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The ORIGINAL and BEST Glossary component! Now released in a version for Joomla 3.x. Build a list of terms, along with their definitions for any purpose. Efficient handling of very large glossaries, ability to specify aliases, control over multiple glossaries. The lastest code provides native support for all releases of Joomla. Support is still available for Glossary on Joomla 2.5.x 1.5.x and 1.0.x. Glossary Search plugin - integrates glossary searching with the Joomla site search. Glossary Content plugin automatically find terms in any content, and inserts a popup definition of the term (requires JavaScript in the browser although it degrades gracefully).

The current version includes use of the "Markdown" editing scheme for styling glossary definitions; soundex option in searching; numeric items grouped together; flexible configuration options.

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Reviews: 1
I have launched the component ok. It is not clear to what should I do to change the glossary language. Could you kindly tell me that and, moreover, include a couple of help lines in the support?
Owner's reply

Glossary picks up the language automatically from the CMS (subject to there being a language file available) or this can be overridden through the configuration, set by the administrator.

Reviews: 2
Starting a health information site geared for the general public, including adolescents has its challenges - one of the big ones being vocabulary.

I had started my own text copy but fortunately hadn't gotten very far before someone on the Joomla! forums sent me a link to this Glossary.

Thank goodness! There are some minor cosmetic changes I'd like to see, personally, but they are not functional issues, and I love that it scans the whole site and automatically picks up on any of your entered words, plus being able to add different glossaries has been helpful. I have one for specifically medical terms, one for abbreviations, and so on.

A little tedious to enter everything, as soon as you save an entry it goes back out to the menu instead of giving you an option to enter another, but I'm hoping that will be the next update. Headed over to the developer's site to suggest it right now!
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what we needed for our site. It installed, with the plugin, with no problems and was very easy to configure. An excellent extension. Many thanks.
Reviews: 2
I am so glad I found this component, I was thinking I was going to have to write this kind of thing from scratch but you guys did a hell of a job!
Reviews: 4
Thank you very much for that tool!!!
It installs easily and causes no problems!!!

Great job!!!!
Reviews: 8
How good is this extension?? It is so easy to use and the support is quick! I really needed this product for the tooltip plugin and it took me a while to work out where it was to download but I got a response from the forum within the same day - fantastic!

Thank you for this nifty add-on - it's great.
Reviews: 12
I used this extension on my site until recently - and it's true that it does what it says, and very well too.

However, there is just one feature that is missing - the ability to assign categories of Glossary Terms, to specific sections/categories.

We have a site that carries both scientific and non-scientific content and, sometimes, terms that refer to specific science processes have the same name as common terms and therefore there can be a degree of confusing and misinformation. Consequently, I have had to unpublish the bot.

The component allows the grouping of terms into categories, but then seems to make no use of this feature. The ability to assign these categories intelligently across a website, would make this component a "must-have".

Would love to see this Martin.

Cheers, David
Owner's reply

Version 2.7 is now available as a release candidate, soon to be a full release. You can write {glossid:3,5} in your content now to tell Glossary's content plugin that you want the article to be marked up with only the glossaries that have ID 3 or 5.

Reviews: 2
This is an awesome component that has almost everything I need. I don't have a need for multiple glossaries, but I like having the option.

I was going to say that the output is hard to read, but this has been fixed in the latest version.

I still would like more control over the appearance of the output, but its not a turn off that I can't control it.

The only downside I currently have is it doesn't work with shSEF404.

Make it compatible and its perfect.
Reviews: 2
Hi, thanks for this great extension. It would be very helpful for all of it users if there is an extension for SEF, especially sh404SEF which is supported by many others extension as standard.

Again, thank you very much.It's rock...
Reviews: 1
Thanks, excellent bot, but i can't built my glossary with à é ï ö ù, etc...
Have you a solution for this problem ?
I am french and my site is here :
Owner's reply

Glossary works correctly with accents, this can be seen at Any remaining problems are to do with the configuration of the database for the site.

Reviews: 6
Super, easy and quick.
Exactly what we wanted.

We only have three words in the glossary for the moment. :p

It was perfect.

Thanks once more.
Reviews: 10
If you want to build up your own dictionary or glossary of terms this is the best component to use. It's easy, it has categories, it has terms, it has search, letters etc... all in one
Reviews: 4
I was primarily interested in the bot part of this addon. Glossary is simple to use. Install the component, then install the bot. Add your terms into the component and viola' you have definitions on mouseover! Of course you can configure it to act and look very different from default. I recommend it.

*Con - however your term is defined in the component is how it will appear on the content. Ex: I had the term "roundworm" defined as a term in the component. But in my content page it was the first word in the sentence. It should have appeared as "Roundworm" instead it took the bot term set and uncapitalized it.
Reviews: 1
This worked very nicely for me and was just what I needed. Thanks!

Reviews: 1
Works great for me, as advertised. I love having the popup terms in the text body, with configurable options such as matching whole words and only showing the definition the first time the term is used in an article.
Reviews: 2
It's a good start but I found there to be a few problems, the major 1 is with the template - the component distorted it.

Secondly we have assigned menus to pages so when a term was clicked on in the glossary there was no menu assigned and there is no ability to assign the menu in this manner unless each individual item has a menu item created for it - it would be nice if the links could be optionally removed from the output within the glossary component so a visitor can't click on them and produce a new page, I'm sure this wouldn't be hard to hack but I simply don't have the time.

3rd when I used the categories they were sitting above the component title.

Next, I set the component to display all by default but nothing was displayed in the component - just a link saying 'All' - when this was clicked on it gave 0 results in a search output where there were actually 27 entries, the only way the terms could be viewed was through creating and clicking on the category.

As I said it's a good start, I would love to use this when the kinks are ironed out of it.
Reviews: 2
I've upgraded from version 1.8 to 1.9.2 but it didn't work, so i switched to 2.0beta. It works! Just some problems with italian letters àèìòù...
To upgrade DON'T install but overwrite files. Always backup first.
Reviews: 1
Can install OK but even with prefs set to "Public" the Glossary cannot be viewed (displays "You need to Login" message)

Also once an definition has been added its not possible to edit it (just shows blank 'new item' screen instead of existing content to be edited).

No documentation.

Looks good but support/troubleshooting etc non-existent. This is a shame as it looks good on the demo site.
Reviews: 2
Definitely a useful add-on if the content you publish is accessed by both novice and expert users. Very easy to use, got it to work in just seconds.
Reviews: 2
Simple and straight forward component. Does what is has to do, easy to configure. Very nice work.
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