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Minitek FAQ Book Pro Component

A powerful content and FAQ creation component for Joomla.

Minitek FAQ Book is an Ajax driven content and FAQ creation component for Joomla. It features an innovative category taxonomy which can be used to effortlessly add FAQ sections to your website.

Minitek FAQ Book is built according to the latest MVC standards, is lightweight and easy to configure. It supports out-of-the-box Search Engine Friendly URLs and is equipped with a built-in search system.

The component also includes a front-end FAQ submission form for your users to submit their own questions.

Innovative Navigation
- Enable/disable category navigation
- Ajax Driven Engine
- Unlimited Category Depth
- Ajax Breadcrumbs
- Smart navigation in children categories
- Smooth transitions in category list
- HTML validated Markup

Beautiful User Interface
- Responsive Layout
- Images are cropped to desired dimensions
- FAQ's open with toggle effect
- Smart voting system
- Built-in SEF urls
- Access Control Levels (ACL)
- Permalinks for FAQ's

Built-in Search
- Beautiful Layout
- Ajax Search results
- Limit Search results to specific number of items

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Reviews: 10
I've used this extension for several years. I doubt that it needs much "support" as it is straight forward and easy to use, but when needed (even for user ignorance - like mine) the developer is quick to respond. The solution was above and beyond what was expected.
Reviews: 4
in the range "joomla" i'm a beginner and i create a FAQ in one day but:
Create category/sub-category: easy (the same process as in Joomla)
create article: easy (the same process as in Joomla)

This componete is very clear and very easy to navigate for the admin.

In the frontend a good breakdown and therefore is very clear and easy to navigate.

Very nice: shortly response and nice troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance

Reviews: 1
This is the must have extension for a professional use. No other component is that accomplished. Sounds like it's too nice to be real ? Read ahead...
In our company, we designed about 236 FAQ items, available to our registered customers. We had to group them in more than 70 cagetories.
While migrating from 1.6.8 to 3.0.8, I encountered some problems, as there is no back legacy with olders versions from 3 versions on (responsiveness, etc).
That has been the opportunity to appreciate the quality of the support of FAQ Book Pro. I received a personalized SQL update request, which enabled me to migrate and make our FAQ responsive.
The new 3.x versions also give more functionality in the administrator panel.
Among other improvements is the fact that FAQ items now benefit from Joomla article functionality. This is valuable for us, for this simple reason. FAQ items are written by developers, and have to be revised and validated by supervisors. When submitting an internal FAQ request to the supervisor, the latter has to distinguish such an item from customers FAQ requests. This is made possible by publishing the FAQ item with an postponed publishing date. The FAQ item then apperas in the list with the typical Joomla orange icon (published, but pending).
The ACL are improved in the same way, allowing a full validation workflow. I told you. Far the best solution on the market.
Reviews: 6
im using it mostly as a knowledge base.
Very well done. Best KB/WIKI/FAQ-extension out there !
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best extensions for the accumulation of a FAQ. In addition, the possibilities are almost unlimited.
Alone the menu is to convert from the free version to the pro worth it.
The support is fast and accurate.
Reviews: 2
FAQ Book Pro is the cleanest, easiest-to-use component I came across. Looks great, easy to add and edit on the backend, displays nicely and professionally, which is what I wanted.

There was a minor installation problem (I was missing a critical something or other in my registry) and the support team, Yannis in particular, sorted it all out for me within hours of my email. He logged on to my site's backend and had it working immediately. Great component, great support -- I'd recommend it to everyone.
Reviews: 2
Its a really great extension. Looks very clean an simple, it's easy to use for the visitor and also for the admin.

We really love it.

Also the support is quick and friendly
Reviews: 37
Don't get me wrong. I do love this FAQ module but the PRO version ISN'T for the untrained in SQL. You have to be able to change the existing table structure and copy the data to the new PRO table then uninstall the basic.

Normally I see upgrades from basic to PRO where the app modifies the structure for you and then extends the basic app. This one does not.

The fact that you pay a FEE and still have to work means that you better think twice about going PRO. Sure, I have my regrets for the costs versus the amount of work but it still is a much better product than the other FAQs out there.

Stick with the BASIC or start with the PRO.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review,

We will try to make the upgrade from the free version as smooth as possible in next updates.

Reviews: 5
Today I installed FAQ Book Pro Version 1.6.1. The Install went well without any problems. After installing, creating the 1st and 2nd level categories and then adding a Faq I was impressed that it went so well. Only one issue that is not Minitek FAQ Book Pro's fault but that of W3C Validator not up to the full current html5 and css3 standards yet. So Bottom line is I gave Minitek FAQ Book Pro 1.6.1 a 5 Star Rating.