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RPC - Responsive Portfolio ComponentPlugin

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Welcome to the very best Portfolio eXtension for Joomla! : RPC - Responsive Portfolio.

This portfolio uses a effective, uncomplicated and rapid portfolio creation process, allows you to set any number of main filters and related tags for your portfolio. The portfolio frontend offers cool effects, multifiltering, sorting, grid- and listview, additional information about each portfolio item and much more, which makes this extension more than a simple portfolio component.

Overview of main features of the rpc portfolio:

- Works on all types of devices like desktops, tablets (Android and ios/ipad based) and smartphones (Android and ios/iphone based), due to its responsive nature, the portfolio adapts to the respective device and always displays the portfolio in a optimal way.

- has been tested on a variety of browsers, like Firefox (Mozilla), Chrome (Webkit), IE, and Android and ios devices. All latest versions have been tested and proven to work.

- supports images, html, videos, joomla articles, K2 articles (if K2 is installed), VM2 products (if VM2 is installed, Joomla 2.5 only at present due to VM2 limitations) as portfolio items

- unlimited main filters can be created for your portfolio, however, we recommend using not too many main filters to retain clarity.

- unlimited Portfolios and related Portfolio elements can be created, multiple portfolios per page is no problem. The sky's the limit!

- Portfolio elements feature drag'n'drop ordering, mass activate/deactivate, copy and delete. Sorting, search and filtering is also implemented.

- set responsive portfolio options and meta data

- In the frontend, the Portfolio can use a variety of visual effects like fade, rotate, scale, blur, snap, etc.

- each portfolio item uses a fantastic overlay animation upon hovering, which can be defined in the backend, choose from a bunch of effects.

- Display your Portfolio as grid view or list view, this can be switched in the frontend, also shuffle and sorting/multifiltering

- Display your portfolio either normally via a menu item, or via the built-in RPC plugin which allows you to display your portfolio anywhere in your content. The respective shortcode can be copied directly from the portfolio list in the

- creates a directly callable link, i.e. filter the portfolio, copy the dynamically created link from your browsers address line and e.g. send it via email. When you enter this link into your browser, the portfolio will automatically filter itself for the respective options.

plus many more features which make the eXtro RPC - Responsive Portfolio truly the best Portfolio for Joomla. Please see the manual for more information, and check out our portfolio demo on our demo site.

V1.3.0/1.3.3 *****
Brand new portfolio element type - link to a external site, + dutch, hebrew translation. Corrects a bug in portfolio item sorting

***** V1.3.4
This release adds the option to use inline filters. This is a mor

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Reviews: 2
I'm really amazed with their support!
I used this for to list an accounting firm's staff profiles.
Installation and configuration was straightforward.
I had some issues with sorting those staff displays so I requested help though the 'support ticket'. Rainer from the support team spent time looking at the issue and identified that it was due to my Joomla installation. Even after that, he went out of his way and guided me to find a solution!
Big thank you guys.
Reviews: 4
I bought this product after a long search to find the right product for my site. The quality & looks of this extension is perfect for my site. I did have a couple of issues NOT with the extension but with my Joomla template throwing the Portfolio CSS out. I contact Extro-Media on 2 occasions with these issues through their support ticket system and was amazed with the speed, accuracy and the polite detailed professional reply I received. They even offered to apply the fixes FREE of charge for me. Thank you Rainer for a great product and excellent after sales service. I will defiantly be looking at your extensions to see if you have what i need as my first port of call in the future.
Reviews: 6
We use this Component for a Microsite and the out of the box functionality is very impressive.
We think that this component can improve the look and feel of your site.
Reviews: 2
When I read all these reviews, I was sceptical at first, this sounded just too good
to be true. However - after viewing the demo, I decided to give it a try and
purchased this component, and was surprised to see that everything was correct what
was written. Creating portfolios is simply a breeze, the component is so easy to
use, but very powerful, and you can do things with it that other portfolios
don't even get near.
Reviews: 1
I stumbled over this fantastic portfolio by chance while browsing the extro media site.
I was interested in a other one of their modules and was wondering why this portfolio was not yet in the JED at this time, so I asked them and the answer was that it was still pending and had to be approved by a JED member, but it was already available in their shop.
I took a look at the demo, was impressed, bought the component and installed it on my site.
What can I say - I was convinced from the very first moment.
This is really the best portfolio component I've ever seen and used, full of features, but easy to use.
It looks great in the frontend, you have multiple filters and you can not only use it as a portfolio, you can also use it as a gallery, as K2 article list, or even as a VM product list.

So I decided to write a review when the JED entry is published.
I'm completely happy with this component and really can recommend it.

You all reading this should at least take a look at the demo and convince yourself that this portfolio is really the best and easiest you've ever seen!

Thanks for this fantastic component!
Reviews: 2
A good and intelligent portfolio for managing filters. 8/10

Support helped me by providing relevant answers that solve my problems. 10/10

Keep up the good job.
Reviews: 11
I use the portfolio component for a client site. He updates his site permanently, and with this component he is able to do this by his own. What I like about the component is that you can even create a Virtuemart category page. However, it would be better VM would be already available for Joomla 3.x (but this is a other problem). I think this is once again a good product. I must confess, I've become a fan of your extensions. If problems occur you always help me to solve them. Very nice extension!!