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Accordion FAQ ModulePlugin

Supports 25+ preconfigured display themes.

Accordion FAQ is available in either module or plugin form. It allows you to easily add a Frequently Asked Questions section to any article. The FAQ is made up of content that exists in the article and can contain anything (images, lists, tables, etc.) that can be placed in an article.

Latest revisions:

Corrected faq header links to not redirect to the home page.

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Reviews: 4
I tried the plug in and it works fine, so thanks a lot to the developer. Probelem appears when you would like to use the script on differnet places on the same page. like seperate you FAQ in sections.
Owner's reply

I don't know why you couldn't get it to work but the plugin/module definitely supports multiple instances on a single page. If you go to the forums we can sort out the problem.

Reviews: 4
No complaints about the quality of the plugin and the support is excellent. I had a small issue that I couldn't fathom out but Ken came to my aid immediately - it ended up being nothing to do with his plugin - just to do with a minor setup configuration with another plugin entirely, yet he sorted it for me.

Good work, Ken - keep it up :)
Reviews: 2
Easy to use and set up. Does the job very nicely. Nice little plugin.
Reviews: 3
This is a very awesome, smooth looking FAQ maker!
I was having display issues with the default joomla faq and I found this one and it works a treat, I am very happy with it.

I downloaded the plugin version, and had a small problem with the display (which was related to my website host and not the plugin) and the plugin creator was extremely kind and answered my forum post within 24 hours. Now my FAQ looks spiffy as! Great service =) very happy
Reviews: 1
I have yet to find a better Joomla extension!

As much as I appreciate the wealth of non-commercial extensions in Joomla, the documentation included with them is often sparse to nonexistent. This has been a cause for extreme frustration.

The documentation included with this extension is superb!!!

Thank you very kindly!
Reviews: 1
Needed this in place of coding the Ajax. Plugin is great and I like the std color options. Very easy to install. I ran into a little trouble, submitted a question in the forum and Ken got back to me within 30 minutes. Very impressive.
Reviews: 4
I'm a total newbie and though it takes me a while to get my head around the css part of anything, I was able to get this hide/show content to work brilliantly.
Got stuck with a couple of things but found the answers in the websites forum and fixed easily (my fault not the plugin).
Would recommend it.
Reviews: 3
Excellent FAQs plugin, it worked like a charm and so easy to configure. Thanks a bunch
Reviews: 2
This module was just what I was looking for. The custom css are really nice. The support is really good and I would have gladly payed for the module. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
I'm an accountant trying to learn to decent web design. I have zero programming, web design background. If you read the instructions link at the download site you should have no problem. Had this thing working in 10 minutes. Optimized the way I want in 30. The only minor thing I don't like/don't know how to change is the orangish/brown highlight color when selecting a FAQ. No big deal. Thank you for the great plugin.
Reviews: 5
I used the plugin, not the module. Works great! Looks great! Lots of customization options. The team offered quick support when I needed it - not that I needed much help since this extension is so easy to install and use. Take a moment to read the extensive documentation, and you'll be good to go.

Thank you Accordion FAQ team! :)
Reviews: 4
An excellent module. It took about 10mins to install and a further 15 mins to learn how to configure it. I like the comprehensive tutorial and help provided on the website. The module certainly helps improve the functionality and general overall look. Well done. I recommend that you try out and support this project
Reviews: 1
Very good work indeed.
Works like magic and so simple to set it up.


Reviews: 2
This product is simply great because:

- it's easy to install
- it's easy to use
- the doc is clear and exhaustive. There are examples to copy and paste.
- by using the plugin, you can have many FAQs, anywhere, in any articles.
- On the forum, my question was answered and my problem solved in less than 4 hours.

Reviews: 1
I have not yet tested the module but the plugin works exactly as advertised.

Everything renders perfectly in IE, Firefox and Chrome. The documentation on the website is ample and will get you up and running quickly. This appears to be a relatively new addition to the JED but I would like to state that it already seems competitive if not exceeding the features offered by the more established and commercial products like MooFaq.

I would like to thank the developer for releasing this excellent plugin and look forward to future releases from you.

Reviews: 9
This FAQ system has some functionalities that are not even in commercial faq extensions! Well done.

Very flexible as it can be used inside an article, so you can have content above and beneath the faqs, and even have multiple faq-groups on one page!

Adopted for sure. Great little plugin!
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