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Bookmarks Reloaded - Pro Component

This extension is a fork of the popular 1.5.x extension Bookmarks by TEG Design (

Making use of ShrinkTheWeb to create thumbnail snapshots of the links added, and querying popular search engines to determine pagerank information, Bookmarks Reloaded is a 1.7 native extension which makes full use of the developments including

- Category and bookmarks can be restricted to Joomla! ACL's
- Import facility to bring your bookmarks and categories into Bookmarks Reloaded
- Nested categories with the facility to add links to multiple categories

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Reviews: 3
Do not buy this

now let me tell you why

I was an early adopted because i loved bookmarks and djesus had not done any updates on it in a while, and viryasoftware came along and said it will fork it and make it work in joomla 2.5, brilliant!

so they start developing it, release a few alphas and then went down having a pro and a free version, as you would expect. so i decided to buy a subscription.

for nearly 6 months the extension had no usable functionality and i told Ruth at viryasoftware that after 6 months it should be usuable, ie like the old bookmarks.

i then entered in to a conversation with her where she blamed me for not submitting any feature requests or bug reports to them and she also told me that Bookmarks reloaded was a fork of Bookmarks and should not be considered the same program and so it will not have the same features.

so my responses were to show her all the feature requests i had submitted within a month or so of the project going live. I also told her that Bookmarks reloaded should have the same features otherwise why call it Bookmarks Reloaded.

All this being said, i asked for an extension to my subscription because barely any work has been done on this project, which she even admitted on several occasions, but she is unwilling to extend my expensive subscription.

so to this day this compoenent does not have a working search feature, the navigation features of bookmarks do not really exist, support is terrible, and it is my fault that nothing has been done.

Do not buy this product, they will take you money and not do any work. It does not take 8 - 10 months to take a already complex and complete extension and convert it to joomla 2.5 by a professional programmer.

The original Bookmarks by DJesus was and is brilliant. Unlike Bookmarks Reloaded

Oh and one last piece of advise, backup your site before you uninstall because viryasoftware beleieve it is a good idea for the uninstall process to delete all your Bookmarks Reloaded content, Great !!!

I have got less than 4 months to go before my subscription runs out and i still cannot get rid of my joomla 1.5 install running the original version of Bookmarks. I will be surprised if they do any updates to it by then. The search plugin was suppose to be implemented by (18/02/14). This issue got slightly updated when i complaind which didnt really get me anywhere.

I do not usually complain about extensions but i paid my money after i was promised something and still have not got it, a working version of Bookmarks in Joomla 2.5

thanks for reading this, the search goes on
Reviews: 11
I came in search of a replacement for the original TEG version of the Bookmarks component for Joomla 1.5, and found this just as it was being launched. Despite initial bugs, the Virya team put forth an excellent effort - the wonderful responsiveness, great attitude, and genuine effort by Ruth & Ben got all of the issues sorted out, and they haven't stopped there - more improvements are in the works. In addition to importing old data from the legacy TEG extension, this is 1.7 / 2.5 compatible, which is a godsend when your data is trapped in an older version.

The one caveat to be aware of is that the only screenshooter service used at the moment requires a $5 / Month subscription to work properly. The Virya team found out about this after the fact (the conditions changed after the component was developed), and they're looking for alternative, free solutions already.