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Spider FAQ Lite ComponentModulePlugin

With Spider FAQ you can create an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for your website, thus making it more valuable for users. With the help of Spider FAQ, you can provide your users with a well-designed and informative FAQ section. Spider FAQ is a highly customizable Joomla! extension and is one of the best FAQ tools available in JED. You can select from a wide range of built-in themes, as well as create new themes from scratch. FAQs usually contain questions on diverse topics and most of the time, especially when the number of questions is big enough, there is a need to somehow organize them to make it easier for the users to navigate and find the needed answers. Therefore, Spider FAQ gives you an opportunity to create different categories and organize all the articles accordingly. Spider FAQ supports component mode.

Features of Spider FAQ
Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7, and Joomla 2.5 native extension.
• Create FAQs with single and multiple categories
• Customize the order and organization of the FAQ
• Add images to FAQs
• Use existing article categories for FAQs
• Search the FAQ section
• Full image and html support for each FAQ
• WYSIWYG editor for FAQs
• Option to expand/collapse all questions
• Search Engine Friendly URLs

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Reviews: 1
Very good and intouitive back- and frontend.
But unfortunately, there are some (obsolete) PHP-mistakes in the code, most of them:
Only variables should be assigned by reference...". This is what strict standards server shows. Please fix it, dear developer, because without that it would be a very good and very useful extension.
Reviews: 8
Nice FAQ. Works great.

But to the developer. Please make it responsive.