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My Sites Component

My Sites is a free open source web design/development portfolio component for Joomla 2.5. Categorize and showcase your projects. Projects can have information fields as well as an image gallery with lightbox effects.

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Reviews: 4
It seems ok at first but then there are a few bugs in there that seem to have been left there on purpose, among which: you can't order the projects, they are displayed "oldest 1st"... which kind of makes the whole system worthless, who wants to display his latest work at the bottom of the page? I've been unable to locate suppord doc or forums, and the name of the extension "my sites" makes it very hard to isolate relevant search engines output.
Reviews: 2
While this component did seem nice at first, I came to realize that it is NOT responsive and does not do well on my site. I will give the author kudos for making it easy to use though.
Reviews: 5
Thanks for sharing your work with the community. The component is very good. The only problem I see is that the order does not work. You can sort the projects. You do but go on the frontpage as been created and not as ordered
Reviews: 1
I was looking for good and free portfolio component and "My Sites" did, what I was looking for.

Had a little problems with project links, but with support from Brad Traversy everything is now working nicely ;)
Thank you!
Reviews: 11
If you don't want to go through the process of duplicating this extension in native Joomla (and you could easily), then this is the package to use. This extension is remarkably simple and looks clean having all the basics, I really like it. Plus, it can be used for more than just websites, I was using it for my various design and publishing projects too. However, it is not responsive and breaks for format of my mobile template. I'm sure with some work this could be adjusted. Nice job!
Reviews: 1
Awesome component, works perfectly for our needs. Just had to edit a bit of the source but was easy to figure out.
Reviews: 1
Clean looking display, very simple to install. Thank you!
Reviews: 8
Very good and simple!

I will rate it 5 stars because it is simple to use and simple to customise and it's totally FREE!

Reviews: 9
This must be the best free portfolio component to display websites. (That's what I'm using it for) I had an issue with the template and Brad bend over backwards to get it sorted. Nothing but praise for the component and the support.
Reviews: 2
I downloaded this extension because I was in need of a free portfolio component to display my work. I'm glad I found this extension. It works perfectly and it was one of the easiest 3rd party extensions to install and setup. Kudos to the developer.
Reviews: 2
I needed a very simple but elegant component to display my web design work. This one hit the nail right on the head. It was extremely easy to install and setup....Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Very user friendly and all I had to do was install it.Worked faster than I could count to 3!