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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Auction Factory is an unique Joomla! extension that allows to create a professional auction website.

Site developers can unleash the power of a fully fledged Auction script, as well as taking advantage of Joomla!'s unmatched versatility.

Custom Fields

Publishable in any product template
Multiple field types (Checkbox, Image, Text input, Radio button, etc.)
Displayed on 9 different pages on the default product template and ability to set category filter
Used for auctions and user profiles
Each custom field can be set as searchable, rendering it available in advanced search
Option to set fields as compulsory

Layout & Themes

Fully customizable template system
Default responsive template
Fully customizable CSS
Smarty based templates allowing even more flexibility
Multiple viewing styles for auction listings: Simple listing, Detailed listing, Grid display


Payment items: Pay per listing, Pay per bid, Pay per contact, Pay for featured auctions
Commissions (seller and/or buyer can be charged)
Different category pricing for certain payment items
Preferential pricing for powersellers and verified users

Key Features

All common auction types: Public Auctions, Private Auctions (Sealed Envelope), Buy-it-Now Auctions
Proxy Bidding (Automatic Bidding)
Manual and Automatic auctions (manual auction allows the seller to choose a winner, even they specify a lower bid than the best)
Reserve price
Price suggestion for Buy-it-Now only auctions
Auto extend auction if a bid is added on a set amount of time or if no bids at all
Availability options
Featured auctions
Picture upload and image gallery for auctions
Messaging system for sellers and bidders
Ratings & reviews system
Watchlist (auctions, categories and subcategories)
Blacklist (sellers can block access to their auctions to certain bidders)
Admin definable currency
Automatic currency exchange rates using Yahoo conversion
Multiple shipping prices
Auto-increments (a minimum bid increment range is available, depending on the current auction value)
Republish auctions (relisting)
Auction ending countdown
RSS feeds


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL by editing the product templates
Simple installation, configuration and updating process


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Reviews: 1
I've been using the component for about half a year now on my site and generally I'm well satisfied with it. It needed some small customizations here and there to meet my personal ideas but even initially it's a well developed, well functioning "out of the box" product. It's by far the best auction component for Joomla available today no matter how you look at it.
Special thank you to Andrei for the outstanding technical support!
Reviews: 1
Even if this component took me 11 month to get it work like I wanted to, without any bugs and issues and customizing the templates, I have to say that this is the best auction component available for Joomla 1.5!

It is very easy to configure, either in backend or in frontend.
It is cleary structured, even the files. Once you found out how it is structured, it is easy to customize.

I've seen a lot of other auction components for Joomla 1.5, none of them can do what AF can do!

Even there is missing the function to edit the auctions themselves from backend or frontend in this version, it fulfilled my expectations.

Good support and great component!
Reviews: 4
Great and complex extension with pretty sharp support.
Reviews: 1
very complex and well thought extension. The documentation is helpful and there are also great pointers in the forums.
Support was very fast and helpful
Reviews: 8
We have used both the 1.5 and 2.5 versions of Auction Factory and although there may be just a minor bug here and there they have constant updates and are very responsive to any found issues. They are also quite willing to help solve an issue even if it is not standard behavior. We have greatly modified the core product with some very intricate displays and the team has been wonderful to help us with any coding questions we have specific to their product. We will continue to purchase extensions from them as long as their support is this good!
Reviews: 1
Sadly, I have to say that I am really disappointed in the The Factory .I bought the Auction Factory (AF) version 2.2 in the summer of 2011. Since then, I am working on trying to get my website in the air. But unfortunately it's still far away from launching. This is due to the amount of bugs that are found in the second version of the component. Therefore there have been so many upgrades since the day that I bought the component until now. And now after the release of Joomla 2.5, the new version of Auction Factory (version 3.0) also has been released. But to get that upgrade I have to buy the new version and pay 260 euro again. So I still have an AF 2.5 version for joomla 1.5, that is now not usable if you upgrade to joomla 2.5.
For AF 2.2, I paid 220euro and to get the upgrade of AF3.0 I have to pay 260 euro so in total 480euro for a component. That is really much money for a component in which you have to work very hard to customize it in the way you want. I think it should be fairer to provide a lifetime upgrade for the people who ever bought a component from you, because now I feel I paid 220 euro for a version that isn’t good. I truly believe tat for this amount of money you have to provide a lifetime upgrade not just limited for one year after purchase date. And I know that a lot of your costumers do agree with what I wrote before. So hopefully you will change the rules for upgrade and provide longer upgrades for customers. I truly hope you do.
Owner's reply

It's stated more then clearly in our terms and conditions that support and updates are offered for a period of one year, NOT any longer! We never stated something different!

As you stated - you used our component for over a year, and still want to use it further, which you can since we have no limitation on usage! The only thing that expires is your subscription for updates and support. Having a product for over 1 year in use seems to me that it's not really 1 star rating material. You just felt the need to bash our component for not giving you stuff for free (stuff that we never promised).

How you want to customize further the component is your choice and I doubt you will get those customizations for free. Our system is offering the most flexible code, where with the Smarty templates you can modify almost everything regarding the display without PHP knowledge.

It might be that most of the customers would not mind to get lifetime updates, and for sure anyone would like to get stuff for free, but you know that quality has its price. Having a team that develops full time these components is something that we have to be able to sustain.

Reviews: 2
I have both J1.5 and J2.5 version. There is a lot of change in the new version, the stability and usability is largely improved. I was also very pleased with the support i got for both versions. Their team is responsive and helpful
Reviews: 3
Good and mature product. Very rich in features and easy to configure.

Thanks to the Dev Team!
Reviews: 1
I wanted an auctioning platform which could allow me to integrate multiple Payment Gateways as i deal with multiple countries and had to accommodate my clients. Auction Factory has extensive documentation for this and it was easy to do. The support forum is also a great place to get help, and the support is fast and helpful.
Everything about it was a breeze configuring and i was surprised how fast a fully operational website was online. Also translating the website in multiple languages was needed, they already have a lot of languages available from translations done by the community, saved me a lot of time.
Reviews: 1
The demo looked good considering it uses the default joomla template, nothing flashy so i could have a look at the stuff that actually matters. There are a lots of features not shown in the demo and it's a pity. anyways, i did manage to have the extension up and running on the clients webserver in about one hour, including fine tuning of the settings.
Customization is pretty easy, since you have to edit only the "theme" files that contain no php code.
While i was working on the template (which is smarty) they released a new version and it was quite unnerving since updates tend to be messy on templates. But not with this, it had an upgrade script that didn’t affect the templating at all, pfew!
Overall it was a good experience and a solid application (imho)
Reviews: 2
Before deciding to get Auction Factory i tried some stand-alone scripts, but Joomla combined with this auction script proved to be a better choice. My main concern for a website was security, and this combo is unbreakable. The support provided is also top notch.
Reviews: 2
Very good extension (at least the latest version). It has a very smooth integration with Community Builder that helped us a lot.
The extension is pretty complex and covers most of our needs, the most useful for us was the payment integration that we could customize to our specific needs (the payment processor is quite specific to our client country).
The look and feel is pretty intuitive, most of our needs were covered out of the box, the rest we could change pretty easy.
Regarding support - we had some forum posts that got pretty quick an answer, there was one issue that got fixed, but the update process was pretty simple.
Overall a good experience
Reviews: 1
Bought an older version - had issues. Newer version, issues just the same.
The amount of extensions I try and test are just as simple to use and fix if there are any problems. Visiting the developers website usually explains the simple fixes in a manner anyone can follow and understand.
This is not the case with The Factory Team. I think in some cases these developers believe everyone speaks foreign languages. Meaning; not every J! site developer is an extension guru and explaining in a "simple" manner is just not possible to either Erik or Alex (or any of them).
For the amount being dished out for this extension (that we had more of a time getting it to function properly) for poor customer service to help rectify the issues, we (myself and 6 others) have came to a clear decision never to renew this extension ever!
If you decide to waste your money and time with this extension, just know what to expect after you read the low reviews herein.
Owner's reply

We tried to help you customizing the product further in order to suit your needs, but especially when you want new complicated features, we simply cannot provide full details. On this custom requests, each developer is requesting to be paid, since further customizations are not part of the extensions support. Although you clearly admit we responded to every support ticket, you still rate us with one star - it's a little bit unfair.

Regarding the support, all reported issues (if confirmed) are always fixed in usually max. 24 hours - fact that you can see in our support ticket system and forum.

Reviews: 1

I have bought this software on 17-May-2011 and today is 8-Jun-2011. I have totally given up on this software and decided to throw it one side. To name a few of my frustrations:

1. Ease of installation is fine but each upgrade will require you to un-install and re-install the whole component. Due to this, I have crushed 1 server and corrupt some files on another.

2. Level of support provided is below average considering the price paid for the software. The forum is totally useless as your questions are usually ignored. The favorite answer is "Please login to your account before posting so that we can identify you". Even when I do login and post, some are left unanswered. As for the support ticket submitted, it takes few days for them to reply. And most of time, it will be thrown back to user, treating the users as fools. For example, if after an upgrade, certain features does not work, the natural reaction for AF is your settings are wrong. Come on, if user can install and use previous version, unless there is major upgrade, such basic should be understood right?

3. Since buying the software till now, there has been numerous bugs and upgrades given. However AF control of upgrades are very bad. The bug can appear in first upgrade, disappear in second upgrade but come back again in third upgrade....

4. No testing of upgrades by AF. The upgrades are thrown to me and sometimes can't even be installed. I have yet to receive an upgrade without bugs.

5. If you have alot of time and money, you may want to consider. You must also be very good in PHP to be able to make your own customizations.

The bugs are driving me crazy and certainly not a usable software in my opinion.

There should be a trial version for users to try before deciding to buy the software. Now I am stuck, there is no refund policy and un-usable software.
Owner's reply

This review was a bit of surprising since even before posting this review we tried to contact you several times - per email, messenger and phone - in order to get a better description of your problem, but we received no answer whatsoever.
Since we have no other way to contact you, we will try to answer your problems here (even thou this is not the place for support):

1. The component comes with an update option. Fresh installation is needed only when updating from very old versions, where they are significant database changes.

2. Anybody can notice that we have at this moment around 8.000 posts in the forum. I doubt that this is a bad support, especially that in the forum we are also offering allot of free tweaks and small free customizations, when the time allows.

3. This may occur, if you continued to use your old templates.

4. Each build is tested by our support team, before is launched officially.

5. I think this is very evident. In order to customize any decent extension out-there, strong PHP and MySQL knowledge is needed.

6. All reported issues are always fixed in usually max. 24 hours.

7. We have a full money back guarantee, according also to our terms&conditions.

Reviews: 1
Its a very good extension. This extension is very flexible. We can even use it with 'Alpha Point System' as a new Payment Gateway. This is very beneficial for users who wanna use point system.
You can contact me for its integration.

Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! We're glad you appreciate the flexibility of our extension.
Feel free to contact us in order to feature your Alpha point integration solution on our website too!

Reviews: 2
I published a very detailed review of this product that has mysteriously disappeared...leaving me to believe that the developer asked that my review be removed! My review was spot on and detailed a number of issues with the product..mostly with usability issues and differences between what was sold and what I actually got...translation: The version on the company's website was NOT the same as what I bought. Some things were different enough to warrant a scathing review. Without going into too much detail, I have outlined a number of issues I personally feel need improvement and a list of positives to be fair:

Registration is not demonstrated on the developers website so you never get to see how the registration system when you actually buy it, you end up discovering that the registration system will require some work on your part to be usable. Its not hard programming changes but it can be time consuming. Its not that it is not functional (to be fair) but it is far from a flawless implementation from a usability perspective meaning that your customers would probably leave instead of registering and using the system as it works right out of the box.

The Comments system to ask the seller a question is a bit awkward. The old version (The version demonstrated on the developers site) has a tab and that tab has a box to type in and a submit button below it...pretty straightforward. Well the version sold to me that I downloaded had the same tab for contact the seller...but when you click on it you see a box and a cannot type in the box because it is just a CSS border and the button now loads a popup to send the seller a message so from a user perspective its very weird you think you can type but you cannot so less tech savvy folks might not even try to click the button and just leave.

Lots of words in the system are re-used in the language files and you will have to add some code to create new entries so your clients can see appropriate messages throughout the system otherwise you will have a term that is just out of place here and there.

You buy credits to post ads in this system and don't pay for the listing directly. This is weak! It should just let you pay for the ad as you post it like eBay. Also; the payment tools need some polish...

The Ratings tool does not work on my clients site correctly...they see all the rating stars like every rating not just the clients rating they actually other words you see each image for the rating tool stacked! Too frustrated to correct this now.

Its the ONLY solution for Joomla I would is as far as I know the only system for Joomla.

It has potential to actually compete with the system eBay uses but it needs another 500-1000 hours of development and some usability focus groups to help the developers make it "polished".

If you are a strong developer, you can fix everything but for the price $300 USD, being one of the most expensive tools I have bought (even 3X the price of Joomsocial), you should expect NOT to have to fix all these small issues (my opinion of course).

If you don't include about 20-40 hours of development time in your budget and timeline, you will be frustrated when you discover the differences between the demo and the actual sold product and the configuration changes needed.

Overall its very powerful but like I said earlier, it needs to be polished a bit!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your honest review. we value all reviews and feedback we get, mostly if it points out weaknesses of our products.
We took your review under very serious consideration, as we do with all our customer (or simple user) feedbacks.

1) First of all let me assure you that version on the demo website is exactly the same as the version you purchase. There are different themes you can choose from, and as we cleared it up in a support ticket - you wanted the classic theme, and it installs default with the "demo" theme.

2)We took your registration feedback under advisement and we added it in the 2.1.0 release. You can now set up if you want a regular Joomla registration or a registration through Auction Factory. Thank you for pointing this usability issue to us!

3) We changed a little the way you can comment in order to make it more straight forward. This was added in a version you upgraded to right away after signaling this to us in our ticket system. Thank you for helping us to improve the system.

4) The language files - We did review them after you pointed this matter out to us and i think the wording is now improved.

5) "You buy credits to post ads in this system" - Unfortunately there was a small misunderstanding on your part. You CAN buy credits, but you CAN ALSO pay directly for the auction right after creating one. so you do not have to have credits, just follow the payment checkout in order to get the auction published. I think having both option is a way to allow webmasters to have more auctions published and payed for.

5)"The Ratings tool does not work on my clients site correctly.." - This we discussed in our ticket system (i assume you wrote the review before). It was, as you know a CSS issue in the template you used, and it was not that much of a fix (we pointed out where to adjust 1 line of your template CSS). Since you mean the rating stars were not showing correctly, i think this statement is misleading - since the rating system works and saves the ratings without problems. Anyway, this is issue is solved.

Please feel free to upgrade to the latest version (since you have a 2.0.x version) and i am sure you will find that all this issues have been corrected.

I am sorry that you did not mention anything about our support, since as you know we had a very good and fruitful message exchange, and i am sure you appreciated our quick and professional replies.

Thank you for this extensive review.

The Factory Team

Reviews: 2
Very good auction extension – it has a lot of professional features and a very nice look. I was impressed by the extensive documentation and features available – I launched my auction site in less then a week including some Joomla templating works I had to do. Support was helpful and quick.
Reviews: 1
The component is comprehensive as far as auction requirements are concerned. In terms of the support we received from the Company and especially Andrei it was by far the best I have received online in a long time. This is definitely worth the money spent.
Reviews: 2
Es un programa muy bueno os lo recomiendo a todos
Reviews: 3
I got the latest version and I’m very happy with it. You get all needed functions (custom fields, payments, very easy customization through templates).
Also all my support issues were solved in a timely manner – Forum and Tickets were very useful. I can only recommend it
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