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Micro Deal Factory is clone that allows you to create fixed priced biddings for small services/products.

It works by allowing users to sell services or products at a fixed price throughout the website. Webmasters can collect a fixed percent from all transactions through the system.
The fixed price is set by the admin and cannot be changed/increased by the users. The users can however post items in a quantity and buyers can purchase one item at a time.

Payment is not done like in an ordinary transaction between the buyer and seller, actually, the seller offers his services via the website and all his earnings are kept by the website until he chooses to withdraw the money. The admin is notified whenever a user wants to withdraw an amount.

From the backend, the administrator can set a minimum value at which the seller can withdraw his earnings. A commission can be kept by the website if desired, the commission percent is set by the admin.

On the “Earnings” page the seller can see exactly the commission he will be charged, the minimum amount he can withdraw and also the currency in which deals are made on the website.

Also on the earnings page the user can view his total earnings, total withdrawn and pending withdrawals which the admin has to issue, in a single tab. Two more tabs are available which show his Sold and Bought deals, the email is shown here so that users can get in touch for product delivery. Users can set a finalized deal as Solved after delivery.

In short, Micro Deal Factory allows you, as admin, to:

* Set commission for withdrawals
* Set a unique price
* Set currency
* Set minimum withdraw sum
* Test your website by using Paypal Sandbox before going live
* Manage payments with a simple to use user list, and filter users which have requested payments
* Add any number of categories
* Publish/unpublish and edit ads
* Select between different date formats
* Configure pagination for deals, comments and earnings
* Set image width and height
* Send automated notifications for all actions on the website
* Keep a payment log
* Easily manage user reports for deal and comments

The user frontend experience is also quite intensive for such a small extension.
When posting deals the user can upload a picture, set start and end date, set a quantity for the item he is selling and also a description and a title. The deals are posted in categories for easy management and browsing. Also there is a quick search by title module.




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Reviews: 2
Well, I agree that it's a cheap product and you get what you pay. If you seriously want to start an online business as a service like Fiverr, I do not recommend this extension. There are many major features that haven't yet implemented compare to the real Fiverr site. But hey give, if you just want to play with it, go ahead.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback! As you noticed we did follow up to your suggestions and added the missing features in our new version for Joomla 3.x! Our community is a great way to improve our product, thanks to you all!

Reviews: 3
Great product from a great development company, i have been using their extensions for a long time and this is no exception to their top quality brand. The Factory makes some of the best extensions available, at decent prices, and still provides top of the line support with free updates. Five stars without a doubt! I can’t wait to see what this mini extension has to offer in the future.time
Reviews: 3
good extension for fiverr clones (or similar fixed amount auctions sites) Adi was helpful in setting the extension up and running - overall a good experience.

Reviews: 21
For starters, this extension is NOT cheap. I purchased the "Club" membership about 3 months ago which apparently allowed me 12 months of support and updates.

I spent easily an hour TRAWLING the site trying my utmost to find the download link...after about 20 support tickets back and forth (their support department routinely closes support tickets that are clearly not resolved).

I installed the Joomla 1.7 version on a bog-standard site but I was unable to add it to the just wasn't there...not available...not even in the Components menu in the backend.

I let it slide because my client decided she wanted to go with Joomla 2.5. I visited the site again today, logged in and to my dismay, there is NO Club membership link anywhere and finding the download link for software you've paid for is like doing an Easter Hunt.

Dealing with this company has been unpleasant...while they do respond to support tickets, they often refer you back to the site, expecting you to psychically work out where links are...nothing is easy or intuitive on their site and everything is obfuscated in complex layers of applications, groupings, clubs, deluxe and other such fluff as to be annoying to say the least.

I'm still eagerly awaiting to download version 2.5, but so far I am very disheartened.
Owner's reply

Support and updates are granted according to our terms and conditions presented on our web-store site.

Most of the issues were not generated by our component, being caused by 3rd party applications.

After sorting everything out, the customer placed the following post in our forum:

- "Yes I did, thanks. All sorted. The software is working fine now...finally. Thanks for your detailed response...any way I can post a follow-up review on Joomla Extensions?"

Also, please note that the software is already available for Joomla 2.5!

Reviews: 4
Unfortunately for me this product does not work correctly. I purchased the year membership required to get this product but when installed on a fresh 1.7 site with no other 3rd party extensions or templates installed, I had many errors including css, java script and more which made the site lag big time. Sometimes as much as 10 seconds!!! Comment system did not work correctly either.

When I asked for help in the support forums, they did respond within 24 hours. So that was good but still no fix. They told me they knew about the JS bugs and it was also because of my configuration that I am having all the other dozens of errors (I'm using HostGator on a fresh install of 1.7 like thousands of others). They offer a so called 7 day risk free money back guarantee that doesn't seem to work either! I could go on but Joomla! doesn't want disputes on here. So bottom line, I would never do business with this company again.
Owner's reply

We tried to explain to you that the errors are generated by your personal Joomla template, that your site is using. This contains incompatibilities with Joomla, generating then also errors in our and other components. We cannot fix this 3rd party template errors, since this is not part of our component support. You should contact the template developer for this.

Regarding this, after sorting everything out the customer stated on our open forum the followings:

- "I sincerely appreciate you and your teams willingness to fix the issues I am having."

Regarding the support, all reported issues (if confirmed) are always fixed in usually max. 24 hours - fact that is visible in our support ticket system and forum.

Reviews: 1
Reviews: 2
Small and easy to use extension that brings a lot to a website. Simple idea that can bring a lot of users and initiate webmasters into the ecommerce world. It took me a few minutes to get it up and running, nothing complicated but enough to do a great job.
Reviews: 1
Lovely little component for a fun site where users post “deals” at a fixed price. It uses paypal so it’s really accessible for a lot of people. I enjoyed setting up a site with it and i’m charging a 20% commission for every deal made.