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Core Design Glossary Plugin

This plugin enable you to define custom terms with the definitions for those terms.

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Reviews: 4
It's good but totally doesn't work with Simplified Chinese terms. And here's sth no relationship with the rating, I don't know why doesn't just support as many jQuery plugins as it could.
Reviews: 4
This is such a great little extension. It took only minutes to install and get up and running! It adds so much to my website. AND it is truly free...they don't even make you register on their website. LOVE IT!
Reviews: 8
This plugin is great. Anyone that uses a lot of terms or words that need to be highlighted automatically throughout the site should look at this tool.

I have been using my editor's caption tools to highlight words that give you that nice little ? (question) overlay and pop-up, but if you used a word or phrase more than once, it is a little tedious to use.

This tool allows you to easily create a category for glossary term articles, and anywhere that article's title is used elsewhere on your site, gives you a nice looking pop-up.

Lots of flexibility in defining options for display/appearance controls.

I did have to override one of the CSS styles for use with my template to bring the pop-up to the 'front' ... just a simple Z-index setting .cdglossary_tooltip { z-index: 1000; } was all.

Thanks for a great tool...any extensive content site should consider this. Its a great way to create cross-references as well.
Reviews: 2
This plugin does everything it says it does; when you have a site with words that the layman would not know, this is a great extension to have. I had a little problem with this extension and I received support almost instantly.
Reviews: 2
Love this plug in: it's easy to set up and use. Would be happy to pay for a commercial version that automatically identifies terms in articles that have been defined in the glossary.
Reviews: 1
This plugin works well. I just had some issues with getting it to work it kept showing a ? instead of the definition text.

Installing their scriptgator plugin and setting jquery to site fixed the problem.
Reviews: 1
FYI - This is a plugin - not a component. So once you download the plugin you need to goto >Manage Plugins / Then open up the plugin and type in your Definition=Terms. Once you have done this for your terms, now you need to go into your conetent and manually insert a *** on both sides of the word tha you want a glossary pop up to be active. It works, its just a lot of work.
Reviews: 7
What can you say works out of the box. Ok if you're a newbie you define your terms inside the Mambot itself -- not on your page. I'd give this an excellent rating if there were a wee bit more documentation and an easy for my client to add their terms themselves. And wouldn't it be nice... (don't mean to sound like Beach Boys here) ... if there were admin interface for the term records, but did the author say, FREE! ~cubefree