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DigiFolio ComponentPlugin

The DigiFolio component makes it easy to display all your projects on your website (portfolio). You can show details about your projects including images, start/end date, e-mail, webaddress, etc.

The DigiFolio component is versatile and perfect to use for any website. The CSS styles for the component are easy to change. This way every view can be set to your own layout!

Add a watermark to each image in your portfolio. The watermark is fully adjustable with your own text including color, font, size, transparancy, position and even the angle. The original images still being preserved though.

Each DigiFolio project can contain a master image and can contain, optionally, 5 other images. These images will be displayed using a Fancybox or ImageZoom popup.

Multi-lingual support is fully implemented according the Joomla! 2.5 principles. The component displays the projects and categories in the proper language on your mulit-lingual website.

Three plugins are installed with the DigiFolio Component. These are added to enjoy the component even more!

- Content plugin -
This plugin can be used to add (and display) DigiFolio projects from within your articles.

- Insert button -
This plugin adds a button below the Joomla! text editor. This way you can add an project easily to your articles. Just clilck the button, select your project to display and it's done.

- Search plugin -
The final plugin adds search functionality to the Joomla! search option. This way your users can also search for keywords in your DigiFolio projects.

All views are neatly sorted on category, displayed as thumbnails or just directly in a list with all projects. The choice is all yours how you want to display this through CSS and the configuration settings of the DigiFolio component.

With the help of the advanced backup and recovery functions you can create fast and easy backups of all projects, categories and CSS styles you've set for the component. Everything is saved in backup files which you can download as one ZIP archive for later usage. The ZIP archive is also a standard Joomla! extension installation package which can be installed through the Joomla! extensions manager to restore the backup files easily.

Added is a Live Update functionality. Check quickly for a new version of the DigiFolio component and update immediately. Thanks to the LiveUpdate component from it's as easy as counting to three.

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Reviews: 1
Good working component, that is working out of the box.

The component is easily customizable, to let it integrate into your site by editing the css and section php files. All the css classes are clearly named.

I had a little issue with the watermark on the extra images, but after a very quick e-mail response, UWiX gave me the latest version which corrected this problem.

Great support and a good working component, and all for the price of free! A well deserved five stars.
Reviews: 1
Amazing, this extension matched my needs perfectly - thanks for a great FREE product! Only issue I am having and I can't resolve is that the images in my gallery do NOT open with JQuery effect, instead if you click on image it opens in white screen by itself (Tested on Chrome and IE - latest versions). This does not look good..I am sure it is setting someplace. I DID select Fancybox(JQuery) Popup YES in config but still nothing. ANY IDEAS? Otherwise PERFECT! Thank you again...
Owner's reply

I've just e-mailed a respons to your error report through our website, but I'll put some information about it here:

Most likely it has to do with the loaded Superfish component/plugin. This is a known issue which cannot be resolved by us. It seems there's coding needed in Superfish for it.

Always try to find out how many installed components/plugins are using jQuery. Different versions are most likely the cause of conflicts between components.

If you need more help, please reply to our e-mail.

Reviews: 2
The very least I can do is to recommend this component and make a donation. It worked out of the box, quick reply from the helpdesk (for NL based). Even gives option to display or not their logo. I used it in combination with SIGEPro and saved me hours and without having to figure out much. Excellent
Reviews: 6
Hi all,
I use this extention a couple of months now.
On my last project i had some serious problems and i contacted uwix.
They gave me a wonderfull support and solved my problems, even without donation.
After that i did a donation to support this wonderful extention.

You can use it not only for a portfolio, i use it now to show events to do on a campsite.

Reviews: 20
I just love this component! I tried several other portfolios, but this one beats them all. Great flexibility, yet simple and efficient. Works beautifully and without any errors or other issues.

If you need a good portfolio component, you can't find a better one that DigiFolio! It rocks!

Great job developers!
Reviews: 26
Just what I was looking for, a simple but feature-rich component to provide a portfolio of work for my new website. There are some really nice features, and although I'd like a few extras such as being able to add a field for a client testimonial and have more than one image, perhaps other media such as videos, it does what it says on the tin and does it quite nicely! Good job!
Reviews: 1
A stellar addon that does just what it needs to do, and not too much more. I was looking for a simple portfolio manager that integrated well with my site's css, and this onehit the spot!
Reviews: 1
I have trialled a number of similiar add-ons and this is my favourite by far. Simple to use, quiet sleek design...all in the best interests of presenting a portfolio or demos. Well done folks.
Reviews: 6
A few bugs still to work out but it's a nice design.
Reviews: 6
Very useful, also to showcase services.

I have a problem with breadcrumbs and sef settings (router.php doesn't set the right path for the category). Hope this will be fixed!

Anyway, a good companion for Joomla!
Reviews: 1
I would just like to say thank you to the developers of this component. I works very nicely, and looks very professional. I was able to get it to look exactly like I wanted by editing the output templates, and css sheet. Thanks again, nice work.
Reviews: 4
I don't have much more to say than AWESOME, works like a dream. Just installed on two of my sites to feature my portfolio of websites I have designed/hosted.
Reviews: 5
The best portfolio component I have found for Joomla.
What I miss is a front end form to submit entrys by users: User should submit an entry and admin/moderator should publish.
Reviews: 2
I dont normally write reviews but i thought i must take the time and thank the developer who created this extension. This is by far the best component i have used for my portfolio. Easy to install and easy to configure. Thanks a million!
Reviews: 6
I just installed this and have only played around with it for about fifteen minutes but after trying many of the other non commercial portfolio components I would have to say this seems to be a nicely built one.
It is very easy to install (component auto installs the plugins) and has lots of options for adding project details, customisable CSS layout and a number of different view options for linking from the menu.

Great effort, my only wish would be to be able to add multiple pics per item, but it is not a big deal as it uses tinymce for adding the description so you can just add extra pics to your description.