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Vip Portfolio ComponentModule

Use this component to build your portfolio. There are a lot of layouts that you can use to create your interactive presentation. You are able to categorize your projects.

The categories are SEO optimized and you can write an own meta description, title, keywords and canonical link.

There are Facebook layout which you can use to put your projects list on your Facebook fan page.

You are able to upload unlimited images for any project.

You can choose from several types of lightboxes.

There are many parameters you can use to adjust the projects.

* Several interactive layouts.
* Facebook layout.
* Resize images during upload to the server.
* Generate thumbnails automatically.
* Upload unlimited additional images.
* Ability to preview images in modal gallery.
* SEO optimization.
* Slideshow gallery modules.

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Reviews: 1
After reviewing several portfolio components, VIP Portfolio was exactly what I was looking for. I decided to sign up for the “Exclusive” membership level and download the "Pro" version.

Initially I was met with a severe problem where the HTML code was being stripped after saving the portfolio article. I was eventually able to contact ITPrism, where Tudor immediately corrected the problem and posted a new file version. Upon downloading the updated file, the component performed flawlessly.

I found it easy to navigate the code and style sheets to make the modifications I desired to effect changes to the style & formatting to produce my desired "look & feel".

It's a pleasure to find and work with a company that is responsive and quick to provide outstanding support. Thanks, Tudor.
Reviews: 4
I like this component, simple to install and use but unfortunately i can't find a possibility to use it with Falang
Reviews: 1
This is my first review.The component is excellent with good documentation.I cannot resist posting a review.Thanx a lot
Reviews: 2
It's does what almost what it shows, every simple, buty powerfull and free!!

You cannot change the order of the projects but clicking the up/down arrows or putting numbers in ordering column. There seems to be no consistency of how the projects are ordered. It doesn't matter how you enter, the order seems random. This is a problem because I would like to place my best projects at the top of the list.

Reviews: 2
Please be aware that the author has a backlink on most pages in the FAQS he states you can remove the backlink and guides you to 2 directories with numerous files in each. I read the forum where another user had asked how to remove the backlink he was referred to the FAQ. When he asked which file his question was not answered. If you are happy with backlinks or want to spend an hour finding the correct file to edit ( I gave up). This extension may be for you.
Owner's reply

:D Thank you for the bad review.
OK. I am going to remove the backlink. ;)

Reviews: 4
It's does what it shows, every simple, buty powerfull!
Reviews: 1
I really like what this component is supposed to do. It is beautifully designed and pretty easy to use except for one major flaw. You cannot change the order of the projects but clicking the up/down arrows or putting numbers in ordering column. There seems to be no consistency of how the projects are ordered. It doesn't matter how you enter, the order seems random. This is a problem because I would like to place my best projects at the top of the list.
A lot of potential, but I've spent hours on trying to figure this out. I could have completed the whole website in the time I've wasted on trying to get my projects to show in the order I want them to.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Owner's reply

Hi gimbie,
Thank you for the review. It was really useful. I implemented functionality for ordering.

Cheers, :)

Reviews: 1
It's a really good extension because it just does what it's meant to do. It's easy to style and manage. Plus it has all layouts you would need for a portfolio. We found two minor bugs. First, the Facebook template doesn't seem to work in 1.6 but we don't really care about that anyway. The second is the links in the category list layout. When the Joomla SEF option is activated the link targets the same page it's on. Don't know where that comes from since it's using JRoute like any normal extension.

One very cool feature is the possibility to add multiple images to a project. we also have two suggestions. Having a script to resize images to the thumbnail size and a project case study view would be awesome. But those are just luxuries. In conclusion we do recommend this extension and thank the developer for the time and effort put into it.
Reviews: 2
Worked well for the website portfolio I needed to build. It was very easy to get the list version set up. My ONLY complaint would be that when I loaded up extra photos on each of the projects, they do not allow you to click from one to the next in the modal window. You have to close each window and select the next thumbnail. I may have done something incorrectly, but I don't think so. excellent tool...especially considering the price :o)
Owner's reply

Rob, thank you for the review! :)
Now you are able to use Slimbox as a modal gallery which will allow you to change the images from one to next one.


Reviews: 2
Nice component, but i couldnt put it working like in the demo. I mean, when you click an image on projects list it doesnt open a flash modal window with the previous page behind it, but a new blank page with the image.
Reviews: 11
Took me extra time to figure out what gallery was what. Simply adding a name to your images would certainly help. The documentation is very poor and not complete. The demo page has no description whatsoever starting with the image menu what should be mentioned. An extension is as good as its documentation therefore I can't give more than 2 stars.
Reviews: 5
Great work. I am happy with this component. I just want to share with you that you have not updated the xml file with the latest version typed. It still shows as version 2.0 not 2.1.

Great work thank you very much.
Owner's reply

Thank you mbrsolution,
Now is correct. :)

Reviews: 7
I tested it and it's very good program but I detect that is not compatible with SH404 component. I wish that in a future can be solved.

Reviews: 2
First impressions are very good. Took me a bit of fiddling to get it working as I wanted. Had to tweak the source code a little bit to get margins/padding right but I like it.

Couple of little things: don't seem to be able to stop the title from linking in list view, even when I remove the link. May have to tweak the PHP file.

Also it would be nice to be able to have an introductory paragraph at the top of my list. Can cheat and add a new project with a description but would be good to have a dedicated introduction.

Anyway, great work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for good idea joe_chump. Now you can use the parameters to remove the links from the title. :)

Reviews: 2
Impressed with the demo. But i second the previous comments. I can upload the images. I pointed the menu item to the component, but an empty page is displayed. Using latest joomla. Can you have it retested?
Reviews: 1
I should be the only one idiot who can't run it. I had installed it ,in components I can see the button with the control panel, settings and... I can attach photos but nothing else , I can't see the result :( What had I missed , help... I know that should work :)
Owner's reply

Just add a new menu item that points to the extension.

Reviews: 13
Superb Software!
Liked it a lot. My clients are just too happy with this extension. It looks and all the layouts are just great!
Keeo up the good work mate..
Reviews: 2
Thanks im using it right now with the smooth style and is working very good and pretty well looking. Just in mootools style just show 2 of my eight thumbs do know why, but im done with the smooth one =D Thanks for your work man.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install. Easy to use. Good Support. I sent an email in the morning and had a reply that afternoon.
A tip - the setting for the lightbox in in the paramaters.
Reviews: 16
Great, easy fast to use...

Just one question, how do I get the ligthbox view to work??...

Owner's reply

Thanks! :)

You can turn on the Lightbox by settings. Just set "Yes" for option "Use modal window".

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