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All Weblinks ModulePlugin

The ALL_WEBLINKS extension is made to fix some short comings in the default Joomla! component.

With this extension you can show links in various layouts, Show all categories in one page, or specify which ones to show, display if a link is new, show the description as a tool-tip or below the links, Display the category description below the link, Hide the category title.

The extension comes in 2 flavours:
1. A plug-in
2. A module
With the PLUGIN and MODULE you should still use the weblinks component to manage your weblinks.

You can choose to use either one or both extensions

1.: Plugin[Development by my]:
You should use the plugin if you want to show weblinks in the content position.
The plugin V3 can also show the links in Tabs or Slider layout

HOW TO setup the [more links] option please read this WIKI:

2.: Module[further development by Carsten Schneider]:
You should use the module if you want to show weblinks in a module position.
The module can also collapse categories
Module also available foir Joomla V3 (thx to Carsten S)

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Reviews: 10
and to the point!

Thanks a lot
Reviews: 2
I tried this out on a clients site and it is superb the client is very happy in all it is excellent
thankyou for the great work, i used it on a joomla1.0 site and had no hitches at all if only they were all this easy.
thanks again
Reviews: 1
Sometimes simple is best. This module is just what I was looking for, however, the module class suffix does not work at all. Changing values does not do anything to change the style of the module. I love the idea of the description in the tooltip. Would also like to be able to remove the Welcome text as well, but leaving that option blank only displays the default welcome text.
Owner's reply

I created a new version where the default Welcome Text is not filled in.

Also created a docment dat shows the classes to use

Hope that this is helpfull

Reviews: 10
simple and great!!!
Reviews: 2
I have put this module to work in several of our sites and works a treat. Had a client ask if weblink categories could be sorted by category ordering so emailed John just as a suggestion for his next release. To my surprise some instructions were promptly emailed through of how to "hack" it, followed a few minutes later by a fully functional release.

Thanks for your hard work John, it was appreciated!

Reviews: 1
great, I downoladed, installed, and it runs like honey: no strange settings, funny php editing, and other oddities. The only things I would like to have more are a module styile control field, and a setting to personalize the message on muose over, but apart from this is great, pity I don't have a new star

P.S.: if you are going to find an istalled extension of your own let me tell you that the site is online since just 2 days, and I) am going to write as well a review of everything I used: it was a long, long selection work, but I think I got to use the best of Joomla

Carlo Grossi
Owner's reply

[ a setting to personalize the message on muose over] On mous over it displays what you type in the description field of the weblinks module If you don't type anything in that field it displays the Name of the weblink


Reviews: 1
Though many folks need a more advanced bookmark/link system than the one that comes standard with Joomla, if you don't this is a really nice enhancement for the standard link display. Being able to see all the links in one area in columns makes accessing the ones you want a lot quicker. Thanks for this extension.
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