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JXTC Weblinks Plus Pro ComponentModule

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Weblinks Plus Pro version adds some of the most requested features to the core Joomla Weblinks component:

Display listings in Grid or List View

Add a single image to each listing with automatic thumbnail creation

Link the Weblink to an Joomla Content Article

This component does not overwrite your core Weblinks component.

The additional Weblinks Pro Wall Module is the ultimate weblink showcase:

This module gives you the power to display Weblinks with your custom CSS and HTML in a module position.

Choose from categories, images, thumbnails, title, description, and display them with your own templates limited only by your imagination. Its the perfect tool for developers with custom styles in mind. Along with the custom layout the module can display columns and grids as well as scrolling events for sliders and slideshows!

The JoomlaXTC Weblinks Plus Pro package can be used for much more than just weblinks - it's perfect for a web designer showcase too!

011/02/16 Version 1.1.2

* Fixed SEF/SEO compatibility

2010/09/17 Version 1.1.1

* Fixes description length

New in Version 1.1.4

* Fixed error when creating a web link on frontend
* Added "Related item" option on frontend submit form
* Updated module to use the latest render engine

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Reviews: 8
In the end it does what I want and it looks great.
But it took me a while to get there. Changing the theme was some work, the sourcecode is not realy compliant php. It works, but its just a bit messy code.

The admin part is a great advantage for my linkmanagement. However also there it is just a bit off. The way you have to duplicate links (or create a copy of it) is not normal Joomla behaviour. It's nearly impossible to create duplicates. So if you need to add a handfull of links based on the same layout you created before, get ready for some frustration.

Otherwise its great.
Reviews: 12
Do not purchase this component based on its demo.
The demo page is totally misleading.

You wont get anything nicer but a plain static web directory something like built it weblink component in Joomla 1.5
Owner's reply


What you are seeing in the demo is the MODULE and the settings the MODULE CAN DO.

The Component itself can do Grid or List view of the Layout.

Reviews: 5
The demo for this product is very misleading. On the demo page you have some very nice looking thumbnail photos, and they are all of an identical pattern. You then have text which says "Automatically generated thumbnails". I bought this component because I was expecting it to mean that it automatically generated thumbnails that looked that good. That is not the case. What it means is if you upload a large image, it will shrink it for you. WOW. Thanks, but I could just shrink the image first and save file size on my server because I really don't need people to be linking through to full size images anyway. It's for linking to the sites. The cool thumbnails were just to make the page look slick and nice.
Owner's reply


What you are seeing in the demo is the MODULE and the settings the MODULE CAN DO.

The Component itself can do Grid or List view of the Layout.