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Minitek FAQ Book Component

Minitek FAQ Book is a free component for Joomla! 2.5.

With FAQ Book you can create a Frequently Asked Questions section in your website.

- Joomla! 2.5 MVC architecture
- Accordion effects for FAQs
- FAQs Ajax voting
- User can submit a new question
- Email notification when a new FAQ is submitted by a user
- SEF urls
- Built-in Search
- HTML validated markup

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Reviews: 13
A big thanks to the devs to provide this very usefull component for free.

Works well, easy to use, and very nice looking, I love it !
Reviews: 117
Had to apply for membership 4x on their website, it would not allow me to register. Used IE8,9, FIREFOX THEN OPERA. Other than the pain of registering. the rest was very easy. worked first time once installed. currently configuring for 1.7. Looks good so far!
Reviews: 2
I needed a simple, but effective "Ask The Doctor" component that would allow people to submit questions, and the doctor to review and answer them. This works perfectly. And it is simple enough for a doctor to use too (they are usually very un-technical people).
Reviews: 7
Wow! This makes it very easy to add a first-class FAQ section to your site. Works flawlessly! My only complaint (and I hesitate to even bring it up...) is that to change styling requires many edits to the css. In my case, I'm using a dark background with light text throughout the site. I had to edit a bunch of selectors to simply reverse the polarity, so to speak from the default styling. Again, I hesitate to bring this up but it's worth mentioning that moderate to advanced knowledge of css and having the Firebug extension installed in your browser are necessary to change the default appearance of the component.
One more thing...there is a feature for the user to ask a question. I can't figure out where these go and how this is configured.
Owner's reply

Hi rjjacob,

Thank you for your extended review.

We will add a second theme for dark templates in the next version (1.6)
Version 1.5 now features email notifications when a user submits a new faq.

Reviews: 1
A excellent component. It's for a faq but I used it to make a manuals portal.
Reviews: 5
I tried several of the FAQ extensions, and most were decent, but this one just stood out above the crowd! It was fast, easy, and totally user-friendly to install and configure. I had one small question and it was answered promptly.

I'd recommend this FAQ Book extension for anyone interested in putting together a very nice, but "clean" FAQ that also allows "thumbs up" (or down) for each question, as well as allows users to add a new question that you then are able to answer and approve if you so choose. :)
Reviews: 1
it amazes me how good the minitek Components are - great Programming and greate Support :)
Reviews: 9
This is the best looking FAQ extension I found ... but WHY it isn't for Joomla 1.5 too ??? LOT'S of users still use 1.5 and it would be a great plus for this extension if it would be on 1.5 too.
Reviews: 12
Great job.
Actually is more than great, is outstandting.

The only problem is that there are some problems with IE8. And actually this is the browser that almost everybody , unfortunately is using.
Reviews: 1
All the way from Zimbabwe, I have been using Joomla for a couple of years now and have always considered putting a knowledge base/FAQ into some of my sites. I came across this one and it was so simple to install and configure, i had a couple of minor problems CSS problems and Ioannis helped me out within minutes. I received all the support i needed without any hassles. Thanks again Ioannis for an awesome development, will definitely be looking into your other available mods.
Reviews: 1
I have to write about the support given here. The writer of the component replied within 3 minutes, as I thought something didn't work, yet it was just my fault of not using the component correctly. Now it works just perfect.
Thank you for giving this component for free and with such a professional touch.
Reviews: 2
One of the best extensions. Very easy: from installation to usage.
Little alignment issue in the admin area, but has nothing to do with the functionality.
Quick, easy, beautiful! That's how I would describe it.
I have a ton of modules etc. installed on my site, so every time I install a new one it pushes the limits. This didn't puch anything just worked as promised. Thanks again, really appreciate it!!!
Owner's reply

Hi Atesb,

Thank you for your great review.

The alignment issue is solved in new versions (>1.4)

Reviews: 2
The Minitek FAQ Book is very easy to install, works like charm. Nice category layout.
I had one little question which was answered within 5 minutes. I'm Happy!
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