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WDC-Auction ComponentModulePlugin

Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

Features of WDC Auction

1.User can upload their own products from the frontend(Support Multi vendor)
2.Able to manage their own product from frontend.
3.Support coun down timer in both list page and detail page.
4.Products can be categorized as per the customers wish with the select box provided.
5.User can add the products in Watchlist.
6.Supports Paypal,, Ideal, Docdata, EBS,Money Booker, ccAvenue and 2Checkout payment gateways.
7.Support Bank Transfer.
8.Support cash on delivery
9.Shipping details
10.Admin can manage all products.
11.Admin can set the free bidding value from backend.
12.Buy Bids - Users can buy the bids for the price mentioned by the admin.
13.Views for Upcoming products, Expired product, My Wins, My Products.
14.Countdown - Admin can set time limit for all the products.
15.Winner - The user who bids at the end of the specified time limit will get the product in their account.
16.Buy product - Once win the bidding, user can buy the product in my account page.
17.Supports SEF.
18.Support Mass payment.
19.Email System - Once payment done, All details will send to administrator via email.
20.Admin can set the commission in percentage(%) in each transaction.
21.Email notification is send to the admin when the user uploads his/her own product at front-end.
22.The options for the automatic approval for the product of the user is added.
23.The option for whether to send the email notification to admin after the product is sold from the front end is added.
24.The commission value can be added in the format of percentage
25.Added the option for inserting minimum rate for the product to get the commission after when the product sold.
26.Global Configuratin - Admin can set the width of the product countdown box and option to remove footer text.
27.Admin can create unlimited number of categories for the products.
28.Admin can add/edit/delete any number of products under each categories.
29.You can set the time limit for the biding of the product with the time buffer option.
30.Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, Greek, Chinese, etc.

Please do not use this reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Please contact us using support menu in our website.


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Reviews: 1
This component is FAR from a commercial release.

And be carefull if you pay your life time subscription and decide to return the produtct you must read 2 times the Satisfaction Guarantee.

They says "You have 7 days to test our products at no risk!"

It's not true - the refund is only if: "Our component caused any issues on your site, that cannot be resolved by us.

Our component doesn't have any features what we mentioned in the features list."

The component does what they says - any modifications costs too much.
Reviews: 2
Last week I created a new domain web site and was looking for an auction extension for it. After comparing several extension, I buy this one immediately without any doubt because it fit all my requirements. Thanks to Sam, the support of this extension, who has solved all my problems and even given me free modification of the extension!
Reviews: 2
Pretty useless extension for auction site. Does what feature list tells you and exactly that; You cannot disable those features.

Oh, well you can. But everything costs extra.

There really should be an option to test before purchase (and I'm not talking about demo site). Every decent developer has it, but this one does not.
Reviews: 1
Extension beautiful, functional.

Support superfast!

Estensione fatta veramente bene.

Non presenta nessun tipo di bug.

Assistenza superveloce!
Reviews: 1
We tried to implement this solution. There was no way to make it work as expected. There are lots of bugs in the release, and some of the features you would expect from an auction
software are lacking.

We contacted support several times, but got either no answer, or no useful answer.

After some tries we had to give up on this project.
Reviews: 2
That is what every website developer wants: fast and great support. WDC Auction is a bidding extension well written and continously developed by its creators who are open to all their customers suggestions. This is absolutely the best extension of this type.

Only a word Reccomedend!
Reviews: 1
I think this is a very useful extension,but I have few questions to ask,but I don't find the way to contact the support for the component.
Reviews: 6
First, I don't know where the reviews from this component are coming from, but any review without a pic should be considered bogus... As for this component, it is FAR from a commercial release. It should be considered a Beta release as it is way too buggy to use on a production site. I was very pleased that I used it on a fresh TEST site to realize it was not going to accomplish my 'basic' needs for an auction style website.

One simple problem I had with this component is that I could not add a product from the front end. Every time I typed into the text fields (like my email address) my info would erase before I could save it.

This component is a fine reason on why we should have an option to try before we buy an extension...
Reviews: 2
Very very bad codebase. We tried for hours, days and weeks to get this extension working.
There are a lot of bugs, errors still in the latest version, and there is very little help from the
Images are not working properly, the payments part is poorly implemented.
My 2 cents - it's a timewaster.
Reviews: 1
Very good component, also the company is very helpful. I am very sattisfied from
Reviews: 1
I use this extension in production site, it need some customization and some fix of features, but work fine.
I think that is a good solution to begin a Auction Site, because it have the necessary features to work.
"Special thanks to Sam".
Reviews: 2
I am using this module in my site for bidding process.This is really nice module , And they are also giving support within a day..
Reviews: 5
Good idea but bad execution.
Does not work, you can not upload images properly, a lot of bugs, it is unclear how such a thing unknown.
I sent a lot of requests to fix hope this helps, if it's being managed to write something good now just a waste of money, stay away!
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension more than half a year ago and untill today i haven't gone for production! This is useless, don't know who submitts such a good opinions. It has a potential, but the producer have to get rid of the business analyst who worked on this product.
Starting tests of the latest release, but first impression is rather bad. If i change my mind, i will put a new review - i wouldn't count on it that much if i were you...
Reviews: 1
This extension is worth every cent!
First of all the have quick support and the solve every issue you have.
Second the component is just easy to install and easy to work with!
Thank you guys again!
Excellent Job!!!!
Reviews: 1
I never had a rep go step by step to solve a problem I had with a glitch in my system before that I caused. Shibu (Rep) too 30 minutes out of his life and fixed the problem without any complaint. I promised him I would let EVERYONE know about this! The Extension works PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much Shibu:)
Reviews: 3
This extension needs a lot more work before it is stable. I am disappointed and hope they work the bugs out of it. If it ever becomes stable I would be interested in it. They did refund, so I will give them that..
Reviews: 2
This is my only choice extension for my auction website, and I think the extension is well worth my money although I do not have any other extension to give better comparation. Thank for the development!
Reviews: 1
When I first got my download, I had a few issues. The support team at jextn was great. We've even had further progress with more functionality and features since it's been released and many more to come. I'm glad I've been a part of this growing experience as I think it's helped make a good product great.
Reviews: 2
The system wants to be some sort of penny auction but it's not working at all. There are no useful options like for instance - a way to see what i have bidded or how many bids i placed. There is no real way to make this work in a production site. The extension is not even ready for a beta release, nevermind selling it as a "commercial solution". Support is weak, writing in the forum is useless.
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