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All Weblinks ModulePlugin

The ALL_WEBLINKS extension is made to fix some short comings in the default Joomla! component.

With this extension you can show links in various layouts, Show all categories in one page, or specify which ones to show, display if a link is new, show the description as a tool-tip or below the links, Display the category description below the link, Hide the category title.

The extension comes in 2 flavours:
1. A plug-in
2. A module
With the PLUGIN and MODULE you should still use the weblinks component to manage your weblinks.

You can choose to use either one or both extensions

1.: Plugin[Development by my]:
You should use the plugin if you want to show weblinks in the content position.
The plugin V3 can also show the links in Tabs or Slider layout

HOW TO setup the [more links] option please read this WIKI:

2.: Module[further development by Carsten Schneider]:
You should use the module if you want to show weblinks in a module position.
The module can also collapse categories
Module also available foir Joomla V3 (thx to Carsten S)

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Reviews: 3
Great module and plugin that extend the very limiting category selection of the standard (one or all) by allowing to select through including or excluding exactly the categories you want to display. You can have different modules with specific link icons. And you can highlight newly published links for a specific number of days. Very good job, have been waiting a long time for this upgrade to Joomla version 1.7.
Reviews: 2
I really appreciate your time and effort to product a great extension. The default thing that comes with joomla is pure certified junk. I have used your extension on many web sites now.

I am moving many of my web site over to Joomla 1.6 and can't wait for the update to use your extension on my updated sites.

May you be richly rewarded in Heaven!

Owner's reply

Thanks for waiting.

The BETA for JOOMLA! 1.6 and 1.7 is now downloadable

Reviews: 10
Really, this was exactly what I needed, multiple modules across the page handling various categories. Just exceptionally well done. Thank you!

Only (slight) bug I noticed is that when adding a module style (eg style-box) to the joomla module the classes on the page pick up and append the style to the classes provided by the module. It's not a big deal, it just means going into the modules css and changing the classes to match. It may be my template uniquely causing this behavior or a minor bug. I though posting this might help people having issues with their template's styles.
Reviews: 3
Great module does what I require. Would be great if it could scroll the links pausing on each, maybe a future enhancement.

Well done
Reviews: 2
I've been using this to display a huga database of links on my windsurfing website for some time now. The default joomla component was just not up to the task giving a rather clunky layout IMO. This component fits the bill perfectly and the integration is superb. I really hope development of this can continue into Joomla 1.6 as I would be lost without it.
Owner's reply

I am currently busy in moving the plugin to 1.6

It's already installable there... BUT DOES NOT YET work there...

The tables has changed so i have some work left to do

But it's comming

Reviews: 3
This plugin was just what I needed. Simple installation and configuration.

There was a little issue with opening links in a new window but after a simple mail to the developer he solved this immidiatly.

Nice work!
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this excellent module. I found it very straight forward to add and set up.

A couple of requests might be to add CSS configuration parameters in the module config to allow for easier access of customizations.

Also support of website thumbnails would be a great addition.

Great work!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a better way to display the links and this extension works pretty well. I tried the plug-in but had better luck with the module using the {loadposition xxx} within an article. There are some documentation differences for the same thing between the module and the plug in. For example,
Plug-in documentation {all_weblinks show_description=[0]} is supposed to show the link description but on the demo website it shows {all_weblinks display_description=[1]} to show the description. It's confusing.

I do like the fact that you only have to manage the links in Joomla and this does a great job of displaying them. It would be helpful if there was a way to create a header line to distinguish between the (hits) and the number of links in each category.

I wish the ###Debug### line was able to be turned off in the plug-in. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 4
This is EXACTLY what I needed. The core web link component is very lacking, this plugin changes all that. Good work!
Reviews: 4
Easy to install, easy to configure and it does exactly what it should - display links in a module position with a lot of options to adjust the display.

My reason for not adding the last star:

The css file contains a placement for the links of -2.8em and this places the links far to the left of the module edge.

This line should either be removed or adjusted a lot as it is impossible for the plugin devs to know what configuration a user might have in a template. Better use a relative calculation that takes into account the with of the module and make sure it never goes outside the module borders.
Owner's reply

As far as i can see there is no links placement of -2.8 em in the all_weblinks.css i include

All is done in px and %

But the CSS can be made better...


Reviews: 5
A nice way to present weblinks without having to drill down into categories. Nice set of options for presentation. The developer was incredibly responsive and helpful in resolving an operator error. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 9
This is such a great extension as it allows you to insert different categories of web links into articles which makes for a really nice presentation. Works as advertised and easy customization with CSS. Great job and thank you.
Reviews: 2
This extension works wonders! Thank you for making this contribution to the Joomla community. One thing I would find useful is to be able to sort the categories in A-Z order. Maybe in a future release?
Owner's reply

Your Request is fullfilled in release 1.8

Reviews: 5
I used this to put the weblinks in an article and then linked to that article from the menu (to replace standard joomla weblinks).

At first I couldn't get the descriptions to show but the answer was in the support forum (use display rather than show for the description tag).

The css layout didn't match my template but was pretty easy to amend through a little trial and error in the css sheet.

Still the best weblinks extension I've found - and I've tried all the non-commercial ones now.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for the great pluggin. It's simple to implement and use.

The only issue I'm having with it is that, for some reason, there are a couple of categories that are breaking up and not listing the links in one section.
Owner's reply

Your ordering is incorrect, order the categories on ID

Reviews: 3
The weblinks module, placed in banner2 position, is moved roughly 50 pixels too far to the LEFT side, beyond the border. I'd VERY much like this to be corrected - besides, it's a very useful extension, and i'll be using it in my next projects.

Picture and explanation at
Reviews: 9
To make it XHTML 1.0 Transitional the CSS-call should be positioned in the Section. I did it using mod_menu_dep_items, where you can place a CSS-call in a customheader-module.

Also, while having more than 1 module showing links, CSS would be called n-times, which the above solution prevents.

Again: Nice component. Thanks.
Owner's reply

The *module* has been updated recently to 2.0.1 (look on the download page) it puts out valid xhtml and your suggestions are implemented.
Have fun.

Reviews: 1
Works fine for me, great work, and it looks good as well. (The description works fine with "display_description" instead of "show").
One question nevertheless: is it possible to reset the hit-stats?
Owner's reply

My plugin only displays the weblinks in a alternate way

Reseting Hit-stats is nog possible in the weblinks component, the easiest way is to do this in SQL via PHP_MYSQL

UPDATE `jos_weblinks` SET HITS = 0

Reviews: 2
Everything works fine, except won't show descriptions no matter how many different combinations I try.
Great idea and far better than standard Joomla Weblinks.
Owner's reply

To show the description below the link you must at least use this syntax
{all_weblinks show_description=[1]}{/all_weblinks}

please make sure you downloaded the latest version and check the documentation for examples

Reviews: 1
Looks like a great plugin, only i'm not sure where to put the syntax. I've put it in de descriptionbox of one of the categories, and it seems to work except for the fact that the old weblink layouttable is still shown. What am i doing wrong? Where should I put the syntax? Can anybody help me?
Owner's reply

I mailed this to jeroen
(Editor's Note: The following is translated content from Dutch to English via Google Translate)
This plug in use in a content item / article
use it (at least) the syntax

all_weblinks () () all_weblinks

catergoriën this show all in 1 page,
You can still own line and after that convert text

Then make a menu item
eg "Web Links" and chooses the article that you have made
If you then "Links" you would click all links in 1 pages should look.

There was once a manual, but that discharge is concerned, I will again have to make 1

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