advice - some templates use and format this header. This may mess with the accordion when used as a module. In this case - you can just set the AccordionFAQ seperation tag to be and all clashes are avoided. Easy.

This product is better that most commercial extensions. If you don't like the colours and icons (which there are PLENTY of, and VERY EASY to select), you can use your own by tweaking the style sheet.
Reviews: 23
Easy to install!
Nicely Documented!
Quite fexible!
Works really well!
Took me a couple of minutes to install,
a couple of minutes to read the syntax for the plugin, and a few minutes to implement into my document, i love it...
Reviews: 2
I would rather give this extension 4.5 than 4. but let me explain why it's not a 5.
I tried 5 different FAQ extensions for my Joomla 1.7 site. This struck me immediately as being the best of the bunch. Why?
- There actually IS usable step-by-step documentation, can't say that for two of the competitors. The docs are produced using the FAQ software itself.
- The free version WILL help the more demanding user, it's not just bait for upgrading to a "Pro" commercial variant.
- The concept is simple, you create your content in a Joomla Article provided you can switch your editor to HTML mode for adding simple code.
- There is a variety of "looks and feels" and you can browse them easily in the documentation

Let me explain why it's not a 5-star rating. I'm a less experienced Joomler, and despite following the instructions religiously, I made 2 errors which cost me time and frustration and led me to seek help from the Forum. This is patrolled by the AccFAQ author, Ken Lowther, and he was superb. He had me sorted out after just a 2+2 post conversation. Absolutely beyond fault.

I've since discovered that CCS3 commands work fine in the templates, so I can pretty up the boxes to look like my site's Contact Form.
In short, I'm going to continue using AccordionFAQ on my site. And as they say, actions speak louder than words.
Reviews: 1
I have registered on just to say "Thanks for your excellent work!" Accordion FAQ is very useful and nice extension.
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension. I have used for over two years with joomla 1.5 and now am thrilled to find the guys have an updated option for 1.7 !!!

I have also used some other paid extensions which are no where near the quality of this one. Great looking plugin, with remarkable documentation.

keep it up fellows!!! thanks!
Reviews: 7
Installation: A snap!
Setup and configuration: no problem so long as you take the time to read the Module and Plugin instructions.
I think I spent about 20-30 minutes just playing with all of the configuration options.
This has to be one of the easiest, stylish and useful extensions.
Reviews: 1
I'm using the module version and it completely ROCKS. I had no trouble at all getting it set up and published to my FAQ page. I did have one little issue with the icons not showing up the way they were supposed to. Posted a thread in the help forum and less than a day later the author gets back to me with the answer. Simple fix. I hope that Ken continues to develop this extension.
Reviews: 5
I've tried MANY FAQ extensions and this one is the only one that didn't give me any mootools/jquery compatibility issues. Works in all browsers.

Thank you for a great extension!
Reviews: 4
This is one of the best plugins I've used. It's simple to setup and works perfectly. No bugs and no conflicts. The documentation on the website is complete and easy to follow.
What makes this even better is the support. I asked a question on the forum and the developer answered immediately.
Reviews: 3
Did what we wanted, turned header tags into an accordion. Documentation could be improved a little but apart from that I would give 10/10. We will be using this on a UK college website. Thank you for your contribution to the Joomla! community :)
Reviews: 5
This extension is a perfect solution for a dynamic FAQ page. It works miracle in both module and plug-in but i prefer the plug-in version of it. It's so flexible and easy to customize plus the documentation is complete even for a novice. Support forum is excellent. Great job. If you look for an FAQ module, look no further because it's right here.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to implement and use!
Reviews: 4
I used this extension on my very first Joomla 1.6 website and it works great with little fuss. I would recommend to any user.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, works as it says. For sure the best extension for FAQ.

*The documentation could be improved with a pdf version showing styles and Quick_Config for newbies. Not a must but would be nice.
Reviews: 22
I love this module & plugin. A nice way to display my list of news articles, looks great on my site, easy to set up and no conflicts!

Great job, thank you!
Reviews: 3
This works exactly as intended. I had some issues getting it to work the way I desired and was helped by Ken to make it work. Couldn't ask for better... thanks Ken!
Reviews: 4
First review ever here on the JED, but I just HAD to thank you for already having this wonderful extension available for Joomla 1.6! I was using another one but that was not ready for 1.6 yet, but now I will never go back to the old one! :)

It is easy to implement, configure and very easy to use after reading the excellent documentation. I am LOVING your online configuration tool and the many different preset stylings. I just had to change a few lines of css to get it to fit my design perfectly.

By the way, excellent choice for using the HTML tags (like h3) to convert into slides, this really facilitates graceful deprecation and is easy for authors and editors.

Thank you!!!
Reviews: 2
did a great job! i love it and will use it in more sites in the future. thanks!
Reviews: 2
The plugin is very simple to use and have many options to configure the CSS. So beatifull and integrate with my template.
Reviews: 4
I had a little challenge installing, but I made it too hard. I received very prompt help and once done, this is an outstanding extension! Love it! Thank you!
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