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Editor's Note
  • This extension displays backlinks to the Developers website.
Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

Recently Updated Features:

1) Added Theme option in menu like the same as in global configuration.
2) Fixed CSS conflict issue.
3) Show/Hide option for pagination.
4) Added Theme option in plugin like {faq|1|theme|10}

Recently updated features:

1) Categorized FAQ Lising Layout.
2) Multiple FAQ listing in Plugin.
3) Random FAQ listing option in All Layouts.
4) Expand All and Collapse All option in all layouts.
5) Show/Hide "Back to category" link option in category layout.
6) Loading Category images in Category listing layout.
7) Different styles for category listing layout as based on each template.
8) Expand First FAQ option.
9) Design changes in FAQ Form Layout.

Features of JEXTN FAQPro:

1. 20 InBuilt theme to stylize your FAQ listing.
2. Supports Multiple Categories.
3. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, Greek, Chinese, etc .
4. Sh404sef plugin for SEO friendly url.
5. Captcha option for preventing spam.
6. Supports default Joomla search module to search the Faqs or the Categories.
7. User can submit a new question, Email notification when a new FAQ is submitted by a user.
8. Admin can Publish/Unpublish/Edit/Delete the FAQ asked by user.
9. Controls all the frontend view by using the backend settings.
10. Supports Multi line Question & Answers with images.
11. Category View - To display all the categories with the images with the short description.
12. FAQ Listing View - To display all the FAQ‘s present in all the categories.
13. Compatibility of all third party joomla templates.
14. Add Unlimitted categories from the back end.
15. Settings for front end displays, views & themes and email.
16. Adding any number of images inside any number of questions.
17. You can order the faq listing from the backend.
18. Admin can able to see ip address for users, hits & responses for each and every faq's
19. Can Edit the HTML code more user friendly.
20. Also we can add multimedia contents like youtube videos.
21. Option for un-publishing FAQs & Categories, if you don’t want to show it to the front end.
22. Easily adaptable for formatting the text like alignments, indentation, bullets list.. etc
23. Font formatting : type, size, color, style, bold, italic.. etc
24. FAQs view has the content of Create date, Hits, User Response.
25. Cross Browser Support [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 5+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.]
26. Content Plugin for viewing the FAQs inside the article
27. Supports default search for searching FAQ contents.
28. Content plugin supports to display limited, Category wise and specific FAQ within Article.

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Reviews: 2
I purchased the FAQ Pro Component for my site, which has over 1200 products. I found it easily adaptable to a Q&A component where hundreds of FAQPro specific categories could be created, and customers could ask questions about specific products, and if I felt the question/answer was suitable for displaying on my site, I had the option of doing this at the click of a button. I found the developers of this component gave hours of their time, some paid but most of it voluntary in customizing this component to make it very powerful and appear incredible on my site. I highly recommend this component to all developers looking for something similar or for just adding an FAQ to their own web site. Agagin, I thank the developers for their wonderful support and assistance.
Reviews: 1
I have just installed this component in Joomla 3.2. It works fine for me and a really amazing online support fixed a problem with frontend editing within two days.
Reviews: 11
I have used FAQ PRO in the past with Joomla 1.5 and simply loved it. When I had questions regarding the new version, the team JEXTN responded very quickly. I also had a problem with the download which they fixed right away and I am extremely impressed with their level of service and professionalism. Great team and product!
Reviews: 2
This FAQ extension works really great! Easy to install and setup. I had couple of questions to support and everything was sorted really fast. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 4
When I saw the demo of this Jextn Faq Pro component I was sold. I saw it as a simple test review for all kinds of quizzes and tests. I will use it to post all 100 questions on US Citizenship Test for my people to review. There are so many applications for it. In addition, it was so simple to install and set up. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
As a professional web designer with multiple clients in Joomla, I often have a need for an accordion-style FAQ extension. I have tried several others, but recently found JEXTN FAQ Pro. It is the best one I've found.

I did have a few compatibiliy issues with the FAQ when I first got it (it conflicted with other extensions I have), but the developers were very quick to assist me with solutions.

While it is not minutely configurable enough to use as a general accordion display, it serves its intended purpose as a FAQ extension very well. I am happy with the results.
Reviews: 2
This extension is far and away the best FAQs extension available. It's well worth the nominal cost and it better than the other free and commercial solutions available.

The only issue I encountered was a script conflict. I'm not a programmer but no worries because JEXTN customer support quickly helped to resolve it. Great to identify a good extension and good developer.
Reviews: 1
I have been extremely happy with the JE Faq pro component. Not only in its functionality, but also in the support behind it.

Thank You!!!! I wish every developer provided the same level of service that you do. Keep up the good work guys
Reviews: 1
Great extension! The support is excellent with Chat line to answer my questions directly and quick response for a bug fix.
Reviews: 12
I looked for a long time for a FAQ extension for my website. All seemed to be lacking something. Then I came across JEFAQ pro, and couldn't be happier. Nice layout, easy to use, and lots of options to customize!

Some people don't like commercial extensions, 'cause they hate to pay. I used to have that opinion - then I realized the error of my way. Paid is the only way to go. You know they take their work seriously...they will be there for support...they will be making updates/fixes...and MOST importantly, they will work hard to build a new version that is ready for the latest Joomla version (now 1.7). Nothing sucks more that upgrading to the new Joomla, and realizing that the "FREE" extension that you desperately need, isn't working.

Anyway, quite a rant...the point is JEFAQ Pro is great - worth the money - I've had awesome support - GET IT! You won't regret it :D
Reviews: 5
I had been looking for a long time for a component that would allow us to present questions and answers on a wide range of subject on our website. Finally discovered FAQ Pro and fell in love immediately while viewing the demo. Purchased, asked for a little help with installation and whamo, everything is working just fine. The component is the perfect match for our website.
Reviews: 3
I had to buy pro version without possibility to check it, as the web page I wanted to use it is powered by 1.6 joomla. Anyway, I didn´t make mistake by this. Component is nicer than I expected to be and support is great and fast. I installed basic version by mistake (1.5 version to 1.6 web), so it brings some problems with menu after reinstalling. Anaway, I can recommand it!
Reviews: 15
Well I'm glad I bought this one. After much consideration .... I needed to have the Frequently Asked Questions Header removed and received near instant response. This is always great. The designs look great and is very easy to install. Just add the extention via menu and you're set to go. I used this to shorten the content on a page and it looks awesome. Thank you for this great extension, you really put alot of effort into it, THANK YOU.
Reviews: 2
I needed a simple & clean FAQ, this component fulfilled that.
I did have a minor "needle in a haystack" template issue, but support cleared that up very quickly.

Very happy!
Reviews: 10
I've been happily using the J1.5.x version for quite a while. I just installed a J1.7.0 site and had a glitch arise with the J1.6 compatible version of JEFAQ PRO. Within 15 minutes I had a fix (supplied by the developer) in place! Well worth the price!!
Reviews: 1
I bought it a couple of days before. Installed right away, no issues. Took me about 15 minutes to figure it out, because i am totally new in joomla.
I had a small problem and i had an almost immediate report from the developer. It turned out to be a feature that hasnt been implemented yet but i didnt need it anyway. It should worth double its money but hey it doesnt. Keep up the good work people!!! :)
Reviews: 1
This works great. To use for an internal kb and it is great. Love that others can ask more questions.
Reviews: 2
I have been using Joomla for quite some time and I never took the time to write a review to thank the many people making my life and work easier.

I have to finish a project but am now taking a break to comment on this extension.

I hope to save some people time, money and nerves.
I purchased the component right away, never used a free version.

This one really takes the cake and in my personal opinion is close to ripoff. Why?

- You can only attach the FAQs as a menu item.
- The “documentation” (just click above) is over after they told you where to write your questions. You are not even told how to “see” the FAQs in the front-end(!).
- Intro texts do not show.
- The buttons like “Hits” and “Submit a question” are only in English.
- They put a visible backlink to themselves in your FAQ – in a purchased Pro version! you cannot turn that off in "global settings". Do you want to offer their services to your visitors? Unbelievable!
- Do not believe me? Just check their forum before you buy: Most questions are not answered although they keep repeating and repeating how good their support would be. Some users were even begging…
- As you can see in another review here, critics are personally offended.

I will cancel the payment via PayPal. Not that I am crying about 10 Euros or two wasted hours with this “component”, I will not support such behavior. I found the guys from the whole JOOMLA community to be awesome and nice people and I never expected something like this could even happen.

If this was my platform, I would de-list this “component”. Seriously.

With all due respect, I have my doubts on the praises posted here. Sorry!

Since this is my first post here, I hope I will not be excluded or flamed. I do not mean bad or personal but I have made so many great experiences with commercial and non-commercial stuff here that I still am baffled something like this can slip through.
Reviews: 5
Easy, quick to work with and does what it says.
If you need a good FAQ - this is it.

Plus, I sent an inquiry to their support and was answered within a couple of hours.
Reviews: 3
For me as a non professional Joomla user it was especially important, to install and get to work with it easily and fast. After trying other FAQ Modules, I choosed this one and got to work with it in a few minutes without any problems - very nice and smart. thank you.
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