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The ORIGINAL and BEST Glossary component! Now released in a version for Joomla 3.x. Build a list of terms, along with their definitions for any purpose. Efficient handling of very large glossaries, ability to specify aliases, control over multiple glossaries. The lastest code provides native support for all releases of Joomla. Support is still available for Glossary on Joomla 2.5.x 1.5.x and 1.0.x. Glossary Search plugin - integrates glossary searching with the Joomla site search. Glossary Content plugin automatically find terms in any content, and inserts a popup definition of the term (requires JavaScript in the browser although it degrades gracefully).

The current version includes use of the "Markdown" editing scheme for styling glossary definitions; soundex option in searching; numeric items grouped together; flexible configuration options.

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Reviews: 1
After attempting to install several times because the admin menu access to the extension would never appear, I went to the developer site for support. There I found unanswered forum threads of others with the same issue. Ended up going with a paid extension.
Owner's reply

If you want support for Glossary, raise a support ticket - it is easy. Please don't review without doing this. Forum is for self help. Maybe you didn't install correctly - admin side Glossary in Joomla 3.3 can be seen at

Reviews: 8
Sorry, but to tell it is the "Original and Best" glossary it would need some improvements for styling and editing the whole component as wells the entries. And a bit of support and documentation would also be great..... the forum seems to be abandoned, FAQs are for the remository not for glossary.

For me it needs a lot of work til the component fits in my website. even the language is not well working.....
Owner's reply

It's depressing how often people write reviews without taking any trouble to look at the situation. Please read the "Support" page on the web site, where it is clearly stated that the forum is for self help. It's too bad that people who use advanced software that is provided to them free of charge, but can't be bothered to help their fellow users. There is a ticket system, where issues are promptly handled, and the author's email address is in every code module. No issues have been raised for Glossary in the past few days, so it is evident that the reviewer has made no attempt to resolve such problems as he may think he has experienced. The styling of Glossary is intended to be minimal, so as to fit with a wide range of templates. It is also easily customised.

Reviews: 1
Tested on my joomla 2.5. Work perfect without any bugs. Registered Joomla account just to leave this feedback and thanks the developer for such a great and free module.
Reviews: 2
I checked the ini file in languages and found it has totally nothing to do with an ini file! There isnt anything that could be corrected as it is a non ini file! I also checked at the site for support and questions from other even from 2011 are still unanswered. I wonder if someone faces a serious problem if it will be worth to even try it! maybe in a sandbox environment. But then again ... we arent here for testing things but rather find solutions to our problems! If you publish something better make sure you know what you are releasing!
Owner's reply

I am sorry you were unhappy with Glossary, which is used successfully on many web sites. It does not use an ini file for language, but language support works fine using symbol definitions. The support page makes it clear that the forum is for self help - if it isn't working, then so much for community. It also indicates that there is a ticket system, and tickets are processed promptly. You can also email the developer - the email address is in every code module. Nobody is asking you to test, but please review the support options before writing reviews :)

Reviews: 8
Can the Glossary work with Greek characters;

Owner's reply

Yes, provided your database is set up correctly, Glossary will support UTF-8 which provides for almost all possible character sets.

Reviews: 1
I have waited a long time for this great extension available for Joomla 2.5. Now it's here and for now it's great.
Sure, there was a problem with a blank screen in back- and frontend. But the developer was very busy to solved the problem within 36 hours.
And in that way, I couldn't understand your criticism, optimistRU. In the support forum was a running discussion and everybody, who was able to read, could notice, the developer is doing his very best to solve the problem.
Reviews: 1
After i install plugin for this glossary on Joomla 2.5, site crashed. I see it is not only my trouble - another user comment same on download site.
Be carefull and make a backup bebore install
Owner's reply

I'm sorry that a few people have had problems with new code that enabled Glossary to move to Joomla 2.5. The issues did not show up during testing. Although I would always recommend people to take care over having good backups, in fact nobody has lost anything over this problem. It has indeed been discussed in the forum for Glossary, and solutions have been provided promptly. So far as I know, nobody is having any problems with the latest code.

Reviews: 6
All that Gloss(ar)y goodness. Works great.

Thank goodness!
Reviews: 5
I used this on a J1.5 site, and it is really a very helpfull component - great work! Actually the only really usefull glossary tool available for Joomla, as it automatically tags words in your articles, if there are definitions in Glossary available.

Unfortunately its still not available for Joomla 1.7. Hope this will be updated soon!
Reviews: 1
Perfect, thanks a lot. Its code is sophisticated. So, I was able to change it, a little, regarding my needs.
BTW, it is time to publish Glossary for Joomla 1.7.
Reviews: 1
I have been evaluating Glossary. I find that it is not too difficult to use. However I would like to know if there is a way of uploading the glossary thru CSV or something similar?
Reviews: 5
I was happy with version 2.7, but after using it for a year, I noticed that for some reason the 1 2 3 4 .. NEXT navigation other than the Alphabet navigation was returning me to the starting page.

I just updated to version 2.76 and now it runs perfectly. I have used many glossary programs over the years. In my opinion, this one is the best.

Thank you very much Martin

Note: If you update, you must follow his provided instructions.
Reviews: 7
I think that this component is the best for this category but needs some improvements. His community seems that it's died and users can not have news about developers.
Reviews: 2
works perfect for me. Even supply great support. thanks !!!
Remark: It needs PHP Version 5.2.3 or higher.
Reviews: 1
It is what i was looking for...
Evrything was goig very well....until i eneterd an entry with greek "K". The letter appears but when i click it ... no results. If i search the entry by the "K" in search machine i get it...

Some greek letters works some not..... :(
Reviews: 6
Works great. Although I encountered some javascript problems when enabling the plugin so I had to disable it. It would be nice to have an option of limiting the number of characters shown on the page of all the terms.
Reviews: 1
Everything worked perfectly with 2 clicks ...
Reviews: 11
Works like a charm for me. It worked better if I turned off support of letting submission of definitions from the "front-end". It was no problem, I didn't want users to be able to do that anyway.
All in all, a very good component for building a glossary.
Reviews: 1
Because of all the responses here I've tried the installation as well. And I am personally not happy to say the least.
First the install doesn't work. Seems you needed another component as well.
After reinstalling I found that there was an error: it's unable to load some diskcache file.
I uninstalled and came to some shocking conclusions:
The installation forces 2 entries in the main menu(!)
The uninstallation is very buggy: the plugin is not removed neither is the module setting.
Althought product works fine for others, it failed for me (running J1.5.18).

Owner's reply

I am sorry you had problems. In tests and for most users, the install does work. There is no pre-requisite component. The installation creates a menu entry in order to get people up and running as easily as possible - I know from experience that not every user is clear that a component will need a menu entry if it is to be accessed. It is easy to delete the entry or change it. The uninstall is not buggy, it does not remove related plugins and modules by design - please see,view/id,16782/. Glossary is supported by both a forum and a trouble ticket system; if you experienced problems, I do not know why you did not make use of them.

Reviews: 2
This component, along with the search and content definition plugins, proved to be the perfect solution for our healthcare information site. Great work, and can't wait to see what's in store for 2.7.

Thanks devs!
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