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Flash Magazine Deluxe ComponentPlugin

This Joomla! Flash Magazine component helps you to set off your online flash book, magazine or sales catalogue with special flipping pages effect. Users can manually list online magazine pages with the mouse cursor and navigate the content using user-friendly controls. There is a possibility to flip the book's pages in automated mode too.

The special flipping effect raises visitor’s attention to the information you present. Using Flash Magazine component you can make attractive interactive services portfolio or shop goods catalogue. You can INSERT SOUND, PICTURES, TEXT, LINKS and even VIDEO into your online pages.
Flash Magazine component offers rich variety of features:
User-focused Navigation Panel
- Thumbnails (quick page navigation with preview);
- Page zooming and full screen mode;
- Slideshow page scrolling mode;
- Magazine printing and PDF download options to get the magazine offline version.
Feature-rich Interface Settings
- You can choose the resolution for your flash magazine (book);
- You are free to change background, elements and additional color to make your flipping book attractive;
- 5 professional templates are included;
- Front page of the flash magazine (book);
- Pop-up window with magazine or book description in Magazines Management, which is very suitable, especially if you have a lot of online magazines or books.

Special Features

- Built-in WYSIWYG editor which should help you a lot with the text formatting;
- Create swf or FLW video pages in your online magazine (book);
- Select background sound and flipping sound for a magazine (book);
- Multiupload/batch upload tool ;
- Possibility to speed up by quick cloning of pages in a flash magazine;
- Sorting out flipping magazines or books by categories;
- Archive module;
- Meta data (to preset keywords and description);
- Select groups of users who will be able to view online magazines or books.
Two additional plugins are delivered together with Joomla! Flash Magazine Deluxe installation package. They make it easy to insert a book with page turn effect directly into content pages, or add links to flip magazines - as you wish.

Tips on painless conversion PDF files into flipping pages provided.

Joomla 2.5 Demo can be found here -

For Joomla! 3.0 Demo go to -

The Flash Magazine Joomla! component is proved to be steady progressing as first released in 2008 and having a number of improvement releases.

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Reviews: 1
I am completely satisfied with the product. It accumulates all the features I was looking for. I am free to create any publication, changing background, flipping sounds. Batch upload feature saves a lot of my time. What is important, I can add Meta data to make my content indexed my search engines. An excellent component, for sure!
Reviews: 2
I am no techie, but I literally set up an e-magazine with a few minutes on our project website.
this is exactly what I want, simple to set up, very user-friendly, value for money and more importantly, it works!
I checked many digital magazine providers before I found this, they will host the e-magazine on their server, and if i want to host it on my own, it will cost me a fortune!
I had a small issue with the layout, and the responses from their team is very prompt!
A great product! and thank you for making my life a lot more easier!
Reviews: 3
I have been using this component for over a 1 year, We needed a method to upload magazines, but make it user friendly at the same time. Once we tried it, we had to buy it. Recently I had over 4 magazine issues and had to contact support in to specific modification...(Make a long story short).

Within 48HRS they helped me out, and the delay was on my end replying back to further detail what I needed help with. Thank you guys!

I support great products!!
Reviews: 1
Being a business owner was looking for a component to present website’sinformation in a different way, not just plain text and pictures. Flash MagazineDeluxe was exactly I was looking for. With the help of this component I created a catalogue with products’ description and prices and easily built into my website.The component is easy to use; no additional technical skills are needed.Recommend to everyone.
Reviews: 1
I have just started my experience with Joomla that is why while choosing a component for creating flash magazines I put an emphasis on simplicity of usage and implementing. I selected Joomla Flash Magazine and don’t regret. Support team is great! They answer my questions within a short period of time and any time I face some difficulties they are ready to help. Great service!
Reviews: 2
I had Flash Magazine Deluxe installed for promoting product on my website by my programmer. After fooling around with it for a day with different size photo's, color adjustments and different permissions I finally published a magazine. Then I had a problem I wanted to publish a second (eventually 3rd, 4th, etc) without deleting the first magazine or any of the magazines. I did not know how to do this so I created a service ticket with JoomPlace. Their response time and help was extraordinary, we had 3-4 very constructive and positive emails back and forth until I got the problem solved which was a menu issue that I did not know about.

I have 24 plug-ins on my website and have never had such a quick and positive experience with a problem before. Firstly anyone looking for a magazine plug-in Flash Magazine is a great product, I researched 5 magazines and a few free ones, Flash Magazine Deluxe is by far the best and with their excellent support you will greatly improve the user experience on you website,I highly recommend this plug-in. Steven Toushin bijouworld
Reviews: 14
At the first time i say what? impossible i can´t do this. But with 5 minutes of checking i understand perfectly.
You can have many magazine with different colours or layout in a very short of time.
I buy it to a client he have a real state paper magazine and want a digital version with Flash magazine i do this and more. Now the client have a real state Magazine online with 1 design and have many catalogue of his client on the same page.
Perfect, easy and customizable are the key of this component.