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WS Portfolio - Sortable Isotope Portfolio Module

This is the extension after you have been looking for. Say hello to the new sortable and filterable portfolio Joomla module "WS-Portfolio". Developed using jQuery Isotope and mansonry brings you this responsive Joomla Portfolio modules a lots of options, all of them can be easily set in the nice looking backend of Joomla. Check out the demo or read more about the features.


This Joomla Portfolio Module works on all devices like Desktop PC's, Tablets like the iPad and Smartphones like iPhone or Android. The size and design fits always to your Website and the Viewport. There are 2 Steps in the resize Progress.


In our new Portfolio Admin Panel inside the Joomla Backend we have added a lot of new Options to control the Portfolio, also Headlines and Texts to help you to setup the Joomla Portfolio within a few Minutes.


You can set up to ten Main Filter Items in the Portfolio where you can sort your Portfolio Items for. Also a Main Category for displaying all Portfolio Items as needed. Of course you can add several Filter ID's to one Item.


In WS Portfolio you can add up to 50 Portfolio Items, create them easily from the awesome Joomla Backend of this responsive Joomla Isotope Portfolio Module. Also you have the possibility to add more using the Coding field.


With this Joomla Portfolio Module you have the option to hide your content in a toggle which is only visible when the element is clicked. It's made with a nice Callback Function, after you click the Toggle Button the Portfolio is sorted new in a nice animated way.


You can set a optional Link Tag for every Portfolio Item to fully control the Link of the Portfolio Item. Examples are Tags to open the Link in a new Window (target="_blank"), important SEO Tags (rel="noindex, nofollow") or a HTML5 Data Attribute (data-rokbox for example when using the RokBox2 Lightbox).


You can choose several Columns for each Portfolio, you can choose between a 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns, 6 Columns or a 12 Columns Portfolio.


On each Entry you can activate the Highlight Function for a Portfolio Item, this Item will be having the double Size then all of your other Items, no matter which Column Width you have choosed. Of course it's dynamically based on the Columns of your Joomla Portfolio.


You can create as many Portfolios on your Site as you need, for example add a Portfolio for your best Logos, and add another one for your best Websites you have created.


It's possible for each Item to add several Filter Tags, means one Item can have only one Category, or also two or more.


We have added also many Features that are well for the SEO of your Site, the whole Content is visible for Search Engines and the Image have a Valid Alternative Tag.

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Reviews: 3
Very impressive portfolio, looks powerful, it works perfectly.
Excellent support!
I give ***** stars :)
Reviews: 1
This is a very good portfolio module! Its clean and very adaptable. And not at least very easy to install and use. Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 14
I was a little worried about choosing this module at first as it had review numbers and no stars showing, but it looked interesting and when I went further I found all reviews at rated it highly, not sure what was going on here with the JED?
That being said, this product was easy to install, easy to use and gave professional results without any fuss. Does what it says, VZ to the developer.
Reviews: 6
I have to say, I'm impressed with the quality of this module and the support behind it.

After installing, I had a problem with the filter system. So I opened a ticket to see what was wrong.

Turned out that my site was loading multiple jquery instances at the same time, and worse all different versions.
So, obviously it couldn't work.

Long story short, Oli fixed it in no time, installed a jquery loader plugin, who makes sure that now my site only loads the latest version of jquery ONE TIME and on top he even did some changes on the css to make everything look slick :)

I really wished that more developers would provide support like WS-Theme does.

So, if you look for a portfolio plugin, look no further. It's worth every cent of it.
Reviews: 6
This extension works very good for what we wanted to do. It's got lots of options and looks good on your website.

The only down side for me was the speed of the extension it runs very slow in the admin side!. I'm not sure if it's because of the JCE editor or not? but on the site it's fine.
Reviews: 31
What an absolute delight! Brought this extension hoping for a beautiful way to display my portfolio - it works like a charm and is so, so flexible. I am in love with it! Displays all your work in such an appealing, sleek way. Support is brilliant too - I needed help and received a quick, effective answer within a few hours. Very pleased!
Reviews: 14
Very satisfied with the module. Looks sweet, very modern and easy to manage and get it up running.

Also been having great and quick experience with the support team, cause of modifications that i needed on the module.
Reviews: 20
I love giving reviews like this especially with companies like WS Theme.

Our template is very complex, but Oli did a remarkable job on getting this portfolio to work on our complicated joomla site.

If you want the absolute best portfolio with the absolute best support, look no further. This thing is great!!!
Reviews: 13
Working on a site with this extension as main navigation.
Useful, lots of options. Good support.
Can cause unresponsive script with validate.js. So the admin is a bit slow but ok.
Result is great.
Thanks for integrating isotope for us!
Reviews: 4
I like this eXtension. The Module have a very cool effect.
A improvement suggestion would be, build a component.
Nice Job!
Reviews: 1
This extension looks gorgeous, and works well for portfolio sizes of 50 or under. It starts to get complicated when you have larger portfolios than that but the developer was right there when I needed help and within a couple of days he had fixed everything I needed fixing.

Awesome module, amazing developer.
Reviews: 2
This is now my fourth Extension from this Developer and with this review I want to say: THANK YOU!! Extensions are always working fine, sometimes I have some problems cause of jQuery Conflicts but the Developer was always there to help me. And in most cases he could fix my problem!

To the Portfolio: very very nice effects of the animation and it's working very well on my responsive site! Maybe in other Versions it would be great to have more features like choosing an Article or integrate loading with Ajax. But also without this, it's working great and my customer loves it!
Reviews: 35
I created a one-page site for my portfolio and I found this module on the site of the developer.

After installing it and adding projects, it worked like a charm.

Looks not only very fancy but also very impressing.

When I tested my website on different devices and by resizing my browser window, it looked really magic :)

Elegent effects, non-obstrusive and convenient to work with.

Worth every single cent.

Thanks for the wonderful option to show off by showing my works :)

Best regards,

Rob van Linda