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The ALL_WEBLINKS extension is made to fix some short comings in the default Joomla! component.

With this extension you can show links in various layouts, Show all categories in one page, or specify which ones to show, display if a link is new, show the description as a tool-tip or below the links, Display the category description below the link, Hide the category title.

The extension comes in 2 flavours:
1. A plug-in
2. A module
With the PLUGIN and MODULE you should still use the weblinks component to manage your weblinks.

You can choose to use either one or both extensions

1.: Plugin[Development by my]:
You should use the plugin if you want to show weblinks in the content position.
The plugin V3 can also show the links in Tabs or Slider layout

HOW TO setup the [more links] option please read this WIKI:

2.: Module[further development by Carsten Schneider]:
You should use the module if you want to show weblinks in a module position.
The module can also collapse categories
Module also available foir Joomla V3 (thx to Carsten S)

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Reviews: 2
[all_weblinks show_header=[0]}2{/all_weblinks] doesn't show the description.
I guess it's still the wrong file:

I wish there were some controls over the width of the columms - I changed it in the CSS file.

Otherwise, it works… and for the price, who am I to complain?
Owner's reply

The syntax
{all_weblinks display_description=[1]}2{/all_weblinks}

should show the description below the link for category 2

{all_weblinks show_header=[0]}2{/all_weblinks}
Should NOT show the category header for category 2

I'm busy with a Manual

Reviews: 6
My client had lots of link categories but wanted them ALL displayed at once. This worked nicely.

CSS was easy to change to get the colours and the width of the columns right.

Possibly could have easier step-by-step instructions. But if you know Joomla 1.5, you'll work it out.

Thank you for this great plug-in.
Reviews: 1
This is a good enhancement to the core weblink component, which is rather weak.

Minor tweaking to the CSS made it fit seamlessly into my site. This was simple to do (the CSS that comes with the plugin is well-organized, making it easy to modify - not always true of all plugins!).

I would have given it five stars except for the lack of any real documentation. Although it was not difficult to decipher what to do, something beyond the examples on the demo page would be nice to have. This should in no way deter anyone from using the plugin - it works as advertised, and I'll use it on any further Joomla-based sites I create.
Reviews: 1
Will take some CSS modifications, but it gives me the data I need and for that I am grateful! Would be nice to have a pure div/list format which could then be styled via CSS but other than that, no real complaints!
Reviews: 2
It works fine with me, and is a significant improvement from the core component. But I can't get it to display the description next/under the link instead of in the hover unfortunately.
Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

There was a wrong version uploaded

The latesed version can display the description below the link

please see

Reviews: 1
I like this extension but I miss the option to display the display_description in the next line under the link name and not in the same line. I used just {all_weblinks display_description=[1]}{/all_weblinks} for the test. It would be nice if it could be added.
Reviews: 2
This is so simple to put in and makes a so much nicer list of weblinks for site visitors and I really like being able to select automatically open in new window.

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
It's nice and does a good job!
Reviews: 2
This is a nice simple addon although it would be great to have the description appear to the side of the link instead of the hover as an option ([display_description=1] maybe?).

Hope this can make it into a newer version

Thanks again
Owner's reply


just sent me a sample (make-up) of the lay-out you want and i'll incorporate it in the next release

Reviews: 1
I love this extension but there's a bug that doesn't allow you to change the order that Weblinks are displayed in. It only allows the default which is Oldest links first and new links last. If you try to change it to New links does not display anything.
Owner's reply


The links can be sorted in 4 ways
1. Date Desc. (newest first)
2. Hits Desc. (most hists first)
3. Title (alphabetically)
4. Order (order set in weblinks component)

I tested al 4 posibilities on my site and it seems working.

If you find it not working please contact me via de support site


Reviews: 2
I started looking at the core files of the web links component to display my links better. Not necessary with this plugin. The fact that css is put into control for displaying the links makes this one of the most scalable plugins for one of the less configurable components that comes with J! core.
Reviews: 1
I especially like the plugin for Joomla 1.5 as it allows me to nicely adjust links shown in content for multi-lingual web sites. Very easy and simple to install and use.
Reviews: 2
Very good for what it advertises, but in so far as what you need for a really good weblinks directory it is lacking on one particular front: No "report broken link" option, or diagnostic of links.

Weblinks change often, and so a method to keep your links current would be very useful.
Owner's reply

The only purpose for this plugin/module is to show the weblinks in a better manner than the default component allows you to do.

Reviews: 1
This is a really useful extension which - with a few minor changes and additions - could become essential to any site.

I love the way you can get the link description simply with a mouseover.

Like another reviewer, I found the category headings far too big used as a side module. But this was easily changed by altering the size to "componentheading" in the helper file. I disliked the "*" at the start and end of new links but again this was easy to remove and looks neater without.

If it was possible to specify links from certain categories - rather than the entire list - this would get a 5* rating. Perhaps this could be a future improvement? It would be nice to be able to have multiple copies of the module showing links from appropriate categories next to related content on different webpages.

Bullets would also make the layout more appealing.

I shall be watching this extension and keeping my fingers crossed that categories are possible soon.
Owner's reply

I create a mambot/plugin for the joomla 1.0 verseion where you can show just one category in a article and by repeating the mambot/plugin call you get multiple catagories.
There is also an inline stilesheet in the mambot.
So if you're using joomla 1.0 then this hould be your choice.

I plan to make a plugin for Joomla 1.5 to do the same but no release date yet

Reviews: 1
I had a little problem with line #76 & #78, PHP told me that $cs was not defined yet. Solved it writing $cs = -5 just below the getdate() function. (I guess a link item will never have a negative id). This was on Joomla 1.0.x

Apart of that, it's a very nice app... It does just what I want it to do and it saved me a lot of time testing and integrating some module made by myself :P
Owner's reply

thnx for noticing this i adapted the code for 1.0

Reviews: 3
One of the first modules I install when building a new Joomla! website!

My only wish is the possiblity to open a website as a >>wrapper
Reviews: 1
ZIP file false or packing packed Error! Unpacking and re-pack, then the installation perfect!
Owner's reply

Thnx for the tip.

I created the first release for JOOMLA 1.5
this one should work for all

Reviews: 7
I like the module, but the categories show with a far too large font and are not consistent with other modules. Then I thought, okay lets try applying a suffix to change the look entirely and get around this problem, but the suffix which does work on other modules doesn't on this one. It does change the categories' look, but not how I expected.

Furthermore, a forum or some other place to discuss bugs rather than this review section would be nice. I didn't give a score yet as it's still a beta.
Owner's reply

As on request a forum is in place on the support site

For the CSS part look at the documentation how these are organized

Reviews: 1
Tried your workaround, but couldn't get it to work. Your instructions are not valid for J1.5. I tried to set the template position manually in templatedetails.xml and used loadposition instead of mosloadposition. Now when I try to display the content all I get is 'Direct Access to this location is not allowed.'.
Owner's reply

I know that the module doesn't work with 1.5 like it does for 1.0

Development for the 1.5 module is on a hold.

Currently i'm working to convert the module to a Component so that displaying should be simpler.

Reviews: 1
It's far better than the way the Joomla's built-in link page, and still simple enough without being bloated for our purpose.

Is it my site or it's the module, but when I type in a sentence in a description, for example, "This is a link." (no quotes), the tooltips shown when mouse hovering the link is ""This" (yes, there is a quote in the tooltip. Maybe a bug?
Owner's reply

It was indeed a bug. It's fixed in the last release

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